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Tonight on the show I reunited with an old friend to discuss comic books, comic book adaptations, Ancient Aliens, depression based time dilation, CIA LSD experiments, and much, much more. Tonight I had the pleasure of talking yet again to Ray Taylor, from the Inspired Disorder Podcast and Collective. Tonight I’m joined by the lovely DJ Ryals of BCXRadio. Please allow me to bring you a fresh, not late at all, episode. Tonight I have for you a wonderful show about all sorts of spiritual and magick oriented subjects. It will also markedly lower the audio quality, and add hours to the editing process. We discuss marijuana becoming legal in Washington state; the sovereign rights of man; and much, much more. Tonight I had the pleasure of having Gene Gregorits on the show. We spoke about writing, art, Wes Anderson, Portland, Harry Dean Stanton, and, of course, the time he ate his ear. Tonight we welcome into the Echo Chamber one Mr. Mike Richeson. We have a rousing conversation that ranges from hunter-gatherer trading, renaissance patronage, art to our current technological crossroads. And tonight I managed to turn an attempt at telling you a 15 minute anecdote about the synchronicities of the weekend into a full episode. Tonight Chris Faux re-enters the Echo Chamber to discuss nerdery of all kinds. Also some rambling nonsense about drawings, and I beg for money. I discuss the future of podcasting; the ways in which humanity is helped and hindered by chaos and order; and discuss my love of Calvin and Hobbes.

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Melisandre proceeds to seduce Stannis by promising him a son. His unease only increases after one of Craster’s pregnant wives, Gilly (Hannah Murray), enlists Sam to ask Jon to take her with them out of fear for her unborn child. Jon follows Craster into the woods that night and watches in horror as he leaves a newborn son as an offering to the White Walkers. We learn that although Renly is married to Margaery, he has taken her brother, Loras Tyrell (Finn Jones), as a lover. But, ever the pragmatist, Margaery is aware of their relationship and is only interested in getting pregnant in order to strengthen the Baratheon-Tyrell alliance. He learns that Pycelle is reporting to Cersei and has him thrown in the Red Keep’s dungeon. Tyrion tells Cersei, much to her anguish, that he still intends to go through with sending Myrcella to Dorne to join House Martell. Meanwhile, Shae begins serving as a handmaiden to Sansa. He ultimately sides with his father and doesn’t warn Robb about Balon’s plan to take the North, a choice that sets him on the path to ruin. The group of Night’s Watch recruits is ambushed by a group of Gold Cloaks and Lannister bannerman on the hunt for Gendry. The attack results in the deaths of both Yoren and a boy named Lommy (Eros Vlahos), who Arya cunningly convinces the soldiers was actually Gendry. And a very small man can cast a very large shadow. . Unfortunately, his success prompts Joffrey make an example of Sansa by having her publicly beaten and stripped in the Red Keep throne room. Tyrion shows up to save Sansa and decides to try to find a way to temper Joffrey’s sadistic tendencies — an endeavor that goes horribly wrong. Tyrion later learns that his cousin, Lancel Lannister (Eugene Simon), is not only working for Cersei, but also sleeping with her.


