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Aegon the Unworthy was imbued with a cruel devotion to his own pleasures, no matter who may have been hurt by his endeavors. He was the sort of man who ate himself into an early grave. A giant part of his life was sleeping with any woman he wanted, and he didn’t care who knew, having as many as nine official mistresses in his life. The women, before being discarded for the next one, would be part of his court in King’s Landing. These weren’t secret affairs, but rather public ones, with the women becoming public figures. Brynden Rivers was the fifth, from Aegon’s sixth mistress, Lady Melissa Blackwood. This group of Aegon’s children would come to be known as the Great Bastards, sons and daughters born out of wedlock to the king, but to highborn mothers (Aegon sired many more bastards than these, but to lowborn women). The first, and arguably greatest of them, was Daemon Waters, son of Daena Targaryen. So while still a bastard, he was of all Targaryen blood, and was so physically impressive it was said he resembled Aegon the Conqueror himself, the Warrior reborn. When his father finally acknowledged him at age 12, after Daemon impressed at a tourney melee, Aegon bestowed Daemon with the Valyrian steel sword of the Targaryen kings, Blackfyre. This ended up being a really, really big deal when his father legitimized him before he died. Aegon’s heir was Daeron II (a. . . Daeron the Good—the apple fell far from the tree), born in 153 AC. Half of Westeros would take arms up in his name: he had the sword, he was the Warrior reborn, he was the better man, he was the true heir.

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People with extraneous limbs. Yet sure enough, in the new to home video film Passion Play,. Read more. These films typically feature titles of four or less short words. They tend to have at least one scene of gratuitous nudity (my favourite type of nudity),. Read more. Steve Austin is back stomping mudholes in asses and walking them dry. These days however, he? doing it on the silver screen, not in the wrestling ring. Read more. Luckily this week? film, Manos: The Hands of Fate, manages to break the seemingly. Read more. Cocktail (1988) Long before he was jumping on sofas, pledging allegiance to Xenu and trying to kill Hitler, Tom Cruise starred in some of the most enjoyable films that have ever been committed to celluloid. Films like Top Gun, Days of Thunder, and. Read more.


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