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It’s another reason why people should stop complaining sexism in the treatment of her character, she has had some time to shine. Again, it’s all about the context of how she’s portrayed in season 6. I can see some of those qualities in here, but it depends on how far they go and if it comes across as trying to appease whining fans. The second most criticised characters among those you mentioned is probably Dany. Sam stood up for Gilly when she was about to be raped, even though he got the shit kicked out of him. Neither are warriors, but both have shown courage and compassion. Either way, in certain context, it seems to connote an inherent weakness in the female gender in general: silly, soft, precious, naive, romantic, shallow; Likes pretty things, playing with dolls instead of toy trucks, can’t be bothered learning math. Sansa, season 1: Naive, romantic, selfish, likes to embroider a bit and eat lemon cake (what girly girl doesn’t) Sansa, season 5: Naive turning into jaded, calculating, reluctant victim yet determined to find a way out, stoic (sorry, I’m just not seeing girly girl there). In season 6 we will see a big improvement of her personality. Thanks For Watching! Comments Michelle Howard 2 years ago Marg is faking it, she thought everyone was taking too long trying to get her out, so she got herself out. You see it in her face, it falters into joy when she see's her father and Grandmother and when Jaime says they are there to get her. She didn't know the tyrell army was going to come and get her, that's why she went through with the religious stuff and sighed with relief when she saw the army. Because the whole thing about the Faceless Men is that they're supposed to not have any wants, loves, or cares, and the ones they do have are to be forsaken. But that line shows that Jaqen, or possibly the person wearing his face, does care about Arya enough to not want the Waif to make her feel to much pain. Just a little thought I had that may or may not make sense, but I just felt like throwing out. Finkeren 2 years ago Every episode, Danaerys' character gets more self-absorbed and violent and has basically lost all her charm, which is a shame. The contrast between the crowd's reaction to her preparation for the walk and Cercie's was telling - she's always been somewhat beloved by the people. Had she done the walk it would only solidify her standing with them, and getting the king to unify church and crown achieves the same end.

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There’s no way he knew what a psycho Ramsay was, this has been discussed elsewhere. He was a bastard child, so basically worthless, until he proved himself a brilliant battleman and Roose had him legitimized. I’m sure he knew they were dangerous people (their sigil ffs) but I think it’s a huge stretch to think he knowingly threw Sansa to the dogs, so to speak. He might have loved Cat, but Sansa’s mainly a player in his game whom he desires because she looks like her mother. Sansa is more of nostalgia of Cat in the fact she is how he may rise to power. When he said he only had ever loved one woman, think he meant it. Sansa continues to make dumb decisions by giving him another chance to screw her over. He is trying to sew division between her and her “half brother”. And of course she decides to send her body guard away to River Run leaving herself vulnerable. Show Sansa just like show Cersei has been made nicer. Sansa was a spoiled little girl who cared only about fairytale a and pretty people. She barely spoke to him because he was supposed to be beneath her. In an argument she chose Joffrey’s lies over her own sister’s truthful statement. She was the one that sold her Dad out by telling Cersei they were planning to leave King’s Landing to go back to the North. Prior to marriage Tryion rescued her from Joffrey’s abuse and attempt to have his King’s guard take off all her clothes in public and hit her. Game of Thrones is more realistic is showing that even the “good” guys have flaws. But Tryion had gone out of his way to show Sansa he is not like his family. If he looked as good as Joffrey, she would have believed him but no, he was ugly. Just like Catelyn and Eddard, Robert and Cersei, Dany and Khal Drogo, etc.


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We know why Rupert is keeping the journal. We know where the journal is at all times during the course of the novel. But -we never know what may happen next—or whether Rupert will even by alive to finish the story. Because he is writing the journal as he goes along, anything can happen. The technique opened up a lot of new ways to play with the story, new ways to surprise myself and my readers. I simply changed the tape recorder to a written journal. It is a fairly straight-forward story, all of it told from Rupert's point of view. I put together a group of characters who seemed colorful, placed them on the island, blew up their boat, then just let the plot unfold in the ways that seemed most natural. This is not to suggest that I allowed chaos to rule the story. One of the major tricks, in writing, is to discover the natural logic that is inherent in a story's basic situation, then release it. Develop it. Explore it. Exploit it. Let's take Island as an example. The situation is this this: a small group of people, vacationing in the Bahamas, are having a picnic on an apparently deserted island when their yacht blows up. They would take their dingy out to the site of the explosion and try to recover any items that might prove useful for their survival. This almost has to be done first, before the salvageable items are washed away, eaten by fish, or otherwise lost to the sea. What next? After salvaging everything useful from the wreckage, any reasonable person would probably embark on a limited exploration of the island—looking for a source of fresh 'water, signs of civilization, and generally taking note of any nearby resources or hazards.


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If you see any structural instability, or I see any, it’s extremely important that we let each other know. If that happens, we should freeze in place until we locate the weak point. Okay? . I had just gotten home from Afghanistan, Christmas 2004. They were actually driving to pick me up at the airport. A semi hit a patch of ice and slid into their lane. As he spoke, his voice caught once, but he quickly recovered. Taking a deep breath, he said, “But I’m doing okay. After a moment, he said, “I think I’m gonna leave this place. Things break, but it’s this—this right here, this kind of excitement. A large cross beam from the ceiling had fallen to the floor, broken through the linoleum, and trapped Mulder’s upper body completely. There was no way one fifteen-year-old could move the beam, and Nathan wondered if the agent would have to be cut out of there. Just when he had decided to leave to get help, he heard a cough, and a gasp for air. My best bet is trying to crawl through that pile over there. . Or that you didn’t hit it very hard. I dunno. But I’m not letting you sleep.


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d) The scene in the crypts of Winterfell, where there is conversation about Ned. As I remember Peter Dinklage was spotted there too. She is beyond myth at this point, she has magic powers dragons, she is the breaker of chains, she is adored as a goddess, sitting in the Iron Throne after all that seems rather small of a trophy. She belongs to myths rather than reality at this point. These too characters are made to become the last heroes not to rule. Neither of them in reality care much about ruling more about saving. And their destiny is to save humanity and become legends and leave ruling to the lesser mortals. And with them left magic will be gone too, and an era of myths will end. Because as many times before we discussed in this group the same happened in LOTR, The elves (and Gandalf )left middle earth and left it to the humans to rule it, so magic was gone, which was bittersweet and GRRM said that his end is inspired from that. This is why I also believe that the only other couple that we might see in the end is the Tyrion-Sansa union, because Tyrion is not the prince Sansa always dreamt and both suffered so much, they are broken things. And Dany was a side character in the beginning, completely alienated by her brother, used and abused till she turned things around. I mean if suffering equates broken, then yes Dany is perfectly whole. She has no one she can trust, no one she can call her own. But what more can be expected from someone who thinks Dany dying in childbirth is a logical ending to the story. I swear all Sansa fans have a boner for Dany dying that way. Don't know why. share report Save level 8 farmatwnzwwn It is known. I am just saying that IF I wrote a book like that and wanted to give a surprised end I wouldn't go for th obvious choice which is the Great War ended the Dragon Queen and the King of the North marry, rule Westeros, bear children have a happy end. I would give that end to the most unexpected characters, Tyrion and Sansa,otherwise their plot would be meaningless.


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