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As Lindsay Weir, an honor student in the midst of an identity crisis, the actress earned positive response that subsequently catapulted her to fame. In 2002, Cardellini starred in the live-action adaptation of Scooby-Doo, in which she brought to life the cartoon character of Velma Dinkley. She would later reprise the role of Velma in 2004's Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed. In 2003, she joined the cast of the hospital drama ER as Samantha Taggart, a free-spirited nurse. She was the voice of Ursula in the role-playing video game, Gladius, and played the voice of Bliss Goode on the Fox animated series The Goode Family. The event took place during Salt Lake City Navy Week, one of 19 Navy Weeks planned across America for 2010. It is the line that divides all visible directions into two categories: those that intersect the Earth's surface, and those that do not. At many locations, the true horizon is obscured by trees, buildings, mountains, etc. and the resulting intersection of earth and sky is called the visible horizon. When looking at a sea from a shore, the part of the sea closest to the horizon is called the offing.

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Despite the common wisdom that franchise movies are a safer bet, they tend to cost more and underperform. Hollywood keeps making these movies—but the evidence that audiences actually want them is dodgy at best. Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. 2. The other successful cinematic universe And that brings us to another inescapable Hollywood trend: cinematic universes. It rarely comes up in the same sentence—maybe because it doesn’t have a catchy name like the Marvel Cinematic Universe—but the successful launch of the Conjuring -verse is far less remarked upon, and just as impressive a feat. Beginning with 2013's The Conjuring and its 2016 sequel— a third is in development —director James Wan has overseen a series of interconnected movies that briefly introduce horror concepts later explored, in great detail, in standalone movies. There’s Annabelle, and the prequel Annabelle: Creation, both of which were huge hits. The Dark Universe was originally supposed to begin with 2014’s Dracula Untold, but that was written out of continuity after an indifferent reception.


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But when you’re making a period film in New York, which is changing so fast every damn day, you just don’t have that freedom. So it was very constricting, and our production designer Mark Friedberg had to be very inventive and diligent about all the design. Then we moved to New York since the composer lives there, and we did the DI at Technicolor PostWorks in New York with colorist Alex Bickel, who did Moonlight. We spent a lot of time getting the look just right — all the soft colors. We chose to shoot on the Alexa 65, which is unusual for a small drama, but we loved the intimacy it gave us. Fancy Post is essentially a house, so they each had their own bedroom, and I’d come in each day and check on their progress. Both of them were at film school with me, and we all work really well together, and I love the editing process. Sound has always been so important to me, ever since film school. One of my professors there was Richard Portman, who really developed the overlapping, multi-track technique with Robert Altman. I’ll always remember one of the first things he said to us about the importance of sound: a movie is 50 percent image and 50 percent sound, not ninety-five percent image and five percent sound.

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We worked with the group reservations department and reserved 3 lanes for 2 hours on a Saturday night. These theatres, equipped with full kitchens, offer experiences ranging from full-service dining to express-pick up. You can enjoy a wide range of innovative menu items, drinks, and desserts--all from the comfort of your seat while taking in the latest film. You can search by neighborhood, event type, or cuisine. About Date Nights Guides Couples Newsletter You can search by neighborhood, event type, or cuisine. The app that’ll change your relationship for the better coming Fall 2019. Anything to distract the audience from the realization that these films are just a thousand variations on the same old bumps in the night. Director David F. Sandberg ( Lights Out ) milks maximum chills from the material and his actors, though he can't overcome a script in which people repeatedly do stupid things for no reason. We never learn, however, why he chose to endow a doll seemingly inspired by his sweet little daughter (Samara Lee) with the eyes of a malevolent Margaret Keane painting and the carmine grimace of a vampire.

