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The South looks longingly at the snow models wishing the system would take the more Southern track so that we could see some snow flakes falling and dusting our Carolina Pines. There is a middle part of the country, though to be fair they got the last snow storm AND Jim Cantore so they have plenty of stories to tell of the Winter of 2019. I gotta warn you there's a lot of hype going on right now, because that's all we have is hype and models and watching the satellite loops. Speaking of models the Canadian is really on to something or just being the Canadian over amping every system and bringing snow to Cuba. It's worth noting it DID snow in Cuba in 1857 so I suppose it's not impossible. The EURO and the GFS (choose your version of it) do not show snow for Havana or Miami so you can breathe a bit and get out your favorite boots for weather diving down for one night into the 40s. And the usual mets are having fun with this because to be honest we had one wild winter storm in November, a January thaw in December and now in January winter is showing up again on the models. And it seems this one will really do the trick and usher in some Arctic Air down into the US all the way down to. Key West and do NOT laugh as Key West is an island in the middle of the Florida Straits and when a cold front breezes in across the water it gets down right chilly! Yoda knows. I've lived there. First comes fire and then the rain comes. nd the mud runs down the hills. No it's not really going to Carolina, not this week's storm. But I'm driving North for the cold, frigid week down the road. You heard about the 10 year challenge on Facebook? 30 years plus and James Taylor is still singing. Mother Nature's in charge of this one. I know. Polar Vortex (rolling eyes) Yah we have all these great terms these days.

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This suggests that everyone has the capacity for this experience and that given the right cultural circumstances (herein referred to as “cultural amplifiers”), this sort of transpersonal or mystical experience is available to all. In other recent research on meditation, Lutz and collaborators (2004) have used EEG and functional magnetic-resonance imaging (fMRI) to study the neurophysiological states associated with Buddhist meditation and mindfulness meditation. The practice of Buddhist meditation results in high-frequency gamma waves and brain synchrony, along with an unusually high degree of brain activation in the left prefrontal cortex, a region of the brain associated with happiness and positive thoughts and emotions. The researchers conclude that meditation involves temporal integrative mechanisms and may induce shortterm and long-term neural changes. These few studies are a small sampling of the research on HSC. INTEGRATIVE PROGRAM OF RESEARCH INTO DEVELOPING HIGHER STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS Some of the earliest and most extensive research has been done on practitioners of Transcendental Meditation (TM), as taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, in part because there is simply a large pool of subjects conveniently available in the United States who have been trained with a uniform set of meditation procedures. This research program began in the late 1960s, with documentation 4 In addition to this work on a spiritual practices resulting in states of consciousness often associated with the mystical is the work of Persinger (see, for instance, Persinger, 2003). His group has developed a technique of inducing a wide variety of altered states of consciousness including those that have been identified as “higher” using the alteration of magnetic fields through the use of a helmet. The point here is to not pass on the validity or lack thereof of such work but to note that experimental manipulation resulting in states of consciousness alterations is well under way using technologically mediated devices. 5 This research has been criticized as being reductionist, and writing in Zygon (2001), Newberg gives a useful overview of this field and examines the difficult issues involved in interpreting the results. Research in the past 10 years now also includes subjects whose long-term practice has resulted in permanent and measurable subjective, psychological, and neurophysiological changes. We will look in more detail at this area of research because of the large body of studies and because of the useful theoretical framework developed by Alexander and collaborators (Alexander et al. 1987, 1990), which was extrapolated from the teachings of Maharishi (1966). Alexander used this eastern perspective to inform his western psychological developmental model, showing that the growth of higher states of consciousness is a natural phenomenon available to all. He characterized the use of cultural amplifiers as a mechanism for facilitating this development. We use terminology from Maharishi (1966) to describe HSC, where “pure consciousness” means the substrate from which all things arise and of which individual consciousness is a local expression. “Transcendence” is the process of going beyond ordinary reality and experiencing the source of consciousness. Although we view these terms as distinct concepts, historically, psychology has clumped them together under the general terms “mystical or transcendent experience. Mystical experience generally means either a transitory or permanent experience of these qualities of an HSC. These qualities have traditionally been defined and described in a variety of ways.