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He wants a partner in crime who truly cares for him. Otherwise, he wouldn't be investing so much in winning her back and getting back in her good graces. First of all, I doubt she would have any more luck in that department than Tywin apparently did; an offer of Tyrion as a groom was seen as an insult, and Dany doesn't want to get off on the wrong foot by insulting potential allies. She came to love Drogo, but she never forgot how it felt to be sold into marriage for someone else's political gain. I think Dany would think long and hard before forcing someone to marry against his or her wishes, much less someone she seems to care for as a friend. As it is, though, Jon would never force Sansa to marry someone she didn't want to marry. Handing her over to someone else to be raped--since I'm guessing Sansa won't be interested in sex for a very long time--and risking her possible suicide, no matter the urgency requiring that marriage, is something Tywin would do, not Jon. That's true of many young Westeros noble ladies, but it's no longer true of her. Also, Jon made Littlefinger no promises and offered him nothing. There is no bargain or deal in place for Littlefinger to enforce with Jon. Finally, Jon would never hand Sansa over to Baelish, much less when he knows that Sansa was raped and abused by her last husband courtesy of LF selling her to him and when he has been warned by Sansa that LF is not to be trusted. He was looking very, very warmly at Dany in 6x10, and although I don't think Dany is any more likely to love him, desire him, or want to marry him than Sansa, she is able to give him the recognition and esteem he so desperately craves. I doubt Tyrion will have any interest in dealing with Sansa's Lannister angst after spending an extended period of time basking in the glow of a beautiful, supremely powerful queen's respect, confidence and trust, platonic or not. The marriage with Sansa made him feel like shit: awkward, useless, helpless, repulsive, untrustworthy, unlovable, tainted by association with the Lannisters, the works. Dany makes him feel awesome: dignified, trustworthy, intelligent, competent, and useful. He'll want as much as he can get of Dany, and, if it comes to it, as little as he can get of Sansa.


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But I love of Game of Thrones, I think it's an awesome show. It's become increasingly clear that it isn't going to be an adaption of A Song of Ice and Fire, it's going to just go a different way. I don't think that's a bad thing and I'm excited to see whatever new shit they come up with. I also know there maybe some gratuitous sex in the show but I feel like the negative feelings about the show aren't solely based out of frustrations about the depiction of women or it's place as an adaption. I'm not really trying to change anybody's mind or argue, I'm just curious. The faces she makes are just ridiculous in every way, and her line delivery is awful. I wouldn't mind the character nearly as much if she didn't make so many stupid faces, it's just terrible watching her chew through the script. Like when the Night's Watch requests help and he's the only one on the small council to speak in their favor, compared to the book where he makes fun of Alliser Thorne as a way of boosting his own cred. I guess she did, but it's kind of a stretch that sending her away for her own good would make her so pissed that she would betray him and fuck his father. It may seem small, but it gives a different feeling to that entire storyline. Book LF is not a mustache twirling, sexposition narrator. His character is much more nuanced, and while Aiden Glenn does a hell of a job with what he's given, so many of his lines are just cheesy. Cutting out the Tysha backstory, while not crucial, is indicative of the changes made that renders Tyrion less 3 dimensional than he is in the books. Show Loras is a mincing little girl who it would not shock me to see him bring out dildos rather than swords to fight with. I mean, I get it, you can't have 100% translation but this is like 10% at best. Their most defining traits in the show are the fact that they're gay.


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1. Rumah jauh dari tetangga Tau rumah di film the Conjuring. Walaupun ada di sebuah perumahan, namun kelihatan nggak ada interaksi dengan tetangga. Jika terdengar suara ribut-ribut dari tetangga di sebelahmu (suara jeritan, misalnya), masak tetangga nggak ada yang datang buat menengok dan mencari tau. Mungkin ini ada kaitannya dengan budaya dan kebiasaan masyarakat sono juga sih. Jadi kalo ada ribut-ribut dari tetangga sebelah, ya biasanya mereka nggak bakal ikut campur sama pertengkaran itu. Beda sama masyarakat di negara kita, yang kalo ada tetangga ribut justru malah dijadiin tontonan. Apalagi kalau pertengkarannya gara-gara orang ketiga, wah berasa kayak nonton sinetron secara live. Semakin keras pertengkaran mereka, semakin antusias warga menonton. 2. The cellar Loteng selalu menjadi lokasi sentral dan titik awal misteri. Loteng yang berhantu, loteng tempat menyimpan benda-benda peninggalan keluarga terdahulu, dan lain-lain. Nggak pernah ada cerita ruang tamunya berhantu, dapur berhantu atau kamar mandinya berhantu. Yang bikin gemas lagi adalah: selalu ada tokoh utama (biasanya sih cewek, biar dramatis) yang akan menggeledah lodeng di malam hari setelah dia mendengar suara-suara aneh dari ruang bawah tanah. Bayangin, cewek sendirian menggeledah ruang bawah tanah di Malam Hari. Please deh.


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