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Start listening to Behind the Iron Throne, Game of Thrones Podcast By TNERDT on your phone right now with Player FM's free mobile app, the best podcasting experience on both iPhone and Android. Co-hosts Martha Barnette and Grant Barrett talk with callers who have questions and stories about linguistics, old sayings, word histories, etymology, regional dialects, slang, new words, word play, word games, grammar, family expressions, books, literature, writing, and more. Here's everything we know so far about the eighth (and final) season of the hit fantasy epic: When is Games of Thrones season 8 on TV. HBO has confirmed that Game of Thrones will return for its final season in April 2019. The eighth season will be the shortest yet, with only six episodes, making it shorter than the penultimate season (seven episodes), and much shorter than the first six seasons of the show (which had 10 episodes each). The final season of Game of Thrones will be out in the UK in April 2019, HBO have officially confirmed. It had been rumoured for a long time but a new teaser trailer video released on Twitter has finally given fans of the show a date to look forward to. The series will air in the UK on Sky Atlantic when it returns to our TV screens in 2019. While fielding questions from the media regarding Frank's tampering with votes in a bid for reelection, Claire learns from a journalist that he excluded her from his will. His character Frank Underwood, the President of the United States, has been killed off after Spacey was axed from the show amid sexual misconduct allegations. The new series, which consists of eight episodes, sees a new Presidential era with Claire Underwood, played by Robin Wright, assuming the role of Leader of The Free World. Here is everything you need to know about the final series. With Frank gone, a sort-of-grieving Claire is sworn in and soon causes major controversy with her leadership. Meanwhile, Claire is clear that she has ended the “reign of the middle-aged white man. HBO previously announced that season eight will premiere in the “first half” of 2019, with fans of the fantasy series narrowing down the release date to two possible selections. That frees up 10 March as the first of two potential dates for Thrones to premiere. The Meryl Streep-starring second season will consist of seven episodes meaning that, if it debuts in March, it will finish on 21 April. P UA l ZZgxG a oO y vknLn ct N VebDt o nmdB w bGLu iz a ZmdkG t ErPl S f ado o Ndhkt r zH g rc e fdi o aJzoo f yX e Tf m FJ p xrYGx i SHnL r x e NAsC s nO. The number one question people ask me about the series is whether I think everyone will lose—whether it will end in some horrible apocalypse.

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The symbolic bands were described to feature a pattern that shows Harry and Meghan’s relationship status which is “married. The pair is already wearing blue, white and black Zulu beads which symbolize their love for one other. In Zulu culture, blue means faithfulness, white means spiritual love and black beads means marriage. Now, the Prince’s pals added that Harry told them he wants to officially announce his engagement to the Suits actress in September. Why Propose in Africa The bracelets and the place of the proposal are very special to Prince Harry because he learned about them from his mother, Princess Diana. “He has always felt close to Diana in Africa and it was she who taught him about the meaning of the tribal beads as she spent so much time there. He likes the fact that he can be himself there and can express whatever he feels on his private proposal. In the setting, he was able to achieve everything he had hoped for, a magical moment with special meaning. Via Facetime, Meghan was said to have called her mother and excitedly relayed the news of her engagement. Friends added that they will be holding an engagement party once they return home. The Oregon State Fire Marshal’s Office said Sunday that the blaze near the Warm Springs Reservation was about 25 percent contained. It has burned nearly 63 square miles (163 square kilometers). The fire pushed east on Saturday and reached the Deschutes River, but fire crews are working to prevent it from cross the river. More than 400 people are helping in the wildfire efforts, including more than 100 firefighters. Officials say firefighters worked to protect homes and other structures around the communities of Simansho, Mutton Mountain and Indian Head Canyon. People at Kah-Nee-Ta Resort are being told to be aware there is a wildfire so they can be ready to leave if necessary. The human-caused fire is burning through grass, brush and timber slash. It started Tuesday on private property near the reservation. A nearby kayaker who heard the woman screaming started hitting the alligator with a paddle.


