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In short, the Sun cut us a break this time around, but it definitely likes to remind us that it’s there. Solar storm to hit Earth today could make auroras brighter slashgear. om The Solar Storm Hitting Earth Today Might Look Awesome livescience. om. The Sphero Mini is the world’s smallest app-controlled robotic ball, and it has a lot of nifty tech crammed within its tiny body. On the other hand, Star Wars fans have the chance to own an interactive BB-8. Commenting on the launch of Sphero Mini and Star Wars BB-8 Mr. Luv Malik, Director Luxury Personified said “It is our aim to bring more and more high-end luxury products to India. Our team constantly adds new products to our existing range, so that the Indian consumers can enjoy world-class products along with the rest of the world. Sphero is highly popular among children as well as adults, and we have been working very hard to bring it to India. We are sure that Sphero will revolutionise the Indian toy market, after all, who would not want to own a personal robot! The BB-8 can be controlled using the Star Wars Droid app on your smartphone. The app offers many different options to control the droid. The bot is autonomous, which means that it can just go around and patrol on its own. It even has a Droid-to-Droid experience where the bot will interact with other BB-8s.

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Once the photograph is taken in situ and through this photograph, an image of the place is projected; a robot begins a silent exploration of the network, searching for images bearing the same name. These images gradually mingle one with the other without ever replacing the initial photo or being fully identifiable, thus opening spaces for the viewers mental journeys. The process taking place seems to bring to the foreground an imperceptible and imaginary dimension of the performance physical location. A dimension which stands somewhere between a fictitious past and a remote present. Even though no sense can clearly be established by what is given to see, the shift of the situations led by the atmospheres arising from the mixing of those images is an invitation to reverie, to the construction of a narration based upon the viewer's perception and individual sensitivity. Potential situations thus take shape, open fragments of narration carried out by the ability this process possibly holds to reveal, through the photography, a poetic and impalpable story of the place we are watching. It is only after a certain time, as we begin to sense the image through which it all started again, that we realise we had been carried away from it. We then have the strange feeling we are returning to a certain reality. The event starts at 6pm and also will feature lectures and talking by other people like Eric Fischl, Matthew Ronay and Lori Barbara. or more info click here. LOL! , Friendster me sometime before then, and around 8:40 EST on Thursday(ish), I assume if you keep reloading your browser window on Friendster, I think I will simply disappear from your friend list. Using a pair of networked computers, viewers are presented with a hypnotic experience of multi-channel imagery that is controlled by sound. The seemingly unpredictable nature of the work provides an internal interactivity which can be observed by an audience, but not controlled. One or two networked computers use a musical analysis of live music to control clip selection, tempo and cinematic features of the video.


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Nazriya Nazim We admit Neram was a bilingual, and it all began in Mollywood. But this bubbly girl is one who we dearly consider our own family. Although her Tamil movie career was short-lived, it is rich, memorable, and timeless. Nivetha Thomas We haven't taken our eyes off, ever since we set them on her, back in 2010, in Kuruvi. Although she has very little in Tamil kitty, Nivetha is one girl-next-door face that we look forward to seeing a lot more. Lakshmi Menon She has established her acting skills time and again, since Sunadarapandian till Rekka. This homely girl's characteristic looks is a hot cake in Tamil movies. Parvathi Menon A versatile actress, fitting herself pretty into every scenario she is filmed for, Parvathi Menon has set a whole new standard for beauty and acting. Nithya Menon A wise combination of bubbly and beautiful, Nithya Menon is a charming heroine, almost always associated with happy endings. Bhavana We don't get to see this pretty woman often these days. Despite her short stint in Kollywood, Bhavana redefined beauty for the industry. Amala Paul This bold and beautiful, hot and happening actress has been in the dreamgirl books, consistently for years. Post VIP 2, Amala is looking forward to a long list of releases, set to rock Kollywood. Asin At the turn of millennium, this beauty set the stage on fire with her raging success in Kollywood. Although she is not seen much on Tamil screens theses days, Asin remains an enchanting dreamgirl to us, nonetheless.


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Killian in a velvet suit, Emma in a gown fit for a Princess, the Charmings beaming as they walk Emma down the aisle, heartfelt vows that we actually get to hear and then a dance and a duet. Bonus: Colin and Jen both killing their solo numbers and the Josh, Ginny and Bex having so much fun with theirs. I’m pretty new to the fandom but I never understood why. Jo was spunky and fun, and I liked watching her kick ass. I mean, I get why she died because the show runners were planning on ending the series after season 5, and that death scene did have emotional impact. I was really really hoping that they would bring her back from the apocalypse world, but they didn’t. Damn, just looking through the Chestervelle tag makes me sad. Bela Talbot: Same as Jo, apparently people hated Bela too. Yeah, she was an antagonistic figure, but she was so fricking pretty and wonderfully malicious. Bad Day at Black Rock is one of my favorite episodes not to mention her sexual tension with both Dean and Sam holy lord. Am I the only one up for seeing her come back as a demon. Kevin Tran: Kevin Tran kicks ass and I will be forever bitter that they not only killed him once (under the instruction of my absolute least favorite character,) but TWICE just to salt the wound (and I feel it didn’t even need to happen. He should’ve come back with the rest of the gang. asuguugugughghhh he deserves so much better it hurts Mary Winchester: They have done her so dirty over the past two seasons. Instead of exploring her dynamic with her sons and having them rebuild their relationship and making up for lost time, they made her sleep with the antagonist and be totally selfish.


