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He basically killed her and hoped everything would work out on tv with zero plan or forethought, very unlike littlefinger. In the books he blames the bard who he didn't like much anyways and had him tortured, continues bribing other lords to strengthen his position even more His true goal seems to be to destabilize the country by bankrupting it and creating more and more civil wars. There is a later scene(I think? before LF leaves he tells sansa that the boltons are really dangerous so maybe he does understand that he is sending his greatest piece into the hells but still, what the fuck does he even get out of that arrangement? And his view is that a stable Targaryen line is the best hope to keep the Seven Kingdoms together in the long term; Robert Baratheon was always going to be a volatile king and was basically a figurehead for the nobles' discontent with Aerys. This is particularly so since Varys would have known from a very early point that Robert has no legitimate heirs - one and all are Lannisters. Varys knew that eventually this would come out - that Littlefinger or someone like him would get hold of that knowledge and use it. The Lannisters' illegitimacy piles one excuse for civil war on another -- not only was Robert Baratheon an usurper, his children are not even his. I'm guessing Varys's idea was to uplift Aegon Blackfyre instead, who at least is a descendant of a Targaryen if only a bastard, and who has been raised responsibly in the role of king-ing, unlike Stannis who was too brittle and Renly who was too soft as well as being a sword-swallower. This is not to defend Varys's methods, but it makes him fascinating in that in spite of the amorality of his role and maneuvers, he is still a principled man in one respect: he believes in the Seven Kingdoms, or at least believes in the power of the Targaryen name. And while he might be ambivalent about magic, he fears it given how he became a eunuch: thus he unconsciously believes there's a certain magic still in having someone of Valyrian descent on the throne.

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She then also takes two other cities, and then settles in the third, Mereen, where she rules. Tyrion’s trial (Season 4) Tyrion didn’ t poison Joffrey, but he takes the fall. He demands a trial by combat, with the Red Viper Oberyn Martell as his champion — but the Viper is killed fighting a giant man called The Mountain. The Battle of Castle Black (Season 4) A group of wildlings, including Jon Snow’s lover Ygritte, attempt to take Castle Black at the Wall, but they lose the battle. The attempted coup by the Sons of the Harpy in Meereen (Season 5) Not everybody is happy with Dany’s rule in Slaver’s Bay. The return of the Faith Militant (Season 5) A man known only as the High Sparrow ascends to the top of the food chain in the Faith of the Seven, and with Cersei’s help reinstitutes an old order called the Faith Militant to clean up the dirty streets of the capital. The plan backfires, though, and over the course of Seasons 5 and 6 the High Sparrow has become the most powerful man in King’s Landing. It doesn’ t work, though — much of Stannis’ army goes AWOL the next day, his wife hangs herself, and then Stannis himself and the rest of his army is killed at Winterfell. Oops. Ramsay brutalizes Theon (Season 3) and then, later, brutalizes Sansa (Season 5) Ramsay Bolton is sadistic as hell, capturing Theon after his shenanigans at Winterfell, and spending an entire season torturing him, including castration. Melisandre is really, really old (Season 6) The sexy Red Woman, it turns out, is actually an old lady using a magical gem to preserve the appearance of youthfulness.

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Karakter Maudy juga memang adalah yang paling di- flesh out dengan backstory. Karena itu adalah satu-satunya cara untuk membuat tokoh putrinya menjadi menarik. Tokohnya terlalu biasa dan enggak bener-bener ada traits yang bisa kita simak dari karakter ini. Tanpa ada cacat parenting dari sang ibu, karakter ini akan punya personality nol besar. Mira adalah tokoh yang bisa menjadi begitu clueless at times. Segala kejadian dalam perjalanan mereka dimaksudkan agar Mira bisa punya momen-momen merefleksikan diri so she could learn a thing or two tentang posisi ibunya. Irish Bella did more work dalam menghidupkan karakter sejenis ini, and I guess we can appreciate that. Lucu dan kinda cute melihat Mira mencoba to comfort orang, dan dia pake bahasa minang yang ngasal banget untuk berkomunikasi. Aku gak bicara soal karakter Dimas Adityo, yang saga nya going nowhere as Rio ini enggak punya karakter beneran selain sebagai prince charming yang datang menolong. I’m talking about Pak Nurdin dan beberapa penduduk lokal yang lain. Akting mereka mungkin sedikit kaku, but yea they breath in some colors.

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This is awayforthelads, who deleted his Reddit account; this is not Truede. John Smith 2 anni fa last seasons plot leak was actually pretty accurate the guy said just about everything that happened and almost got sued Arod R 2 anni fa My prediction is Dany will witness how badass Jon snow is battle and admire him even more. We will see her pretty impressed with Jon by the end of the season whatever does happen. Phil M 2 anni fa I'll believe it when I see it. Still. interesting plot even if it could be cleverly written fanfic ? . Why not this? Sybille Stahl 2 anni fa If Jorah has already found a cure for his greyscale, that does seem pretty facile for the extreme horror that greyscale was supposed to be. Margaret Choffel 2 anni fa I predict that Daney is going to get killed and leave Jon her dragons and a huge mess to clean up before he can unite the realm Andrew Smith 2 anni fa I'm looking forward to Jon Snow meeting Theon and kicking his ass. Yikes!