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out of 5 stars lovely movie I enjoyed it so much I nearly cried at the end. Please try again later. Rosemary 5. out of 5 stars For dog lovers. Many reviews said that it's a kids movie but being an adult I truly loved and enjoyed it. Paul McQueen 5. out of 5 stars So this is what dogs think. If you have ever had a dog you will get it, and even if you haven't you will still enjoy it. Watch to the end, because there's a very special moment. Please try again later. Gregoa 5. out of 5 stars A brilliant family film. Wasn't sure this was for me but agreed to watch it with my children and wife. Needless to say I loved it, it even made me shed a tear at the sad bits. I am very emotional and needed to use lots of tissues. The different stories were great and very realistic and also very sad. All you need to know about spells for love. 'I love you, man' is another in a string of light-hearted comedies that find the humor in these situations. Black Water Resistant Firewood Log Rack Cover is one of the most comfortable, cozy, beautiful look and exotic Black Water Resistant Firewood Log Rack Cover especially for the price and made of awesome products.


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I’m not a book purist by any means, but that was a show invented scene to add mysterious thrill. I don’t want to harp on the Arya stuff too much, because I enjoyed most of it, but having seen the final resolution of the Waif just leaves me with more questions, and not in a good, thought provoking way. In the past, the show actually did a really good job with putting together a narrative that didn’t have holes. Even when I disliked a certain thread (The Theon torture stuff, for example), I couldn’t argue with the soundness of the narrative. But this sequence is beginning to show a bit of “quality leak” because the flaws were pretty obvious (example: How did the Waif get the face of the blonde actor. It has one of my favorite episodes, my all time favorite moment (Jon-Sansa reunion), and has been pretty solid, overall. She’d have to rely on the masters’ ships to leave if she wants and they will have the upper hand. Nothing would stop them from torching those ships once Dany and her squad get in. The odds are just too high that everyone will be a home run. Believe it or not, even Breaking Bad had some really shitty ones, even in its last two seasons. So, how come they had no idea Volantis was prepping its large ass fleet and sailing towards Meereen. It’s pretty clear they’ve been planning this for a while. Loved the entire Riverrun story and how it unfolded, loved The Hound and BwB, loved King’s Landing and Meereen and Braavos. Anyway it was nice for Tyrion breaking their shell a little. However, there’s little reason to have a hall of faces and ACTUALLY wear them if there wasn’t a need for them. As for nudity and rape, well, imo, it’s a damn good thing they cut out a lot of the rape that was in the books. Can you imagine if they’d kept all of it in the show. Wasn’t Jalabhar pretty much always the butt of a joke. I’ll stand corrected if it is anything other than getting back to KL.


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Minor was married Linda Kaye Henning in real life for five years, but they had no children. A milestone year deserves big name appearances — and the show will be getting just that with this season’s latest musical advisers. Former American Idol contestant Tori Kelly will advise Adam Levine’s singers and, as someone who’s so far made a name for herself despite losing a singing show competition, she could prove to deliver the most invaluable advice of all. She was replaced by Gwen Stefani last year, who struck up a PDA-heavy romance with fellow The Voice judge Blake Shelton after both of their marriages ended in divorce in 2015. A thoroughly upsetting, immeasurably graphic depiction of human suffering wrought in real time—with something like a half an hour of near-dialogue-less torture—Laugier’s film seems designed to interrogate the audience, to push viewers so far as to wonder aloud what the actual purpose is of witnessing such visceral depravity, simulated or not. Are there any true benefits to obscenity? it asks, threatening over and over to tip from the grotesque into the pornographic. That in the end the film is left ambiguous is almost an indictment on Laugier’s part, resembling formal experiments like Michael Haneke’s Funny Games: You sat passively through all of that, he chastises. Instead, directed by brothers Kevin and Michael Goetz, the new Martyrs compromises on every level, ultimately coming off as pretty much just a feminine take on The Passion of the Christ. Yes: It is that stupid, that ugly and that pointless. When we catch up with the friends 10 years after Lucy escapes, we’re confronted with a picture-perfect middle class family who, upon answering the door one picture-perfect morning, is murdered by Lucy, all grown up and out for revenge. Putting down the shotgun, and done with deliriously crying for a bit, Lucy calls her still-best-friend Anna to confess that she finally found her torturers, and she needs help burying the bodies. Anna arrives, horrified (duh), but still not convinced Lucy found the right family. That is, until she discovers an underground facility and a gang of thugs show up to continue what they began with Lucy 10 years earlier. Laugier’s idea, it seemed, was to literally strip away (care of some gruesome scenes of flaying) the idea that the victim has her punishment coming, even if the morality behind that idea, as in most slasher films, is suspect (i. . because she engaged in premarital sex, is a hussy, etc. . In Martyrs, victims are ostensibly good, innocent people who deserve nothing in the way of such extreme pain—chaos definitely reigns.


