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However, there was no commensurate demand for credit as most corporates with a good credit rating managed to raise funds in the bond market at much lower yields. The result was that banks ended up investing most of this liquidity in government securities resulting in the Statutory Liquidity Ratio bond holdings of banks exceeding the minimum requirement by up to 700 basis points. This combination of a surfeit of liquidity and weak credit demand can be used to design a recapitalisation bond to address the capital problem. Since the banks are anyways sitting on surplus liquidity and investing in G-Secs, recapitalisation bonds can be used to convert the bank liquidity to actually recapitalise the banks. Firstly, the government of India, through the RBI, will issue recapitalisation bonds. Banks, who are sitting on surplus liquidity, will use their resources to invest in these bonds. With these funds, the government will infuse capital into the stressed banks. This way, the surplus liquidity of the banks will be used more effectively and in the process, banks will also be better capitalised and therefore capable of expanding their asset books as well as negotiating with stressed clients for haircuts. Recapitalisation bonds are nothing new and have been used by the RBI in the past. As far as the NPAs are concerned, these were lying dormant and thanks to RBI’s Asset Quality Review, these would not even have surfaced left to banks’.

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You can stream it on their website ( ) or on soundcloud ( ). See you there, bring your friends and dancing shoes. More information about this program is at the link. It’s official release is Dec 1, but we’re happy to share it with you and your readers. Also happy to give you in any format and allow your audience to download the first two singles for free, prerelease. Influences of early John McLaughlin and John Abercrombie are still there (and of course the aforementioned Cline), but now with more Hendrix and even Tom Morello. McNalley’s extensive foray into Haitian music also show up, and with the fearless rhythm section of Matt Baker (drums) and Jarrad Lander (electric bass), expect no stone to be unturned. The Sunday Flamenco dinner shows offer authentic Paella specially prepared outdoors on the patio, as well as a popular spot for enjoying Brunch, Tapas on the outdoor Patio, Daily Happy Hour from 4-8 p. . eclectic range of nightlife, and the new and exciting Honky Tonk Hacienda Thursdays from 8-11 p.


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He promised Cersei a gift, and her daughter's killers are certainly a gift (plus Euron's niece who's sworn to Dany - proof of loyalty). Yara's fleet was sailing down the coast from Dragonstone to Dorne, and Euron's fleet was just nearby in King's Landing with knowledge (seen in the throne room convo with Jaime, Cersei, and Euron) that Dany's at Dragonstone with a fleet, and that Olenna and Ellaria were both taking her side. However, I think it's just as likely that Euron simply found Yara's fleet. He is a master sailor and he knew they were based at Dragonstone, which is relatively close to King's Landing. While sailing out of Blackwater Bay, he could have have just picked up the scent, so to speak. Logically speaking, Yara's fleet could only be positioned in the coastal waters between Dragonstone and Sunspear. I love the theory that there is a double agent on Team Dany working against her. This was my initial assumption but now I'm wondering (with all this traitor talk) with the scene where Khaleesi threatened Varys if that wasn't some sort of foreshadow to either him being the traitor here or alternatively wrongfully get the blame for being the traitor. As this season progresses I'm really starting see an end to this show where Cersai is the last man standing in Westeros as opposed to my initial assumption that everything would wrap up in a nice happy manner that would please everyone. I think they've been very deliberate in showing betrayals in the books and the show.


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Then she couldn't back down and look weak in front of her dothraki, or the new men she meant to cow into service. As for burning by dragonfire, it may be painful, but it seems to be very quick, just a few seconds. Plus, unless you have a professional with the right equipment (huge sword or large axe), a botched beheading is a very real possibilty, which can be particularly slow, nasty, and painful. There are stories of beheadings in England that took ten blows or more, the victim screaming in pain the whole time. I didn't see Jon Snow or Ser Ilyn Payne wandering around in the crowd. I had a similar discussion with my wife last night about dying by dragon fire vs hanging or beheading. It seems like dragon fire incinerates you in about 2-3 seconds and you're gone. For likelihood of clean death%, I'd put it higher than hanging or beheading. Although Varys and Tyrion didn't outright say it, it seems to me that they think Dany has to be EXTRA judicious about when to burn her enemies because her father was very cavalier about burning his enemies. Would they have been as upset if she hanged the Tarlys.


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youtube. Yup! game yang sedang ramai-ramainya diperbincangkan, dan dimainkan oleh gamer smartphone pada khususnya, dan pecinta game MOBA pada umumnya. It explains what the symbols on the map mean and allows Mysterious creatures known as Fae have started appearing and are wreaking havoc. Asian Drama, Watch drama asian Online for free releases in Korean, Taiwanese, Hong Kong, and Chinese with subtitles are in English, you also can download any asian movie View Asian Movie. Mobile view Enjoy 5v5 MOBA gameplay with Mobile Legends: Bang Bang one of the highest quality and most populated games in the mobile MOBA niche. How do I change the Legend key shape in Excel 2003 Bar charts. Enjoy the video. Deltarune. 5 out of 5 GAMEZEBO- 4.