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Years ago, I didn't think about how my online presence would grow. If you think there's ever even the smallest chance you will build a personal brand later, get your real name now, even if you do not use it. If you use a pseudonym online, what do you call yourself when you go to in-person events like conferences and meetups. What if you launch a business related to your podcast. You have to essentially live a constant “lie” if you use anything other than your real name. These points could also apply as reasons to use a real-sounding pseudonym instead of something “cute. . I'm starting to work more on building my personal brand, “Daniel J. Lewis,” more than any single podcast, network, or even media platform. So if you want to build authority and credibility, use your real name. If I didn't use my personal brand across both areas, these people may not have been as excited to hear from me or even have respected me as much. I also don't like the way “daniellewis” looks online—”Danielle Wis” (I don't mean any offense to any Danielle Wises out there!

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Nate DawGg All I can say is I can't fucking wait till season 7 damn Tracy Jackman Oh and Bre is the lord of the light. Tracy Jackman Just for fun cerci marries the Night King. Kate Fehlenberg sansa and aria will be closer-- they have their suffering and family vengeance in common now Derek Tetteh I can't wait to see Highgarden and Casterly Rock, I want to see Storms end too. Btw at 4:23 some people could argue that we have had that kind of battle before, in season 2 ep 9 we wanted the Lannister's to win because of Tyrion but we also wanted Stannis to win. Stannis is the rightful king, a badass and one of the few people who know about the army of the dead threat (the realms biggest impending problem) and let's not forget about Davos either. Sansa may be tempted by power via the Little Finger, or perhaps blackmailed into it, I think though she'll go back in the end. I don't think he will WANT to kill her, but he didn't want to kill the King either. He did it because they were destroying the lands, killing large masses of people. LINOPORTOCAMPEOES it would make more sense to me that if Sansa and Arya were to reunite would reinforce their bond and together seek revenge for their father, mother and brothers. So bye-bye Little finger and then finally the Lannisters. While Jon and Dani s armys defeat the White Walkers and save all men and rule together the North and South under one banner. William Ko What do you mean there's nothing left for Lady Olena.

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How to bind a man forever white conspiracy. Oblivion mods ring charms. A conspiracy husband on the other did not look. Be healthy happy loved by our prayers, the stored song. The mascot fits me. The girls game equestria magic wardrobe. Tiesto’s entire performance from Lollapalooza 2019 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This time he has outdone himself by doing 2 shows in Arnhem, Holland (October 29th and 30th) and a show in Hasselt, Belgium (November 6th), sharing his music and vision with over 70,000 fans. The theme of the 2004 shows is Magik, a word which has become sort of a trademark for the 3-time-in-a-row winner of DJ Magazines Top 100 list. All sorts of 'Magik' were incorporated into the shows, complimenting Tiesto's sounds with visual entertainment and grandeur. Also several guest performers showcased their talents by performing with and alongside Tiesto during the night, such as Matt Hales from Aqualung and violin player DJ Mason to name a few, not forgetting the unique images of Micha Klein, the Bulgarian Children of Orpheus choir, loads of fireworks and more. This 3-hour registration shows you Tiesto In Concert 2004 in a way a dance-event never before has been captured, showing you the event from all corners of the stadium, and let's you relive as if you're a part of the audience.

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Scully dove to his side, and bit back a sob of shock and panic as she saw the bullet wound. A copkiller bullet. If the bullets near Mulder’s head on the floor of the cafe were any indication, the bullet was Teflon coated and had gone right through Mulder’s vest like a piece of paper. Scully couldn’t keep her own tears away. “Come on, Mulder, stay with me,” she said, watching his dull eyes blink and his chest rise and fall with less and less frequency. The hospital was heavily guarded on Skinner’s orders. He was wrapped in a shock blanket and had refused to leave Skinner’s side even for a second. Skinner knew he would be waiting a while, but Hunter asked about every two minutes how much longer it would be. He had seen how they were crumpled, as if blocked by some kind of barrier. He had seen that they were most probably Teflon coated, and matched what had hit Mulder’s vest. And yet, Scully had confirmed that there was only one gunshot wound, not a through-and-through. Skinner stood, still holding Hunter in his arms.

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These preparations will take him to Essos and beyond to find Daenerys Targaryen. Amongst the chaos, Robb still finds happiness with his Queen, Margaery Tyrell. Yet when Sansa rings up earlier than expected, it leads to a change in his relationship with his sisters, one he never thought possible. When he is a teenager, the wild boy and his brother Toothless helps their own against humans, becoming a mysterious legend among Vikings. But both boy and dragon will have to face danger when they are captured by Stoick the Vast, who helds a grudge against dragons. It is that decision that put Rhae, a young woman, in the place she is now. After keeping her true identity a secret for many years, she is finally getting her revenge and after that, she hopes, her peace. When is the right time to get out of the work they do. Three years later, Berk is beset by dragon raids and hostile tribes while the boy who should have saved the island is merely the assistant in the forge. Featuring Densi, discussion of man-buns and a touch of angst. He could never inherit but he could protect his family. He would need followers, like the Knights of the South but dedicated to The North, not to glory.

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A few days ago I read Fortune’s account of creation according to the Zohar and had a light mystical experience for a few hours. Alas the dumbgoyright will continue dumbgoying with their MEEMZ. Perhaps we could more insidiously get under their skin if we proceeded with the frame that we know that they know it’s a lie and that they think it’s noble, but that it is in fact ignoble. I doubt many will speak so heretically in a public space. It might help coax it out of them if enough people do it for a long enough time: “Truth hurts feelings, that’s where you’re coming from isn’t it. “No, inequality isn’t the truth! “You’re just saying that so as not to hurt feelings, admit it. Or all talk is useless and exit to Antartica, who tf knows. He knows his stuff and can simplify some really involved concepts. Young lovers. Clove cigarettes and coffee. Slime.

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Of course you need penguin pop molds, which you can get at candy making supply shops like Blake's Decorette Shop in Portland, Oregon Then you need some white chocolate and some food coloring: Orange and black will do. You also need a food quality paintbrush. r two. All you do is paint the food coloring onto the mold. Put your molds in the refrigerator to chill for a couple hours and voil A. Penguin Pops. Have You Ever Wanted to Kill Someone. Cache Translate Page Of course I'm talking about Characters in your stories. I did a presentation for Young Willamette Writers in Portland, Oregon and thought I'd share my class notes with any other writers out there who might be interested. Or 2) Give three plot examples of how you could change the story with compelling narrative options for killing off your favorite character without ruining the story. Writers have lots of different reasons for killing off their characters. Don’t simply kill off a character to create shock value.