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Intrigued, she asked her young son’s tutor, an ordained clergyman, if he knew anything about the subject of Spiritualism. Twenty-one years ago, the spiritual author Stephen Wollaston (aka Santoshan) and I made our way down a dirt-track alley in the back-streets of Ilford, Essex. We climbed up a rusty iron staircase in order to enter what we had been told by some respected Indian friends was a place where we would be able to meet a renowned Indian Tantric master. Angela Redditch reviews The Big Book of Reincarnation by Roy Stemman A tantalising subject, reincarnation, to which Roy Stemman has devoted many years of study. The result of his labours is this handy-sized paperback which has a touch of the Dr Who and Harry Potter worlds about it: open it, and you find it’s much bigger than you’d think. It covers succinctly a far wider range of topics, and in more detail, than could be guessed from its weight and shape. For a bookworm, this is a tasty and satisfying read. London’s College of Psychic Studies has been in the news lately. It’s been a time of change, with a new president, vice- presidents and principal. But what is the College, what does it do, and where did it come from. Dowsing, sometimes known as divination, has been used for hundreds of years to locate underground water, oil, minerals, and even lost items. usually carried out using rods or a pendulum, no one is sure exactly how it works. She began by asking how long vicky had been dowsing, and how useful she’d found the process. Have you ever wondered why it should be that no one seems able just to come forward and apply a little common sense to what we all know in our hearts to be true, yet struggle so hard to articulate. Wars, conflicts and the breakdown of society prevail. It’s happening in any town, city or country you care to mention, yet we seem to be trying to put out these raging fires of conflict and dispute by throwing gasoline on them. Spiritualism has always been part of that sector, as it is volunteers who have helped develop and maintain the structure of organisations at local, regional and national level. But she won, and June, 52, never failed a task or a challenge. She was hoping to lead the demonstration herself, but due to failing health was unable to do so.


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Feel free to discuss the spoilers here, but please do not bring them up in other threads, and be respectful of other crows who are trying to remain spoiler free. 278 comments share save hide report 88% Upvoted What are your thoughts. Don't post about Spoilers Infinite spoilers elsewhere, don't hint at them, don't make really specific so-called predictions. Sansa, Arya, Jon, Dany, Sam, Bran, Davos, Yara, Greyworm ALL LIVE. There was not really much love between him and his father, and he is mature enough to understand the consequences of the war but given the fact that he is one of the most learned about what they are facing, and the fact that he himself encountered a WW himself, he would definitely prioritize the Great War over this bickering about who sits on the throne. He would not jeopardize their fight against the real enemy, thrones can come later. I mean, a lot of us are going to find fault with it, but it isn't all bad and I think seeing it on screen will be fun. Send them to the Dreadfort or front line them vs the WW. No one knew, including Eddard Stark, but the great sword Ice had a magical property. The blade Ice saved the spirit of anyone it executed into the weirwood-net. GRRM was hiding the blade's magic right under our noses the whole time. Since Eddard Stark was executed with his own blade, he became the Night King. Upon resurrection, he began to build an army immediately to avenge his family. It had nothing to do with the white walkers wanting to wipe out mankind. Over time, Craster's babies were instilled with the spirits of executed men at the hand of Eddard Stark by the acting NK. Babies of some sort have always been instilled by these saved spirits. These are the original Night's Watch, the ones who will take no wives and father no children, blah blah blah. And these are the NK's lieutenants we see in the show. If Eddard is avenging his family, why attack Winterfell?