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Thus, reducing risk factors and expanding the geographical distribution of the company s projects. Strengthening the rental revenues of its current projects by renewing rentals at a higher lease rate proportionate to current market prices and corresponding with the real estate services offered by the company. This reflected positively on the company s operating revenues generated from its property leases. Hajraf concluded, First Dubai is now conducting a new action plan for the coming five years aimed at ensuring more expansion and successes in the best interest of the company and its shareholders. Based on the current trends of the company, these new action plans are likely to come to fruition. The program, titled The Next Big Thing, includes a dedicated remote check-in and longterm parking facility, in-flight broadband service, a dedicated terminal at Kuwait International Airport, and a dedicated business class lounge at Kuwait International Airport. In June, the company launched flights to the city of Taif, its third destination in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with three flights a week. In July, Jazeera Airways was officially notified that its request to be allocated land at Kuwait International Airport to build a dedicated terminal was approved by the Kuwait Council of Ministers. The terminal is a solution proposed by the airline to help ease the congestion at Kuwait International Airport, the country s only primary airport, which is currently operating over capacity. The project s investment value is KD14 million, and its total construction time frame is 15 months, including obtaining all permits. In July, Jazeera Airways launched Passengers up 2. % from 9M 2015 a dedicated business class lounge at Kuwait International Airport. The lounge is part of the The Next Big Thing product development program launched by the airline. In September, Jazeera Airways launched Kuwait s first remote checkin and parking service called Park n Fly. Jazeera Airways Chairman, Marwan Boodai, said: Our earnings for the quarter came in less than expected even though we carried more passengers and we lifted our load factor, however the pressure on yields due to low oil prices and a host of other factors continued through the third quarter.


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Norman Price 2 bulan yang lalu Okej rozumiem ze mozna to powiedziec jako ciekawostke. Bartek Fangrat 2 bulan yang lalu Na sprawdzianie mam wybrac odpowiedz a czy b DoReMi YT 2 bulan yang lalu Ehh. Nie mam nic zlego na mysli, no ale bez przesady. Nagle olowek przeszedl na,,Tak”, nagle poczulam zimno i zaczal wiac wiatr a drzwi i okna byly zamkniete, nie bylo to fajne. Patryk 3 bulan yang lalu Piaty numer najlepszy. ? Kris2711 22 3 bulan yang lalu Wszystko to sciema Tiger Black 3 bulan yang lalu Kto 2019. Teraz Rodzina 3 bulan yang lalu Magical Cannabis 92 3 bulan yang lalu 2:12 a ja ogladam takie rzeczy. Kleine Naturlich 3 bulan yang lalu Boje ze co bendze po zyciu Aga Niem 3 bulan yang lalu Naprawde jestem bezpieczny. Szyszka 2 bulan yang lalu Za niski poziom przywolywacza masz. CzarnyKot 3 bulan yang lalu Szczescie ze tu jestesmy bezpieczni:) Subskrybujeza2grosza 3 bulan yang lalu Ja kiedys korzystalem i nic sie nie stalo Szyszka 2 bulan yang lalu Musisz expic, by zdobyc PN na magie 4 kregu. Od tej pory nie uzywam taczki OUIJA bo nawet duchy mnie nie lubia. Bulan Yang lalu Kfysio TV Jesli to mial byc zart to cos ci nie pyklo. Przez pewien moment mialam wrazenie, ze jestes typowym frajerem probujacym sie w necie popisac slabymi tekstami. Ogarnij lep napisalem to bo oczywiste ze to zart idiotko Patrycja P.


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The fabulous one was promoting her upcoming reality show, Mariah's World, premiering December 4 on E. According to Cohen, Lopez says she does know Carey. She knows Beyonce, 'but she does not know her. The next day he and Carey repeated the onstage bit, but when Cohen went to take his seat in the audience right after, Lopez was sitting behind him. Cohen was nervous about having been so sweet-faced with Carey moments before. 'It was as if I was a double agent in the middle of the two of them,' he wrote. Then Seth Myers joked from the stage that what he'd really like to see is a reality show about Carey and her dancers. 'Now that's a show,' Lopez snarked. Cohen cravenly turned around 'was all, 'You go girl! ' As Cohen says, he wants to be liked by 'everyone'. The next night on his chat show, WWHL, once again Carey went on about how she did know not Lopez. 'She is clearly very bugged by this whole thing! he wrote. Sadly, the Friends segment, the most anticipated reunion of the event, had gone to Jane Lynch, star of Glee. But at the last moment, Lynch decided she didn't want to do it.