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If we blame Walder for violating guest rights, then we have to blame Robb and Cat for violating an oath. And, if Walder deserves a horrible death for violating guest rights, then I suppose Robb and Cat deserved a horrible death also. After all, most of us have a lot of details to remember for our careers and day-to-day lives, as well as for a small number of hobbies. For anything with lots of audience (sports, films, tv shows, books), only a small percentage make any particular one a “hobby” the way that most of us have done with Thrones. Again, I think that you are vastly overestimating how “influential” the fandom is: we number in the 1000’s, but the viewers number in the millions. I often forget main characters in such cases week-to-week. “Last week on” is much appreciated. It’s a great culture, no matter where you are at present or even if you mean to stay there for ever. But Walder Frey does not have the luxury of our bias. So obviously, Robb and Cat didn’t deserve death but Frey does. Hahaha. Also Nicolaj Coster-Waldau is a guest thursday at Jimmy Kimmel. I confess I’m a bit disappointed, but it sure looks cool. If we blame Walder for violating guest rights, then we have to blame Robb and Cat for violating an oath.

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Unbeknownst to Alfalfa, his fellow club members find out about his plans. In the frenzy, a candle flame gets out of control, ultimately causing the clubhouse to burn down. Because Alfalfa burned down the clubhouse and also fraternized with a girl, he is assigned by Stymie (Kevin Jamal Woods) to guard the go-kart until the day of the race. When that fails, Spanky goes with him to formally break things off with Darla. They are initially denied entrance to her ballet recital, but Spanky insists that they will wait for Darla to come out; Spanky gives Alfalfa a frog to play with while they wait. They are soon spotted by the neighborhood bullies, Butch (Sam Saletta) and Woim (Blake Jeremy Collins), who chase them inside the building. To escape, Spanky and Alfalfa duck into a costume room and disguise themselves as ballerinas in pink tights, tutus, and wigs. They manage to evade the bullies, but they attempt to enter another room to get out of their disguises, which are tight and uncomfortable. They are surprised to find the room filled with girls, including Darla, dressed in identical ballet outfits. The boys nervously pretend to be in the recital that is about to take place, but Alfalfa almost gives them away when the frog he is still holding croaks. Just as they are about to back out of the room, the ballet mistress ( Lea Thompson ) enters and ushers them all on stage. Alfalfa squirms in discomfort as the slimy frog wriggles around in his tights, turning the show to chaos as he tries to catch it while still dancing along. The girls break out into laughter, along with the audience. The recital ends, and the boys run off stage and Alfalfa quickly ducks behind a curtain and strips out of his disguise in order to get the frog out.

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If they were going to do it with Arya, I think they would have when she was blind. Have a feeling that vision of Bran’s facing the Night-King and his forces is right outside the cave and with Meera desperately trying to wake him, feel Sure they have arrived. I put it in spoilers because I don’t know if it needs them. I have always thought Dany and the red door would be important but the show never really capitalized on that so idk if that will come in or not. I am sad that there are so many spoilers everywhere but I’m so happy to be free of them here. But if they didn’t show it when Arya was blinded when will they show it? (Are they saving it for when she’s reunited with Nymeria? . I was thinking of a metaphorical door that Bran goes through in his visions because in the trailer the NK appears to “break through” it. I don’t know, but it must be major to be the episode title. Other than maybe getting stuck there I don’t know what else. The other theory about the door is a gateway (door opening) for the characters to go to another level. Im hoping that means that means some of the Starks will be able to use some of their warging powers too. The humans (First Men, etc.