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We would comply with DMCA takedown requests, given sufficient identification. Which they did not. We are looking for legal representation and working with the EFF. I will be opening a legal defense fund, you will see it on the frontpage here when it's up. Other than your financial support, which you have our best thanks, we also need media attention. We need to get our side of the story out, that we are willing to work with the MPAA and turn P2P into the new VCR. I have asked in a poll in the past, on how much is a TV episode download worth. And I'm already working with a TV show producer who sees the potential of this. Why can't the MPAA? So, if you know any news reporter, be it local or national, online or on dead paper, we are happy to talk. However, the way it usually goes when someone is caught is that they are charged with a felony.

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Desperate, she decides to hold the seance with her young siblings. Origin of Evil upped my anticipation both due to its late-60s period setting, and by bagging hot-right-now director Mike Hush Flanagan. The action culminates in a cellar-bound bloodbath which leaves the sole survivor in an asylum and me with a disgruntled feeling of dissatisfaction that this retro Origin story falls short of the Gerald’s Game director’s usually taut and superior productions. The people who own movie studios aren't content to just create art that we want to enjoy; they want to pin us down with their knee on our throats, slice out our corneas, and pour boiling hot cinema directly into our optical nerve. We scream and claw and writhe, but they're too strong. In the end, we're left blind and broken, wandering the Earth like Denzel Washington in Book Of Eli, which is a great reference to make because it was nowhere near as good as the trailers promised. How? In five very specific ways, which is super fortuitous, because I have a lot of trouble writing when I can't divide my points into lists. So what gives? Why do studios keep throwing money behind shitty scary movies. When will they learn to stop angering the Fear Gods.

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Like in the case of Sebastian Mullaert, who has learned to play violin, organ and piano, while his partner Marcus Henriksson rather came from Kraftwerk and Human League to electronic music. As Son Kite, the two Swedes have already a well-known name in the psy-trance scene, and as Minilogue, they now start to conquer the Minimal and House world. With their rather unique sound, they manage the tightrope walk between Minimal and Trance and never allow us to put them into a drawer. Beginning with bird-like sounds, the track builds up slowly and quickly becomes very interesting and tricky, ramifies as organic as a climbing plant, and when the tribal sound emerges from the underground, this track has exactly what makes Minilogue so special: organic matter and groovy sounds, worked into a minimal labyrinth with very much love for the details. All of that can also be found on the B side which seems to be more adequate for the morning hours, with its somehow spacey sound. The B side is again one of those tracks that put a smile on your face. The rolling hookline which has the necessary splash of acid is, together with the floating trance layer, adrenalising to such extent that nothing else remains to be done but to raise your hands in the air. It is different from what his fans know from the early days. Together with Cari Lekebusch and Adam Beyer, he dominated loop techno, which was back then known worldwide as 'Sweden-techno'. Both tracks are strongly following the trend of garnishing minimal Techno and House tunes with musical elements. Like noone else, he combines sound and art research with solid and straight productions, which attract fans from all fields such as Techno, House and even Trance.