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I want us to act more aggressively and in a more comprehensive way than we have in the past. A few new tweaks of the rules won’t get the job done. Threats to NCAA dominion also percolate in Congress. Aggrieved legislators have sponsored numerous bills. Senator Orrin Hatch, citing mistreatment of his Utah Utes, has called witnesses to discuss possible antitrust remedies for the Bowl Championship Series. Congressional committees have already held hearings critical of the NCAA’s refusal to follow due process in disciplinary matters; other committees have explored a rise in football concussions. Last January, calls went up to investigate “informal” football workouts at the University of Iowa just after the season-ending bowl games—workouts so grueling that 41 of the 56 amateur student-athletes collapsed, and 13 were hospitalized with rhabdomyolysis, a life-threatening kidney condition often caused by excessive exercise. The greatest threat to the viability of the NCAA may come from its member universities. Many experts believe that the churning instability within college football will drive the next major change. President Obama himself has endorsed the drumbeat cry for a national playoff in college football. This past spring, the Justice Department questioned the BCS about its adherence to antitrust standards.

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The Camaro SS has been Chevy’s entry in the second-rung Xfinity Series since 2013, and it also ran in the Grand American Series back in 1968-1971, against the other pony cars of the day, like the Ford Mustang and AMC Javelin. In fact, a Camaro driven by Tiny Lund won two Grand National events in 1971, when NASCAR needed to fill out small fields at a couple or races and let Grand American cars temporarily join what was the top series in the day. No word yet if Ford will follow Chevy’s lead and promote the Mustang from the Xfinity to the Cup Series, where it currently runs a Fusion alongside the Toyota Camry, which was redesigned this season to better match the 'stock' showroom car. The pop star told the mag that she “had to do some much-needed work on my heart, soul, mind, and body. Now, at 32 years old and with a new pixie haircut, she said, “I feel 360-degrees liberated—all around. Whether it’s politically, mentally, spiritually, sexually. I feel liberated from all the things that don’ t serve me. You couldn’ t give me anything to go back to my 20s. Another thing that makes Perry happy these days is touring. “I feel both very overwhelmed and loved when I’ m on tour. People take the time, energy, and money to come see me.

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While you’re Skyping with them, surprise them by having one or more of their close friends or family members that they haven’t seen since deployment, pop up behind you. ( 64 points). We must see intense competitiveness and gambling. ( 23 points). If I have to sip at another latte adorned with a fern or clover shape, I’m going to cry. Let’s see the Elopus professionally recreated in the foam of a cafe’s hot drink. ( 24 points). Get a WWE or WWF Wrestler (former or current) to publicly challenge her to a thumb war. Triple points if the match-up actually happens. -Jess Richardson ( 48 points). Make sure your ceremony is well attended and set outside in a stunning location befitting such a momentous occasion.