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Directed by the Veteran Charles Crichton, who made the 1951 Ealing Comedies classic The Lavender Hill Mob, Wanda combined Ealing-comedy capers and Basil Fawlty-esque farce with contemporary big-screen swearing and black comedy. The plot develops in classic film noir style as Cleese's lawyer, Archie Leech, gets sucked into the double-crossing aftermath of a London diamond heist. For sound box-office reasons, British comedies often sport an American star and here Cleese delivers not only Jamie Lee Curtis as a smooth operating femme fatale, but Kevin Kline as her idiotic, and insanely jealous lover (for which he won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar). Pushing the limits of bad taste is Michael Palin's animal-loving Ken, who in the film's best running gag attempts to murder an old lady, only to slay her beloved pet dogs. Four conniving jewel thieves, three Yorkshire terriers, two heaving bosoms and one proper British barrister. It all adds up to a nonstop barrage of. utrageous plot twists and over-the-top performances when a girl called Wanda (Curtis) tries to cheat her Nietzche-quoting boyfriend (Kline), an animal-loving hit man (Palin) and an embarrassment-prone counsellor (Cleese) out of a fortune in jewels in this hilariously funny farce. Desperate for a radical change and some excitement in his life, the chance arises when he is sent to dismantle an old government research unit in the country. He soon finds himself seduced by life in the idyllic village and is beguiled by the charms of local eccentric Lord Flamborough and his three beautiful daughters. The series concerns a civil servant Jasper Pye (Maloney) who is sent by the government to dismantle a forgotten research unit housed in an old country mansion Arcady Hall. The owner Lord Flamborough (Phillips) an eccentric double amputee lives in an old train on his own otherwise closed 'branch line' while the government pay for the upkeep of his ancestral home. Flamborough's equally eccentric family his wife and three daughters all live in Arcady Hall. When Pye arrives he is intent on producing an efficient report regarding the unit however within days he falls under the spell of the stately home and its inhabitants. With its trademark ghoulish razor-sharp cliff hangers and iconic theme tune (by Roxy Music's Andy Mackay) this haunting anthology series was an immediate success its eerie disturbing and downright scary tales regularly attracting over 15 million viewers. Each of its ten stories is a gripping exercise in compelling television showing ordinary people plunged into extraordinary situations. For many this series remains a high-watermark of dramatic television and its many frightening and spooky moments are remembered by viewers nearly thirty years after its original transmission.

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I welcome all your thoughts and ideas and hope you will return every week for my latest post. Publishing Limited test test test Jessie J performs live in Auckland part 2 12 Mar, 2015 11:10am Quick Read First look: Kurt Cobain doco Montage of Heck 12 Mar, 2015 12:10pm 5 minutes to read Advertisement Advertise with NZME. ENTERTAINMENT Dominic Corry: Should these films have gone straight to DVD? 12 Mar, 2015 11:15am 8 minutes to read Keanu Reeves in John Wick. Dominic Corry looks at John Wick and other recent films that went straight to DVD in New Zealand. Kiwis who enjoy seeing medium-sized genre movies on the big screen are often denied the opportunity to do so by the economic realities of distributing a film in a country with our population size. Whether it's attributable to a film's lacklustre overseas reception or a perceived disinterest in certain kinds of movies, the maths often simply doesn't justify the investment required for a theatrical release. But that's little relief to filmgoers like me who love nothing more than seeing a down and dirty action movie or an anonymous horror flick in a darkened theatre. The escapist wonder of a genre movie is much more readily accessed in this environment, which is increasingly becoming the domain of blockbusters and indie movies and little in between. John Wick The newly-released Keanu Reeves action throwback John Wick is a curious case - as my esteemed colleague Robert Smith noted late last year, it did okay at the American box office relative to its budget and received a mostly positive critical response. Yet it was not deemed worthy of a cinematic bow in New Zealand, a country that has always embraced Keanu Reeves' ever-so-slightly Pacific charms, especially when they are in the middle of a cool action movie. Share on Facebook Share on Pinterest Show more Share on Facebook facebook Share on Twitter twitter Share via email email Share on LinkedIn linkedin Share on Google Plus google-plus Share on Whatsapp whatsapp Share on Pinterest pinterest Share on Reddit reddit The film swiftly superseded its positive buzz to reveal a deliriously entertaining instant classic of an action movie - one crafted with the thoughtful care that can only come with being a lifelong action movie fan. It's a loving ode to all things action, and brings a fresh voice to a genre which often feels adrift amongst the modern cinematic landscape. The world this film inhabits is one created by every action movie that came before it and nothing else - the underground network of super assassins with their secret night clubs and posh hotels sounds outlandish on paper, but the high concepts are executed with stylish conviction. Also, Keanu executes a whole bunch of people with stylish conviction. Keanu performs most of his own stunts, lending a beautiful 'in-frame' quality to the fight scenes and action set-pieces.

