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What gets me is why didn't Tyrion declare that kings landing has dragon fire, another useful weapon against the white walkers. I think they will come when the fighting starts, I hate to see animals getting hurt and I would love a positive outcome but I am afraid there will be too many white walkers and eventually the beautiful wolves will become overwhelmed only to be slaughtered and changed into whitewalker pets. What's interesting is the crypt scene where Aya is running scared from something, could it be her dad or brothers or maybe a headless mummy. Like you said, we will only know when this mega series airs its last episodes on tv. Personally, I would love to see another storyline from Games of Thrones to when the throne was first made and how heroes were forged from killing or controlling dragons, or a more practical storyline of when Robert and Ned were young and fearless, defeating the targarean line or so Robert thought. lol. However not detracting from GOT, this has to be the most epic series of them all. The incredible acting from the cast should have oscars for thier performances. o freakin believable and realistic. I have seen the entire series for 3wks straight, foxtel doing a box set thing. Into 3rd wk already and still sit there and watch it. Love, love,love this series,having a huge screen, especially while watching awesome fighting scenes, just becomes so incredibly real. The last season should be action packed and full of tear jerkers as we say farewell to the best series ever. e love you man, I love listening to your theories thanks for your update, it was fun. Cody Wells 21 hari yang lalu Will the patreon last after season 8. Tamara Magdalene 23 hari yang lalu I think Dan and Dave were consuming human flesh while writing the Dorne plot. I ZoXo I 24 hari yang lalu The only reason we saw Nymeria is for fan service as the entire season 7. I will bet it is not even happening but on one of the characters dream. JPMoron Bulan Yang lalu SPOILER ALERT. here will be boobees on Season 8.

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Jon does it his way and basically tells the other to deal with it because he’s not going to rule the North the way it’s always been. (Jon, Sansa and Lyanna have been spotted on Winterfell set) At the end of the episode Danaerys and co. She goes into the old war room with the table map of Westeros and turns to Tyrion and says “Shall we begin? (“Team Dany” has been filming in Bilbao; a widely believed set for Dragonstone. Episode 2 Jon gets a raven from Danaerys telling all the Northern lords to meet her on Dragonstone to parlay. Jaime allows her to drink poison and kill herself before being captured. Euron’s Fleet destroy’s Yara Greyjoy’s and takes her prisoner. Euron Greyjoy attacks Dorne as well, killing two Sand Snakes and capturing Ellaria. Episode 3 Jon and Davos arrive on Dragonstone and meet Tyrion on the beach. (Jon, Davos, Tyrion, Missandei have all been filming together in Bilbao, Spain — widely believed to be the set of Dragonstone. Tyrion brings them to meet Danaerys. Jon instead tells her about the White Walker threat but she doesn’t believe him. Davos tries to tell her about Jon’s resurrection, but Jon dismisses it. Tyrion steps in to say Jon’s a good guy and definitely not insane. Dany respects Jon immediately, although Jon doesn’t return the sentiment. Jon meets Theon who presumably meets with Theon and promises to spare his life for what he did helping Sansa escape. (Set photos of Jon meeting Theon in Spain) Arya encounters her old direwolf Nymeria on the way to Winterfell. Episode 4 Arya arives at Winterfell (Arya has been spotted on set with other “Team Starks”) Dany torches a few Westerosi lords with her dragons which include Sam Tarley’s father and brother. Tyrion dissuades Dany from attacking King’s Landing directly with dragons for fear of killing lots of civilians. They Lannister army is defeated and Jaime is almost killed by dragons, only to be saved by Bronn.

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3. 019 anyone pocketknives6446 F 11. Imagine in a 150 years having THcinemars explore your old house. Your Friend got upset you got more views on this video and tried to burn the house down. ust saying thats the rumour. I wanna come to America so I can join u in an adventure Ain’t no fish inside 15. Omg I just noticed it's Tom's house before it got destroyed wow that's awesome Inez Machado 18. Little did Moe know this house would change his life. I notice that everytime ya camera blur, somethin happen. I think when it blur it's because of a nearby entity Katherine Mcculler 25. Look at the window on 12. 1 there is something humanoid in there. March 2019 Jessica Roberts (Student) 28. There was a trap door in the small little room under the stairs. The famous “ Tom House “ just watching your older vids Moe. Antonio Razo ? 50000. Years. Moe. Like ?