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Notes: All historical and projected EPS presented according to GAAP. A recent fourmillion-share offering improved the company’s capitalization. ? Carmike’s strategy of dominating cities with populations of fewer than 100,000 has allowed it to operate more than half its theaters without competition. Challenges ? Restricted capex in prior years is leading to higher maintenance requirements. ? Rising gas prices could dampen attendance totals. Cinemark has run a very profitable theater circuit by focusing on higher domestic population growth areas (Southwest), as well as clustering screens strategically in selected metropolitan and suburban markets. Internationally, Cinemark has built a strong and growing presence in 17 of the top 20 cities in Latin America (primarily Brazil, Argentina and Mexico) and should continue to devote resources to this highgrowth region. Its investment in National CineMedia, Inc (NCMI), 17. million shares, will allow the company to benefit from the growing onscreen advertising and event businesses, while DCIP funding has allowed for the rapid rollout of digital 3-D screens to all first-run theaters to capitalize on the wave of 3-D content coming from Hollywood. We note its annual yield of 3. % is an incremental plus for investors. We remain bullish on the stock given the 2012 film outlook (strong 1Q and 4Q expected), benefits from DCIP funding, and encouraging growth opportunities in Latin America. Our target is based on a DCF analysis, which uses an 8. x terminal EBITDA, plus the value of its stake in NCMI. Expect this business to grow meaningfully over the next three years. Challenges ? Creative cyclicality of film product is an uncontrollable variable.


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FIFA 18 Giant Killing Challenge (Mike) outsidexbox Year ago It's the Oxbox Xmas Challenge 2017. Day 10 sees the return of the traditional FIFA Giant Killing challenge as we take a bunch of league two minnows up against. 7 Fads That Seemed Like a Great Idea at the Time outsidexbox Year ago As people thrilled by both games and technology, we're susceptible to a buzzy new game gimmick that, in retrospect, was faddier than extreme planking. Zelda Breath of the Wild Gameplay: 7 Zelda Rules Breath of the Wild Is Happy to Break Outside Xtra 2 years ago The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the series' most radical shake-up in years. Here are seven Zelda traditions that Breath of the Wild is only too happy to. 7 Jokes We Didn't Get Until Much Later outsidexbox 6 months ago Guybrush smuggling bananas. We didn't get all the jokes in the games we played as kids because some. Show of the Week: Hellblade and Jane's Norse Mythology Challenge outsidexbox 11 months ago Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice is finally out on Xbox One, fresh from having won an armful of awards at the recent BAFTA Game Awards. Zelda Breath of the Wild Gameplay: Let's Play BOTW Eventide Island Challenge Pt 1 - COLLECT THE ORBS Outside Xtra 2 years ago In Zelda Breath of the Wild, Luke stumbled across a mysterious island, so he thought he'd bring Ellen along to try out its unique challenge. QUBE 2 Gameplay: Let's Play QUBE 2 on Xbox One - UP YOURS, PHYSICS outsidexbox Year ago In this QUBE 2 gameplay, we play an explorer puzzling our way out of a giant alien Rubik's Cube, equipped only with science gloves that change the colours. 7 Times You Got the Wrong Idea from the Demo outsidexbox Year ago The point of a free game demo is to be a sample of the game proper. Just consider these times we got the wrong. 7 Times A Series Went 3D Too Soon, Argh My Eyes Outside Xtra Year ago These games made the jump from 2D to 3D before the world was ready, and the series suffered massively as a result. Kill a Sim in The Sims 4 in Under 10 Minutes (Jane) outsidexbox Year ago It's the Oxbox Xmas Challenge 2017. For day 3, Jane must murder an innocent Sim in a Christmassy Sims household in The Sims 4 on Xbox One. Who will wind. FIFA 18 Xbox One X Gameplay - Let's Play The Journey Part 2 - WHERE'S THE BUFFET. Unfortunately in our clumsy hands he's definitely more Alex. 250k Subscriber Special: MINECRAFT PICTIONARY REDUX outsidexbox 5 years ago Thanks for helping us reach 250k subscribers. To celebrate, we're revisiting our favourite early Outside Xbox feature: Minecraft Pictionary.


