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Um no tf you not, you better go apologize cause you about to be homeless. It will always be too soon. ? rs. Clary Grace Waters Herondale Everlarkk. Lt. Philip Freed was the forward air controller attached to Charlie Company. He was on his way up Nui Vu with the command staff when he heard the lead platoon needed air support. He ran the last quarter mile up the hill, and crawled in beside Cpl. With machine gun rounds zinging over his head, Freed needed no additional briefing. Marine lieutenants Richard Deilke and Edward Menzer were cruising down the coastline in their F8 Crusader jets. They were returning to Chu Lai from a mission in which they had not been utilized and their aircraft were fully armed. He was afraid they could not fly in close enough to get the machine gun, without hitting the Marines on top the hill. Deilke and Menzer flew in on a test run, and Freed deliberately called them in wide so he could judge their precision and technical skills. He called for them to attack, but the pilots were concerned. The two pilots were about to fly one of the closest direct air support missions in the history of fixed-wing aviation.

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I guess it was the latter. 99% sure that was only in the books and not the show. There were a few interesting bits with Mance in the books that didn't make it to TV unfortunately. The first two books were pretty well identical to the show but now I notice somethings are a little bit different. I do like the extra information in the books though since I watched the show before reading them. I had the opposite experience in that I read the books first so I became frustrated that so many small yet interesting bits were missed from the show. This is why I'm still looking forward to TWOW despite the show now overtaking the books. What's happening is that the major story lines are not happening in the same chronological sequence as the show. Though moments in the show may interweave to keep up intrigue, consecutive moments in the show may be happening months or even years apart. So. complaining that Varys has magically transported from Meereen to Dorne is just refusing to accept that one characters actions in two consecutive episodes are further apart than another character's actions in the same two consecutive episodes. Short of this, you can never assume that two characters are anywhere near each other in time unless one receives some communication from or regarding another. Also says it in the authors notes at the end of A Feast for Crows. Looking forward to he new season, been a long ass wait already. p. I'm lucky to have avoided them so far apart from a few minor set photos of things I was already expecting.

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So, to honor his sister (and brother’s) memory he will keep that fact hidden and thus has to bring up Jon as his own bastard. I am totally against a Jon-Danaerys pairing myself. My bad, hahaha. But I agree that Dany and Jon are not right for each other (romantically, I mean, I have not against they teaming up to save the world or something like that, but somehow I guess they will not be united, not even in that way). Jon is at Winter fell to demand surrender of the Boltons, finds his sister, and when Ramsey tells him to F-off the Wilding attack on Jon’s signal. I’m leaning toward a post battle ep. 10 scene. I’m wondering if perhaps Rickon is the Joker here, we have Ramsey, Jon and Sansa, along with LF under siege. By whom? some think WW, but I tend to agree, to early to be that far south. Therefore the northern alliance isn’t there to support Sansa, but Rickon, the true king. Rickon and the others have a simple northern p. . . Sansa bad, she married a Lannister then Bolton. Why turn on Jon, well he has been resurrected by magic, therefore to both Northmen and Wildling Jon is now inhuman and must be destroyed.

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-acre park on pilings in the waters near West 14th Street just off the park, which runs for miles along Manhattan's west side. A small but vocal group of opponents secretly funded by developer Douglas Durst began lobbing legal challenges at the project, however, and it eventually succeeded in winning a case. The two sides met for settlement talks, but by that time the dispute had grown so acrimonious that Diller abruptly dropped plans for the project. In 2017 he announced a deal under which Durst and the small organization he bankrolled, the City Club of New York, would agree to stand down and allow the construction of Pier 55, known derisively as Diller Island. In exchange, the governor promised to fund the rest of the park—which is what Durst said he had wanted all along. The developer also was appointed to the park trust's board by Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer. The report, which covers one- to three-family home sales in Manhattan and northwest Brooklyn, found the market had an increase in inventory and contracts but a decline in sales as prices fell. The Upper East Side was one of the worst performing neighborhoods—with a drop of 48% in the number of sales and significant price increases. The average discount on the Upper West Side was 23%. There were 521 townhomes on the market overall—up 33% from a year ago—but there were only 223 sales, down 13%. Northwest Brooklyn made up a significant number of the overall sales in the second half of 2018, at 63%. Infor said over the last five years, it has consistently gained market share in cloud applications, and 70% of its software license revenue is now derived from cloud applications. In combination, these factors make it difficult to anticipate how events may unfold in the New Year. We spoke with Brandon Williams, City National’s eastern regional manager of private banking. We view the current pullbacks in the market as a correction, rather than the beginning of a more severe and prolonged downturn. We estimate that U.

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You'll face a learning curve with Monster Hunter: World and the dark-souls style of combat has the potential to frustrate, but this is the most accessible Monster Hunter game we've seen in years. If you've been looking for a chance to break into the series, this is it. Look no further than the 2017 wonder that was Wolfenstein II. Picking up from where the original game left off, this game is a timely social commentary and a superbly silly adventure all rolled into one well-written package. With tight mechanics and a story worth caring about this is one of the most satisfying first-person shooters we've played in a long time. After a year away, Assassin's Creed is back and it's bigger and better than ever. In Assassin's Creed Origins you go back to ancient Egypt, before the brotherhood and before the Templars, where you play as the original assassin Bayek. Assassin's Creed is a series that was growing increasingly stale but with Origins the formula has been refreshed with new RPG mechanics, story-driven side quests and a far more free-flowing combat system. Whether you're new to the series or a fatiguing fan, Assassin's Creed Origins is absolutely worth playing as it's the strongest installment we've seen in years. Read our full review of the game and our tips and tricks guide. While the original Forza titles were about pristine driving skills around perfectly kept tracks, the Horizon series has a penchant for trading paint and isn't afraid to have you get down and dirty with off-road races from time to time. While the first two entries in Turn 10's spin-off franchise surprised and delighted, Forza Horizon 3 is the unabashed pinnacle of the series, and stands amid some of the greatest racing games ever made. Despite a new platform, a new development team and a new-ish set of muscled heroes on its box art, Gears of War 4 isn't some grand reimagining of the series that helped Xbox 360 go supernova back in 2006. Instead, the Xbox One and Xbox One S get the Gears of War template we all know and love with a few extra features gently stirred into the pot. For a start, the jump to current-gen tech has made all the difference to The Coalition's first full-fat Gears title. Spend a little time in the previously remastered Gears of War: Ultimate Edition and you'll see how small and confined those original level designs were, even with a graphical upgrade to make it feel relevant again.

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