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I’m sorry, I’m just a little confused about where the line is drawn here. And any one of those reflections can be black in the dark. King Corrick 8 meses atras I totally agree about the black surfaces. Years ago, I bought a black mirror, from a spiritual bookstore, it can take time to develop to be able to see and view spiritual entities. King Corrick 7 meses atras The word Black, can be a misunderstanding, in its meaning, especially when it comes to the spiritual World, all because of organized religion. My favorite number is 13, because there were twelve disciples, and then Jesus, which made 13 in the group, a full coven is 13, and for this reason, organized religion decided to curse the number 13, because of covens, and they used Friday the 13th (when Jesus died on the cross), to cursed it, because of the Blessed Savior died that day. My point is, the color black can be used in the same content, labeled evil. When the stock market goes into the black, it is a good thing, because it means, that the market is good. In my interpretation of Black, it means forbidden knowledge the church does not want people to know about like; Divination, astro-projection reincarnation (which are all mentioned in the Holy Bible, as a good thing), not evil, or evil spirits. Roy 111 8 meses atras Thank you. ? Truthful For Eternity 8 meses atras So just flip the phone over when not in use karmacounselor 8 meses atras thank you Piri Urwin 8 meses atras I have lost touch with my higher self, my guides are telling me things are coming to an end koolgirl1235 8 meses atras I figure it is a portal because I've felt negativity and sleepiness when browsing facebook. Yes, these devices are great way of getting to us EvenStar LoveAnanda 8 meses atras Hi Sister. I belive you 100%. I have recently started taking Turpentine for parasite cleansing.


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Are you planning to do more documentary film or switch to other genre. What type of film genre are your favorites to watch. I had completed my BFA in Applied Arts and Photography, and then I studied cinematography and directing in film school. It was a gradual and organic option which took shape over a decade. I won't call it a 'transition' because that would be saying I'm transitioning from one thing to another and won't be doing cinematography anymore. What I pick is generally only driven by my liking for the subject matter. It wasn't my first intention to do a documentary about coffee. I am not planning to do a long form documentary any time soon. Drama is my favorite genre but I also like themes of surrealism, thriller and fantasy. As far as what I like to watch, I love dramas and thrillers, but typically my decisions are more director-driven than genre-driven. For example, if it's a Michael Haneke film, or Wong Kar Wai, or say, Wim Wenders, then I will watch it irrespective of any genre. At that point, the film was about the comparative coffee culture within some big cities of America such as Seattle, Portland, New York, etc. Have you had the chance of being a barista in your life. I have never been a barista or worked in a coffee shop. I like both, I have everything from drip to milk-based espresso beverages like lattes and machiattos or straight shots of espresso.


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It is now we who have this sophies choice we can give up or at least radically modify our cherished ideas thousands of years old or we can go down with the ship on principles and propositions. I think its worth noting Christianity is of jewish origin and the enlightenment is certainly as informed by christianity as marxism is informed by enlightenment. Its not as simple as sentimental attachment to christian enlightenment, or even the practical problem of how and to what to transition, though thats all tremendous, its that they worked, still in some ways work. This formed us into even higher trust and more nimble efficient risk taking people. In short we are asked not just to give up our historical culture, our methods of organization, with no clear replacement method, but also our evolutionary edge. We could probably keep and some of our culture and organizational structure if we would simply admit that applying them as universals was a mistake and as we once did conduct our affairs with non europeans at arms length. Pretty sure moldberg makes the case for slavery, of course you haven’t read him so there’s that. Of course my reason is not constrained by such sentimental codes of conduct so i think all of india and africa the middle east and south america and asia would be best used as fertilizer. My guess is in your hazy idea Trump would fall into this alt trite as well as the brexiters and the eastern euros and russians telling you and the other Economist faggots to suck nigger dick. Its not nothing, it might not be a smooth transition but we are certainly within inches of peak leftism if not on the reverse march. Guys like land will not decide the new right because no one has heard of him it will be the people who support trump types. Any intellectual who wants to influence the future is going to have to stoop to conquer. Whites are not like you niggers we are sovereign because we have more power than our elites. lso because of this we are not into communism unlike the slants who also are sovereign type people but are not an individual type people, so they can sort of be ruled though it is really a consensual totalitarianism. Any self-respecting white (and what are whites if not self-respecting) would either guffaw spittle in his face or say Fuck.


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vans, George William, 1780-1852. raser, Charles, 1791-1831. arris, John, 1754-1838. xplorers Australia Biography. ew South Wales History 1788-1851. ew South Wales Discovery and exploration. AN: 64320915 ISBN: 9781925416046 NSL eng rda NSL contributed cataloguing Flanagan, Martin, author. Wills, Thomas Wentworth, 1835-1880. ustralian football History. ustralian football players Biography. ricket players Australia Biography. ioneers Australia Biography. ricket Australia History. boriginal Australians Sports. ustralia Social conditions 19th century.


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Sir Anthony I somewhat skeptical about the offices heating thing, in the 1960s most of the office work was done by women whilst the men worked in the factories, workshops. When I saw who had written this book I thought - meh! Anyway I wish to complain the central heating in my office is sexist, as a man I don't feel the cold yet the ladies do and insist on having the heating turned right up even in the warmer time of year - who do I complain to? - can I get a hashtag and can someone wite a whining article about it for me. Feminism recieves ? illions in funding from goverments. If you are one of these useful idiots, let that sink in for a while. Sadly the West has gone past the point of being able to reverse the policies feminist have implemented. If not your grand daughter definately your great grand daughters will pay a heavy price for Western womans greed and folly. HartleyHare It's a well known fact. Boys are better than girls. Eza1 Unless its the courts sentencing then oh boy is it a women's world. Trebleclef This is cherry picking examples to win your argument. Try adding custodial sentences for identical crimes and you'll find women fair far better than men. Like many of my friends I earn double and my husband stays home a lot.