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The only character other than Littlefinger to end every book in a better position than he started it. Fate frequently gives her the shit end of the stick, because no matter how hard she tries to finish her quests, she ends up failing or stuff happens that makes it impossible. Things don't go well because Jaime lost his hand and the Red Wedding happened. Next, Jaime sends her out to find and keep Sansa safe to make good on Tyrion's promise, since he isn't the complete dick everyone thinks he is. Brienne ends up getting captured by Cat, now known as Lady Stoneheart and an insane undead, who was going to hang Brienne for working with Jaime. In the show she's now sworn to House Stark and is at Winterfell prepping for the big fight with the White Walkers. His favourite food is lamprey, although he has also developed a taste for Frey Pie. Also a remarkably graceful dancer, and can survive taking a knife to the throat. Another badass little girl, her activities include openly declaring undying loyalty to House Stark and dying her hair green. In return, we swore that we should always be their men. However, he becomes one of Robb's most loyal supporters, being first to declare him as 'King in the North' after Ned's execution. Had his moment of awesome when he killed and wounded four Freys at the Red Wedding, all the while being drunk and needing eight additional men to take him down.

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A sobering reminder of the brevity of life and the things that matter most in it. Could’ve been melodramatic, but strikes all of the right chords emotionally. Based on the wildly popular book of the same name by John Green, Fault follows a courageous young woman on her mission to discover why she is made to suffer from a terminal condition. Although emotions here are real, and occasionally raw, some will undoubtedly find the more melodramatic aspects of the plot to be unbearably schmaltzy. To those hardened critics I say, “Get a heart! In my estimation there’s only one scene (mentioned above) that even comes close to being maudlin, and the overall story seems far less interested in trumpeting the injustices of individuals living in the throes of cancer and fully invested in telling an intimate story of one person’s plight and how others in her orbit are affected by her infirmity. The story, adapted by Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber, is never contrived or stilted and adroitly avoids the mawkish pitfalls that so many other films of this kind unwittingly stumble into. Besides the exceptional performances of the star-crossed lovers, Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort, the film’s greatest asset is its dialog, presumably lifted wholesale from the book. I remember hearing one such line in the trailer, “You trying to keep your distance from me in no way lessens my affection for you. I thought, Wow this is going to make a great movie. Fortunately, my initial assessment of the film holds up thanks to a movie brimming with such great lines and accompanied by genuine performances and a truly touching story.

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So I started examining other campaigns, especially the successful ones, and trying to get the hang of how it’s done. We told our people everything up front and waited for the exodus. And I was seriously close to tears when several people told me they were happier with us than they had ever been before, so they would hang in there as long as possible. (Sorry for the violins, but that’s really how it was). I was kitted out in the best shirt and sweater I could find at home. I’d spent the whole evening polishing my shoes and wondering whether to shave or not. And Martin and I really were not feeling too easy, because we didn’t have much in the way of aces up our sleeves, apart from the research. Our meeting with the investor took place 13 days before the launch of PS4. A lot, because I had deduced one interesting, almost shocking revelation from our negotiations: one of the main reasons why nobody had signed for our game was the fear, I would say almost horror, of the established big publishers that the new consoles would be a washout, that they weren’t powerful enough and that people today wanted nothing but free2play MMOs for iPad. So they were all preparing a few guaranteed mega-titles and waiting to see what happened with regard to everything else. That sent a few studios to the wall and might also result in a big drought for good console games in 2015. I get the feeling from behind-the-scenes talk and indications that most publishers have nothing prepared for that year, because they didn’t want to plan that far ahead in such an uncertain climate and now they can hardly come up with something epic in less than two years.

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Of course I loved my film foil Christopher Lee in the role (and am quite glad to see he will be continuing his villainy in the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy) but I’m curious as to your favorite portrayer of the Prince of Darkness, dear Rita. So who is it that makes your blood run hot: Lugosi, Lee, Langella, Oldman or someone else? Dudes, if I had lived you’d all be speaking of me with the same reverence reserved for other great young actors like Keanu, Leo, and Ethan Hawke. I mean, Ethan, man, was, like, totally awesome in “Hamlet,” but you wanna REALLY hear some Shakespeare? “Alas, poor Yorick, I remember the dude well. . Have you noticed there have been ZERO really good movies (except art films) the last two years. I know you probably get sick of people askng you that. Hey Rita Baby. You Dyno-MITE! I ain't dead, but my career sure is. Jack and I have always shared a special bond, and it's so much nicer now that his back doesn't hurt.

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Cut to outside Winterfell and our last shot is a white raven flying towards Winterfell, with a snowstorm at its back. AGAIN! Most of this is speculation based on leaks and the trailer and how I think things could go. Either way, as you can see, E10 has a chance to be even better than E9. Future things I think are being set up from a lot of this: Jaime to get back to KL and see Cersei as equal to the Mad king, and he himself will kill her because she basically willingly killed their last child for no good reason other than her own hatred of everything. The Hound to fight his brother during this same event. Dany to make her landing in Dorne, and pick up more strong women who hate Westeros in the Sand Snakes. Euron vs. Dany in a sea battle. Sam finding out more about Heartsbane and Valyrian steel being useful against WWs. I did have a thought that Sansa could have had enough of Littlefinger's plotting and that the reveal about Jon's parentage is the last straw. She could off him in Winterfell, right there in front of Jon, and provide another setback with how to handle it with the Knights of the Vale.

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Under the direction of Miguel Sapochnik, it was executed supremely well, right through to the final staredown between Jon and the Night’s King, and the quiet, unsettling sound effects — sans music score — over the end credits. (That silent yet loaded exchange between the two commanders, and indeed Jon’s entire performance at Hardhome, is one of the many reasons that his death feels so unlikely. In fact, their two meaty scenes together came in Hardhome, helping to make that episode a standout this season. While a massive action sequence like the one at Hardhome has the ability to rock us, most of Game of Thrones best scenes involve characters talking. Tyrion and Dany are among the show’s more eloquent speakers, so their conversations were bound to be good, and then of course what Emilia Clarke and especially Peter Dinklage bring to them elevates the already fine material. She had a lot to work this this season as Cersei, culminating in that humbling Walk of Shame. When Cersei went to visit Margaery in her cell, playing the concerned ally, Margaery was having none of it. “Lies come easily to you, everyone knows that,” she said to Cersei. “But innocence, decency, concern — you’re not very good at those, I’m afraid. It was those traits Cersei tried to access when confessing to the High Sparrow, and though her lack of true remorse or desire to repent was obvious, the High Sparrow agreed to let her return to the Red Keep. That long, dreadful walk — wisely and powerfully presented in its entirety — brought Cersei to a low she’s never experienced, but genuine piety is not in her toolbox. With Qyburn’s introduction of FrankenMountain, the look of steely resolve returned to Cersei’s eyes, and it’s safe to assume that her wrath will be more fiery than ever.

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