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Film and television provide much of the sense of community in a mobile and electronic world: the verbal and imaginative referents we utilize in ordinary face-to-face encounters are as likely to come from our separate-but-shared media experience as anywhere else. Film and television are far too important to be left to the media studies and literature scholars. (389) And yet, although certainly not central to folkloristic research, folklorists have explored certain aspects of popular film and television beyond the documentary cinema. Studies that identify folkloric motifs and tale-types in popular (fiction) films and television have tended to dominate the research—whether from myth, folktale, legend, or other folkloric sources. Next to the “motif-spotting” research, the most popular (or, rather, prolific) interstice between folkloristics and popular-culture studies is fan ethnography. Cultural studies have adopted ethnographic methodologies from the social sciences in recent years and have been producing substantive scholarship in this area, of which I have only touched the surface. Increasingly, film and cultural studies are becoming more interested in issues of audience from a more experiential perspective, as a counter to a perceived dominance of their fields from “ideal spectator” types of research. While not entirely an accurate observation, and albeit less accurate for Smith than for Jackson (because the intervening decade produced a great deal of the material I have outlined here), folklore studies is not film studies, and, while relevant for folklorists to discuss, given the correct contexts, popular cinema remains tangential and an adjunct to the main tenets of folkloristics. But, in order to develop any in-depth research in the convergence between folklore and film, closer consideration and problematization needs to be done on the methods and methodologies that such studies must be predicated on. I now wish to discuss such considerations of methodology.

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Stannis has targaryen blood. endry is stannis' son. arys may be a backfire. If this is the case and east watch is on this side of the wall wouldn't it NOT meet the sea seeing as the seas is frozen. Not even Jamie. She uses people for her own purpose. She's doing another dangerous move with Euron though, cause he is not the type of man that will submit to a woman's will. Queen or no Queen he will find a way to cast her aside and take the power away from her. I understand she needs him though, so marriage is smth she has to do. Jamie goes mad when he hears it was Cersei's orders and then he kills Cersei-making him the queen slayer too.

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While details are certainly sketchy, it does appear that the BlackBerry Uni will have a similar form factor to the Priv, so we could expect the screen to be around 5. -inches. A physical keyboard will sit below the display. While you can use the on-screen keyboard for quick replies, you can easily slide the physical keyboard down from the display when needed. At first glance, the back of the BlackBerry Uni looks almost identical to the Priv. Renders show the Uni with a center flush camera, but the camera appears to be getting a major upgrade. The camera on the Blackberry Uni may actually sit below the keyboard slider. This change would give the phone two lenses — the primary lens that is available when the keyboard is exposed, as well as an auxiliary lens that can be used when the keyboard it tucked away. Since the patent for the upcoming BlackBerry Uni lists several different auxiliary lens possibilities, it’s possible we will see accessory lenses that can be switched out. While we would like to see the BlackBerry Uni ship with Android 8.


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Chirp's equipment uses sound to send signals from difficult-to-reach areas in the station to its computer network, making the lives of the plant's engineers far easier in a location where electromagnetic signals are not permitted due to worries about inteference and cybersecurity. Wi-Fi and mobile networks are not typically used in nuclear stations. They’re all reporting high turnover rate and increasing customer demand for fresh ingredients prepared quickly. Trying to keep that at accessible prices is hard. We’ve already seen a number of demos of Flippy in earlier iterations, including a peek inside the robot’s AI-based vision system back at Disrupt in September. The company promises a more public debut of the robot at the Pasadena CaliBurger location is set to arrive in “the coming weeks. . According to Tabe, it would be extremely efficient to use a photocatalyst to speed the reaction of hydrogen generation from a renewable source, such as solar power. Chicken eggs, however, are well-known vessels of protein-based chemicals. This analysis is of particular importance, according to Tabe, because the molecular components within the crystals must be manipulated precisely through what is called cooperative immobilization.


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He was in three places simultaneously: this present hallway, this hallway on the murder night, and another house in a distant city twenty years in the past. Twenty ceramic mice, the largest no more than two inches tall. Seashells. Glass paperweights. A snow globe containing a quaint cottage. The spathes were exquisitely shaped, but instead of a yellow spike, each enclosed a tiny silver clapper. If the criminalists had noticed the bells, they would have bagged and taken them. When everyone in his target family was dead, he returned to the victims in the order the killings occurred and arranged them on their backs. In the mouth, on the tongue, he placed a brown disc that the crime lab identified as dried excrement. To be sure the hands would not release the egg, he tied thumb to thumb and little finger to little finger with string.