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It seems like Season 5 was to film most of the parts of book 5 and season 6 will cover most of book 4 any paralell, maybe we see some filler scenes that they gave the book 4 people enough time to close up to the storyline. Any assembly of northern lords in S6, via conspiracy or overt rebellion, will bring much rejoicing to this bastard. Unfortunately, the showrunners used the episode title Victarion and Aeron didn’t make the HBO Greyjoy family tree so whatever pirates they cast will not be either of them. Iceland in September is definitely not “warmer weather”. It’s only about 12 degrees now, and temperatures and light will be falling fast in the next week or so. And I don’t feel like Balon’s death later than Robb’s or Joffrey’s necessarily negates the power of the burned leeches. The King in the North monologue is still one of the best in show history. Conleth Hill is wearing a bald-cap if I’m not mistaken, so he doesnt have to shave to play Varys. Besides, are you saying that if Stannis had never burned those leeches, Robb and Joffrey would still be alive today. Some aspects of those “leaked scripts” turning out to be true in absolutely no way means that the leaks were real and not just fan supposition that managed to get some vague details correct. Go back and look at all the previous seasons’ fake leaked scripts and they often get some bits fairly close to what really happens.

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So everyone who is moaning about the British money being wasted or whatever bug you have up your ass, just be happy for once that a couple is happy. My sister will now adopt one and the brother will go to another safe place. This is not the place to mention what I will do to the people that did that, but let’s just say for now I hope they end up in a dustbin without food or water. I also saw THAT was epic and I had such a good time with it, so keep an eye out for the post. The table with available movies to watch is updated every Monday as the instalment post is posted, so hop over and takes a look. Yep, I am actually re-reading this for the gazillionth time. I was playing around with Vampire Diaries season three as part of my plan to catch up with all of it, but I am still not finished. I am going to start True Blood soon, with some light-hearted New Girl in-between because I just love that ridiculous show. The guests start to arrive for the extravagant affair, and Oberyn Martell (Pedro Pascal) is one of them. Bolton returns to Dreadfort and to his bastard son, Ramsay Snow. There he sees what Ramsay (Iwan Rheon)has done to TheonGreyjoy.


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Oh. (mengandung spoiler). Madafaka. Berhubung Deadpool tayang dua hari yang lalu di jaringan bioskop Indonesia dan bahkan di Amerika sendiri baru tayang hari ini, gue merasa terpanggil akan membagikan review plus spoiler akbar film Deadpool haha. Setelah halangan rintangan membentang tak jadi masalah dan takkan jadi beban pikiran, gue berhasil membeli tiket di baris A. Keren sih, secara yang pada mau nonton saja harus booking tiket dulu jauh hari sedangkan gue apaan beli on the spot di waktu mepet pula. Walau filmnya termasuk lucu, jangan nonton sambil membawa anak-anak. Deadpool merupakan superhero, namun bisa juga dibilang bukan superhero. Deadpool sebagai sang tokoh utama bisa dibilang superhero karena dia membela kaum yang lemah. Dibilang bukan superhero cocok pula karena dirinya lebih suka membunuhi orang. Buktinya dia susah banget mati dan masa penyembuhan dirinya sendiri terbilang sangat cepat.


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He seemed pretty rattled by it, and he didn’t smile once, which is weird for him. Really well done. And then dogs ate the baby and I don’t care how good his acting is, his character needs killing. I am wondering why she didn’t tell Sansa the Hound was with Arya, but I imagine she’s trying not to panic her already tormented charge. I will say they need to go back to the Tyrion joke book, because 2 episodes in a row he’s joking about his closest friend’s lack of junk. We have tons of eunuchs on the show now, hot ones too, but Varys was our first. PS-I forgive him completely because he bowed to a dragon like he was a hippogriff and won a million points for his house. Give her some food and stop hitting her already, she passed the test. He knows about the white walkers and Boltons and he knows the way we do that the only man who could have brought the rest of the north and the wildlings together is on a slab without a pulse. He also knows that there’s someone in the other room who birthed a shadow assassin right in front of him so he decides to give it a shot. And here is where I have, on second viewing, a sliver of doubt.


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Scholarships are available either as part of an organized study abroad program or an independent study abroad semester or year. The selection committee will be looking for students with a concrete record of academic achievement and civic mindedness. A background in computer science or other high-technology fields is helpful but not required. Through IBGA, Tisdale Fellows will be placed with a high-tech company, firm or trade association, take two classes worth six credits from George Mason University, and live in furnished apartments on George Washington University’s downtown campus. Fellows will also attend weekly issues seminar lunches hosted by Tisdale sponsors, as well as briefings at institutions such as the U. . Capitol, Department of State, World Bank, and Federal Reserve. Grants are available to conduct research and teach English. These groups include, but are not limited to: First-generation students, minority students, and community college students. Applicants of minority backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply. Applicants are judged on three criteria: scholarship, leadership, and, a sustained commitment to community and public service.


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As for the assorted spoilers, there is a bit of everything today. As a little tidbit, we were told that Cersei’s Queensguard will sport a new uniform. If the new look of the throne room is anything to go by, it’s safe to assume we can say goodbye to the familiar Baratheon antler themes. Our sources reveal the three Stark siblings will reunite —That is: Sansa, Arya and Bran. Their life experiences have been poles apart since they last saw each other: Arya always had a more rigid moral code, and though the Faceless Men tried to stifle it, instead they strengthened it; Meanwhile, Sansa has learnt to be more pragmatic —The treacheries of the court and Littlefinger’s lessons left their mark on her. Last of all, I am enormously happy to report that can put a certain “theory” to bed. Place the spoiler remarks inside this short code: Remove the extra spaces between the word spoiler and the brackets, and the front slash and brackets before publishing your comment. 300 wights. Fantastic! You can see a passageway in the ice being built at the rear of the quarry set, so I’m assuming it’s an opening in the wall. Another week goes by, and another set of spilers just confirmed the big reddit leak.