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Why would she kill foot soldiers just because they serve the Lannisters. She didn’t give Jaqen Tywin’s name until she believed he was a direct thread to Robb. She didn’t kill Jaime when she saw him at the Twins. Her sense of justice is very, very centered on individuals and their actions as directly known to her, not on their names or reputations alone. If she didn’t choose to eliminate the Lannister patriarch or the Kingslayer himself when they were both within arm’s reach, why on earth would she choose to kill young men, barely older than herself, who had treated her kindly. But in general, it seems to me the characters become a lot more disturbing in the novels as the novels progressed and GRRM focused more and more on horrific acts they commited. They were kind to her, we saw her soaking in their relative innocence. I do not think that will happen but if it does that will be a horrible turn for the young Stark. But I’m 95% sure that’s not what the scene will be about. Were her “soul”, for lack of a better word, truly missing, she would not have that terrible yearning, that feeling of pain and emptiness that overcomes her after the wave of revenge-induced euphoria recedes. It is (for now) the only thing that gives her life meaning, purpose. That is why her conversation with Lady Crane was so momentous; the actress did not ask about what Arya feels she has to do, she asked about what Arya wants to do.

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The fact I did not have a security badge did not help my case and only contributed to the uneasy feeling sitting in the pit of my stomach. He pointed at me and explained to others that he had caught me taking notes. He assigned a soldier to guard me while he figured out how to handle the situation. As I sat on the couch with another soldier staring coldly at me, I gazed around the operations center. There was a white board with a funny quote about strippers, an empty office with a blow-up doll in it (oddly enough! , and some metallic signs on the walls demonstrating football fan territory. At this point, I wished I had just stayed in my sleeping quarters. A phone call to my liaison Mike was my get-out-of-jail-free card. The Sergeant Major explained the situation to him and the JAG (legal) officer. Even though the presentation was out in the open, my act of taking notes classified my entire notebook. He handed the notebook back to me and I was on my way. I wanted to simply get out, lick my wounds, and meet the commander who was waiting for me.

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“I’ll never forget the look on his face,” she told the Times. “In that moment, the realization fell on me that they were in it together. Simmons, now 60, denied the allegations in a statement, which he also posted to his Twitter account. He says everything that occurred between himself and Khalighi was completely consensual and with her “full participation. “I’m deeply saddened and truly shocked to learn of Keri’s assertions as to what happened over the course of that weekend,” Simmons said in the statement. Rose, also included three witness statements in his defense. Two were anonymous and one was from Simmons’ former assistant Anthony McNair, who said that he did not notice any visible signs of distress from Khalighi during that time. The Times report also includes four additional allegations against Ratner, who was previously facing at least six allegations of misconduct from women including actress Olivia Munn. His attorney, Martin Singer, has denied all allegations. Among the new accusers are Tanya Reid, who was working as a hotel employee in Miami 1994 when she was 18. She says that Ratner, who had asked her if she wanted to appear in a music video he was shooting, exposed himself to her and pressured her into sex acts. Representatives for Ratner did not immediately respond to requests for comment Sunday.