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Dixon Feodor Dostoevsky William Faulkner Jack Finney F. And it contradicts advice that writers often encounter, especially when they are starting out. Writer magazines, how-to books, teachers and even many agents and editors (who should really know better) suggest that the road to success runs through the Land of Imitation. More like Mary Higgins Clark, more like Sidney Sheldon, more like John Grisham, etc. Someone else is already writing that sort of stuff. The last thing the world needs is another cheap imitation. If you jump on someone else's bandwagon and do a fair job of appealing to an established audience, you might get a publisher to hype your novel, and you might end up rich and famous. Chances are, though, you won't get rich and famous. In which case, you'll just be a poor, unknown hack. If you want to be something more than that, walk away from the well paved road and blaze your own trails into unknown territory. Sit down and ask yourself this: If I could read a book about anything, what would it be about. What sort of gal would I love to read about in a book, if such a book existed. What might happen to these people that would be really neat? And so on. If your ideal book already exists, you would be ill-advised to go ahead and write your own version of it.

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Speaking of crazy, Rob upgraded to Blu with THEY'RE PLAYING WITH FIRE, and teases the upcoming PHANTASM box set. Then we welcome to the show special guests Andre Gower and Ryan Lambert, Sean and Rudy from THE MONSTER SQUAD. We ask them about their experiences making that film as child actors, the ever growing cult following of the flick, and what the convention circuit is like. Join Rob Galluzzo, Rebekah McKendry, Elric Kane and Ryan Turek as they delve into all the latest horrors. First up, the gang signs off on the new trailer to the upcoming IT. We dabble in a bit of TV talk with BATES MOTEL, THE WALKING DEAD, THE MAGICIANS and BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. Bekah also saw THE DEVIL'S CANDY and the 1952 feature DON'T BOTHER TO KNOCK featuring a young Marilyn Monroe. Elric and Ryan duke it out over their thoughts on LIFE. Elric also checked out PREVENGE, BLOODY LAKE and PERSONAL SHOPPER. First, the duo brings us up to speed on the new Shock Waves merchandise from Cavity Colors, an update on the upcoming Texas Frightmare convention, and then we pay tribute to the late, great Bernie Wrightson. Ryan caught a double bill of KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE and THE FUNHOUSE, and also recommends to keep an eye out for TRAGEDY GIRLS. Rob went to the other side with POLTERGEIST 3D and Scream Factory's new FIRESTARTER disc. Elric checks in from home to report back on THE BELKO EXPERIMENT, THE DEVIL'S CANDY and CREEPY. It's a fun, candid chat with a lot of titles thrown out, and some whiskey consumed. But first, a discussion on the KING KONG franchise, spurred by the latest film KONG: SKULL ISLAND, and then the latest horrors.

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One of the nine original Beanie Babies was named Chocolate. I would be forever in debt to your priceless advice if you could tell me, what band sang the 1993 song “Heart-Shaped Box? . How many total pips are on the dominoes in a standard double-six set? 9. Mothering Sunday is celebrated in Europe as a day to attend your “mother” church, and also to honor your mother. Simnal cake is traditionally associated with this celebration. Name another edible item with the word “cake” in it (“cake” alone will not be counted as correct here). 10. Letter and answer required. Name one of these other observances in the month of May. One of its traditions is leaving small baskets of flowers and sweets anonymously on neighbors’ doorsteps. Rather, it commemorates an 1862 Mexican victory over the French in what battle. Bonus: What day is actually celebrated as Mexican Independence Day. Bonus: For -3 points, say something nice about your mother, stepmother, grandmother, or other figure (not restricted to females or even blood relatives) in your life who has taken on such a role.