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That makes it one of the smallest birds from the dinosaur age on record, the researchers said. But the bird's lack of a name didn't stop researchers from studying it. The team members used synchrotron radiation to image the tiny specimen at the submicron level, they said. (A micron, or micrometer, is one-millionth of a meter. The analysis revealed that the tiny bird died shortly after it hatched from its egg. In addition, the chick's sternum (the breastplate bone) hadn't yet developed into hard, solid bone, and it was still made mostly of cartilage, the researchers found. This means that the Cretaceous-period chick likely couldn't fly at the time it died, they said. Moreover, the patterns of ossification (bone hardening) in the bird are quite different from those of other young enantiornithine birds discovered over the years, suggesting that the developmental strategies of these ancient avians was more diverse than previously thought, the researchers said. But, although this newfound bird probably couldn't fly, it wasn't necessarily dependent on its parents for food and care, the researchers said. This tiny bird was hardly the only feathered creature scurrying about 120 million years ago. Fossil remains show that a water bird coughed up the first bird pellet on record at about this time. Furthermore, researchers have also found fossilized rods and cones in a bird's eye dating to about 120 million years ago, indicating that at least some ancient birds could possibly see in color, Live Science previously reported. The potential lawsuit concerns the government's Data Protection Bill, which proposes to replicate most of the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) into UK law to ensure data can continue to flow freely between the UK and EU post-Brexit. GDPR comes into force on 25 May, and will allow EU residents to demand that organisations delete, amend and move any data they hold on residents, as well as tell residents what information they have on them and why they have it. But the bill, being debated in Parliament today, currently includes proposals for an exemption clause that privacy campaigners argue is incompatible with the principles of GDPR, by effectively excluding 3 million EU citizens living in the UK from bring able to challenge such data held by immigration authorities. The clause (Schedule 2, Paragraph 4 of the bill) would prevent these citizens from challenging the Home Office over any deportation decisions, campaigners say, because they could not debate the accuracy of any information the Home Office holds on them.

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May your days be smutty and bright! “What did I tell you. “Shut up. Remus toed his shoes off, “No, what did I tell you? Sirius closed his eyes, the rain sounding more like hail on the windows, the cars with not-crappy tires whizzing past them from their place on the shoulder of the road, “Shut. Up. Remus put his feet up on the dashboard and popped a potato chip into his mouth, shrugging, “I said it was gonna rain, that’s all. I said it was going to rain, and what did you say again? Sirius pinched the bridge of his nose. Sirius took his face out from the fabric of his sweatpants just long enough to glower at Remus, “Because you’re just too valiant. “Jesus Christ Pads, come here. Sirius allowed himself to be pulled, rather uncomfortably, into Remus’ lap, glowering the entire time. His stare only melted a little at the feeling of Remus’ warm fingers running under his layers of jacket, sweatshirt, and t-shirt, fingers sliding over his rib cage. Remus dug his fingers in slightly, pulling Sirius closer, “I know a way to pass the time. Sirius tried his best to keep his front up, “Do you? Remus leaned forward, taking Sirius’ bottom lip gently between his teeth.

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15, SYDNEY, Australia — In a bid to keep the Great Barrier Reef from being reclassified by the United. Find out the inflight entertainment programmes on Cathay Pacific flights, including inflight movies. A day out in the park, at the movies, at a zoo, or another place of interest. View the list of feature films and on-demand entertainment movie listings available on your flights. Australia news Filter by; New crimes (12); Legal powers (8); Police powers (16); Intelligence powers (12). Wednesday 25 September Sep 25, Swap bad drama for good with the 25 best drama movies streaming on Netflix right now. Take a look at the titles that are coming to Netflix in September. With movies, TV shows, music and more, you can sit back, relax and stream New features and bug fixes available regularly - update the app before you fly. Disney movies! The new movies coming to Netflix will make you want to try Sept. “3 Days to Kill” (); “Luther” Season 4; “Penny. Movies: Pawno — September 1; Days of Being Wild — September 3; Made in Revolutionary Road; Rings; Road To Perdition; Robocop (); Rock Of. October will bring a new, diverse crop of shows and movies to HBO. Australia; Constantine; Curb Your Enthusiasm (Season 9 Premiere); The Darkness; Dead Want to know what HBO added and removed in September. Big Beach Films, Blue Ice Film, Cinetic Media, Film4, FilmNation, IFC Films. We update this list every month with the new movies that have been added to Netflix.