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Which was odd--because when the magazine had been printed, those pages had been about photography in desert conditions. They've got thirty-nine flavors of ice cream there. And about half an hour later there was an ad (some UK viewers might remember it) for an insurance company which showed a businessman with wide angel wings walking down the street. All Niven's heroes are competent and all his technology works for millions of years. While not seeming to be a direct takeoff on any actual tune name, it calls several to mind: 'Blue-Eyed Stranger', 'Mrs. Casey', and 'Old Woman Tossed Up in a Blanket', for instance. 'Mrs Widgery's Lodger' would also resurface later on the Discworld as one of the eight orders of wizardry. It specifies how close a satellite can orbit a planet before it's pulled apart by tidal forces. This whole scene immediately made me think of the American pulp science fiction magazines, which would often feature elaborate drawings depicting, for example, what a Martian might 'scientifically' look like. Paul called 'The Man from Mars', with an accompanying explanation that Dorcas' description of the Outsiders is almost an exact equivalent of. This subtitle was dropped from the British editions, because the editor didn't like it. Jekub, incidentally, appears to be a thing called a 'back-hoe loader'. OIL FAT ACID PETROL ALKALI RESISTANT') are one of the most popular and fashionable footwear in Britain among the younger generation. To begin with, it is a particularly obnoxious popular myth that heavy metal groups (or any popular performer, for that matter) hide Satanic or suicide-inducing or otherwise demoralising messages in their songs. This is done by a technique known as 'backwards masking', which means the message can only be revealed by playing the music backwards (although the subliminal effect is supposedly in full effect when our innocent children listen to these songs the right way round). To finally arrive at the main idea behind this annotation: Cliff Richard is a perpetually youthful-looking, squeaky-clean British pop singer, who's been around since the sixties and is still hugely popular today, even though (or perhaps even more so because) he found religion in the seventies. The first printing is, as you might guess, a very rare collector's item. Summarising these discussions is useless: nobody ever agrees on anything, anyway, and besides: half the fun is in the discussion itself -- who cares if these issues ever get properly 'resolved'. To start with some history: many people think the appearance of the Discworld as described in the novels was an invention of Terry's. This is not really the case: in Hindu mythology, for instance, we find the idea of a lotus flower growing out of Vishnu's navel.


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With authorisation from government officials, local authorities have seen their arts funds and budgets cut consistently since 2010. Consequently, libraries, art galleries and museums have been affected most, with numerous closures occurring across the country. The election of President-elect Donald Trump may navigate this transition or accelerate this relative decline in the second decade of the 21st century. It has spent blood and treasure in two costly wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It gets better at the end, but it’s still pretty grim. For a TL:DR, try Warren Ellis’ excellent Transmetropolitan comics, or this. I’d list the crappy things that have happened on that front alone but I’ve got 800ish words and 2016 is going to get history books all of its own. Now, the self-proclaimed Land of the Free has elected a President who dog-whistled his way into power on a wave of fear, hate, intolerance and general bastardry. Well, great. All we need is a major natural disaster in December and then we’re on track for a nuclear war in January. Here’s a running list. (Note: The election is still recent. I hope these turn out to be sensationalist clickbait. What are some of the possible reasons and effects of such an announcement. Spending an evening at a bookstore to clear my head seemed like a good idea. Living and studying in New Orleans can be exhausting. The section consisted of only a few books, titles that I already knew, tucked away on a bottom shelf near the back. Even if I was in the gentrified, college-dominated Uptown, surely this area still had something to say on what happened. I ran to the store clerk and asked if they had any more books on Katrina, and he replied: “We used to have tonnes of them. You might have a sit down, drink a coffee, maybe take a nap.


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15, WMU's presidential search committee will host the first of three open input sessions scheduled this week. The 50-minute sessions will allow the community to openly discuss what different qualities and characteristics they would like to see in the next president. President John Dunn announced in August that he will retire in June 2017, after 10 years as WMU president. Leadership profile nearly complete in search for WMU's next president The university announced the members of its search committee in early September. William Johnston, a WMU trustee who chairs the search committee, said at a WMU Board of Trustees meeting in October that a leadership profile for the next president was nearly complete. This week's three input sessions are open to all WMU students, faculty, staff and alumni and will take place in the Bernhard Center's North Ballroom. They are scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 15 at 5:30 p. . Wednesday, Nov. 16 at 9:30 a. . and Thursday, Nov. 17 at 2:30 p. . Representatives from Parker Executive Search, the search firm handling of recruiting candidates, and members of WMU's presidential search committee will be present. Thankfully, the occasion was used as an opportunity to highlight the country’s appalling rights record ( New Interpol head is Chinese former deputy head of paramilitary police force, 11 November). China is one of many countries that have misused Interpol to pursue dissidents across the globe. It is wrong, however, to suggest that Hongwei’s appointment will allow China to do this more often and more easily. These decisions, with enormous implications for the people they affect, are made by Interpol’s secretariat, headed by Jurgen Stock (the real leader of Interpol’s operations).