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Also ready to hear Cercei say I choose violence. I see Bran struggling with guilt over messing up Hodor, Bloodraven, and everyone, so Sam’s small family drama seems very trivial by comparison. It’s always nice not to see the same locations all the time. It would also be awesome to see more giants since only one came south of the wall. Becoming a Maester would take years and shit is happening at a break neck pace now. I don’t know if anyone else has said that just something I thought of as soon as they said he was marked and now the white walkers can come in. It does not seem that the Children wrote: they stored their knowledge in the Old Gods Cloud Network, something to which the Maesters have no access. That suggests that anything they do have is second and third hand documentation of fairy tales: and one constant lesson of Thrones is that fairy tales are 99% lies. Or it’s possible that he’ll put some other threads together and figure out more of the “why” of the Walkers. What needs to be done to put things back the way that they were. I just finishing up Clash (literally the last couple pages) and read the part when Hodor is opening the crypt’s door and was nearly in tears then. His words make me hope that maybe Hodor got away, or at least I’m going to pray he did. He looked right at him from his horse, and then just kept on going. And that’s a quite a bit different than the determined foes they are now, with demented crazy killer wight underlings. Or just one of those things that doesn’t really matter to the story. I’m convinced. I know how seriously he took his vows, but if BR knew that Meera and Bran would end up alone and in danger, the CoTF could have kept him in a nearby cave or something, waiting for the right moment to save them. If they don’t know about WW-maybe there is something about dragons and how to control them.


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Son of Harpy 3 tahun yang lalu I think he will return. It makes no sense to kill such a important character for these reasons. Nice video! Btw, you look like eminems older brother:D. There is a tool in the books that supposedly is capable of bringing it down. here will be blood. Josy Shen 3 tahun yang lalu My theory is the white walkers will wipe out the whole night watch if the wildlings dont wipe them out first because they kill jon, but not all the crows were part of jon's death so maybe the wildlings will kill just the ones who took part in it. On the show at least I would think Giantsbane would try to make them understand the real danger, but all out war is also a possibility. I think that group would want to kill them, but they don't have the numbers. DeepbloodEclipse 3 tahun yang lalu Actually. n a way Jon did sacrifice his loved ones, he left the family to become a crow, he also sacrificed his relationship with Yigritte for the Nights Watch he ha literally sacrificed his family and connections for something else, sacrifice doesn't always have to mean death. Same way I sacrifice my social life spending all my time on youtube. OOOH, and also, another hero candiate could be Tyrion, it's presumed that the reason why Tywin hated him so much is because his wife had an affair with Aegon and Tyrion is the result. Michael Ducharme 3 tahun yang lalu I have a theory of how this will go down that I wanted to share. The show's producers are insisting that Jon Snow is dead, and it may just be misdirection, but it has me thinking. After seeing the photos of the possible funeral pyre, I thought of this. The Night's Watch will have a funeral pyre for Jon Snow. Melisandre will be present.


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If you have already watched Jinnah please rate it and leave your review to help other users to know if this movie worth their attention. Check the Jinnah crew and synopsis, watch pictures and high resolution wallpapers. If the premiere of this movie has already taken place then IMDB rating and users reviews will help you to understand if you should watch this movie in the cinema or buy DVD. Fate cast him in the sepulchral mould of his idol, Conrad Veidt, while conferring on him the mantle previously worn by his friend Boris Karloff. But Lee brought to that mantle a sinister glamour and monumental presence that are unique. Indeed, in latter years they helped him extend that work into the 1990s and beyond. But it’s pretty certain he would have done so in any case, without their help. For his staggering number of credits bears witness not only to a man in demand, but to a man easily bored by inactivity, a workaholic. And, amazingly, this remains true at the venerable age of 91. These latter, according to a Daily Telegraph critic, turned him into “the Grand Vizier of Blockbusterdom”. Better, I think, just to list 10 of my personal favourites. Just as Peter Cushing rethought Frankenstein as a dandified Machiavel, so Lee reconceived the Creature as a brain-damaged child, a marionette with no will of its own. His odious Marquis St Evremonde is a landed sociopath who really means business. In the following decade, courtesy of Hammer, he graduated to star billing in similar projects. His Captain Robeles in this 1964 adventure counts as a masterclass in sneering, black-hearted villainy. His Mycroft Holmes is unusually slender but displays an urbane, waspish sense of humour not unlike Lee’s own. It also compensates for the not especially memorable films in which he played Sherlock. Notoriously, Peter Jackson then deleted Lee’s megalomaniac Saruman from the cinema release.


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His credit: former Blue Power Ranger, former guest star of ? ne Tree Hill. Like all other Fil-Am talents I? e spotted and have featured in my columns, I started a series of publicity for him after interviewing him in 2005. ? ? e been asking for months from my former Publicist to give me a radio interview in the east coast but she hasn? done it, and you did! he told me. Considering Michael had only asked me only on the day he was about to leave Virginia Beach, I was able to get him an interview for two radio stations while he was there. He was promoting his first feature film with Ciara, MTV Films? ? ll You? e Got. Not only that I've helped our Filipino delegates and the Filipino media by handling the Media Publicity, but it paid off with good words from its President. My trip to Manila this last September was also memorable --- hopping from one major network studios to another, to attending celebrity and media birthday parties. She now stars as the main lead for MyNetworkTV? ?