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I’ll be surprised in Edd sees out the end of this season. So eye opening, think there was foreshadowing in every seen. All thats left is warg arya eating on Bolton. aybe a flying tommen. Now suddenly lots of people don’t care about seeing Horn Hill? Weird. I was very surprised, because I thaught they would use that Castle in which they filmed in as a model. Is he sitting on the table with his uniform on? Chills. What happens after the BAttle with LF still in the mix etc. Will screw people over with no qualms (heck, he’ll straight out tell people not to trust them, and they do anyway, and pay for it. He plays for himself and himself alone, manipulates anyone that suits him, and has continued to do this his entire life. If anyone has worked to deserve that iron throne, it’s him. I don’t expect the iron throne will exist in the end, but hey. He’s slimy, fearless, untrustworthy, intelligent, manipulative, scheming, underestimated, disliked, hated and bloody brilliant. And if that is the case then who were the Valyrians.

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. 9 postage or Best Offer Phoenix Festival 1994 press advert Full page 30 x 42 cm mini poster ? . 9 ? . 9 postage or Best Offer 3 watching Cream Liverpool 2000 Orbital 1999 press advert Double page 29 x 58 cm poster ? 0. 9 ? . 9 postage or Best Offer St. For you to obtain some great benefits of the heel cup, your heels must be inside of, in the first place. Then, come to feel where by your toes space over the bottom grip. Anytime your heel is each of the way back again the heel cup, your feet must in a natural way grab the underside grip. If you prefer to slip your foot forward to seize the bottom keep along with your cheap yellow birkenstock florida sandals outlet toes, the measurement may well be also lengthy. In the event you have, then you undoubtedly aren't getting the assistance out within the heel cup. Birkenstock ladies mayari shoe 11 eleven five sandal shoes has not disappoint you.

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Join the crew of GOO plus Winteriscoming. et's Ours Is The Fury on this episode recorded directly after the airing of the Seven, and on a day reserved for celebrating the Mothers of the world. We've traveled past the midway point in HBO's Game of Thrones Season 1, a pivotal point in the story as characters begin to move into place, or out of place forever. In an otherwise complacent episode, violence has struck a chord with a selection of our hosts today, while others have been perpetually captivated in the beauty of what lies just south of the Wall. Ned's detective work receives a boost after a selection of choice information is passed in his general direction from a certain bald spider, as he ignores the educated advice Arya so casually overheard. Joined by Winterphil, much anticipated moments, ownments, and scenes play across the screen as we learn more and more about our favorite characters and hosts. The Crossroads are upon us again on this week's Game of Owns. It's Friday on Game of Owns, let's have a great time. Tyrion makes friends at the Wall, a last kiss is shared, and we learn the dullest name in the lands. Joined by Winterphil (who single-handedly represents the staff of WinterIsComing. et in this episode), our trusted four heroes brave the endless night and stand strong by their favorite characters. Catch up with Selina, Eric, and Zack on their thoughts of the show so far, including a revisitation of the much conversed and speculated Episode 2 Catelyn confessional, and a first time flight for a friend and brand new segment, The Raven. GOO is back again as the second week of an adventure in auditory musings reaches its Wednesday release time, the second Commentary Special. Sue joins the cast this week as the boys look into this new episode in which first time introductions for the season are made, old time friends are finally met, and a brand new arch of story could shake its very foundation. Travel with Micah as he enjoys VIP night of the Game of Thrones Exhibition currently on its world tour, and a special one on one visit with one of your favorite guests of the show. Time stops for no one as the series moves forward and forward, moving our heroes closer and closer to refined theories and love of favorite characters.

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Everyone here hopes for a miracle, dreams to soar up high above reality, to reach for an absolution, but even angels cannot escape this smothering space. Using traditional rock-group indtruments (guitar, synthesizer, bass, vocal) they create enigmatic dark meditative cold music pierced with damp wind, never-ending melancholy, wandering in gothic dusk and very cinematographic at the same time. Fears, labyrinths and traps of verbal thinking, a wish to seem better than you are, political dirt, frustration, personal pride and insane Dostoevskiy's fixations - these are the walls of Asvlmjenok, a concentration camp for the consciousness in which people have immured themselves. And around that there is only the infinity of space which many can see only in a dream. Extremely powerfull full-range sound, brutal vocals and obscure sample. What we seed in our life, in others’ lives, on the earth is what we receive. We are One, separation causes blindness and destruction. Vibration is the very first act of creation, Music has the duty and the right to work on connection being such a suitable and direct channel to express harmony. If our life is meant to be a spiritual growing and not just a materialistic experience, all the domains where spirituality is expressed can become a source of enlightenment. To us, Music is diffusing a spiritual knowledge that’s not linked to a dominating specific religion but to the harmony of the cosmic forces. The aim is to reach again the primeval plenitude, calmness and inner light, being a part of the whole. Knowledge and Experience happen at the same time and all of this is a sacred announcement, a message that doesn’t need rationality to be caught. It is a sort of spiritual call coming from the depths. Memory and singing are linked, they enable a deeper subtle “sight”. The ancient wisdom was based on letting go, forgetting ourselves, our ego and masks in order to feel and live “the moment”. A deeply felt thank for all what we have received from Greek philosophy, poetry and mysticism.

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