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Yeah, the Arya plot was poorly handled. She seemed unprepared to everything and also untrained. What did she gain from spending her time with the Faceless men. She learnt to fight in the dark, fine, but we never saw proper training. I'm disappointed she didn't become the fierce assassin she was intented to become. Even through Arya learned how to fight blindly, she was in such a weak state. I was actually waiting for her to say it. But no:(. It's like they're trying to just make use of Tyrion to keep him going in the game because he's such a loved character when really he feels right now as a spare part. I hope they go somewhere with Missandei and Grey Worm, something tells me something bad is going to happen to one of them because they're getting a lot of screen time. I liked the Arya scenes this season but they're definitely the most outlandish. It seems like a complete waste of time her being there, it doesn't seem like she's actually learned anything. I thought Arya would of acted a bit better than she did, getting easily stabbed and then running around all crazy. I think a better ending would of been if she had worn Waif's face when she returned, tricking that dude, as well as the audience thinking Arya died. Then once he sees it's actually Waif, she should of taken off her face and killed him. As it seems like she has had no growth since arriving there, apart from being wipped, stabbed and blinded.

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ane allegedly told the 911 operator that the responding officer “needed to leave now or you will all be sorry you f—ed with the saint,” the report said. olice said Lane refused to exit his vehicle and was taken out by force. During that ordeal, Lane allegedly continued to shout obscenities while warning passers-by about an impending army of turtles, FOX 35 reported. Lane was arrested and charged with disturbing the peace, resisting arrest without violence and misusing 911, Florida today reported. He taken into Brevard County Jail Complex later released on bail, the report said. Hi there! I decided to post a remastered version of my fav Inktober2018’s posts, with hq pics and no censure. Have to post the results later as I have another appointment. The former ring to be oxidized, did not turn out well. So I have to fix this, and I am awaiting some sulphur to oxidize things more easily. Money fear not, nor laughter of the folk folly, nor any other power in heaven or upon the earth or under the earth. Nu is your refuge as Hadit your light; and I am the strength, force, vigour, of your arms. A trickster. A deal maker. Appearing out of nowhere in clouds of smoke. I have made several of the seals from that particular tome.

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Of course they had yet to really indulge in gore, and a good number of these are anthology films or different takes on Edgar Allen Poe stories, and a lot of them have Vincent Price in what may be called his heyday. Komentar Joyce Koch 3 hari yang lalu Interesting that the Ouija Board responds so aggressively when being asked about God as if the intelligence or intelligences are of a negative disposition towards God-Hmm, what could that possibly mean. Joyce Koch 3 hari yang lalu A glass works best-especially when filled with a strong spirit. Gary J 3 hari yang lalu when he said you go in spirt world. Nothing more. CherieJ Peden 12 hari yang lalu Demons can't spell. Fucking cunt kys Freddy Skelton 19 hari yang lalu This your best video fam FUCK YOUTUBE 22 hari yang lalu It's people like you who will never wake up. Blissfully unaware. Make fun out of murders probably actually caused by the boards. Even if it was just psychological Why The Fuck Aren't These Illegal. FUCK YOUTUBE 22 hari yang lalu If you think you're talking to a dead relative. Jezebel's, succubus, other entities tied to whatever sin you are currently committing or what drove you to try to make contact. Not physical objects such as quija boards FUCK YOUTUBE 22 hari yang lalu 3:11 witches. Tied to BIG people 3:34 probably skull and Bones. 4:45 look at the back of your dollar bill (us) and then look at the screen. FUCK YOUTUBE 22 hari yang lalu Don't ask about GOD.

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There is growing concern about the dangers of certain kinds, and how to avoid them. So it is important to learn about the radiation in our lives. Some forms of radiation can be thought of as moving particles. The particles are tiny bits of matter, including protons, neutrons, and electrons, which make up atoms. Such particles make up most of the dangerous radia- tion that is emitted from wastes of nuclear power plants. Heat, light, X-rays, and radio waves are examples of radiation that travel as waves. Penyakit TBC dapat menyerang pada siapa saja tak terkecuali pria, wanita, tua, muda, kaya dan miskin serta dimana saa. Di Indonesia khususnya, penyakit ini terus berkembang setiap tahunnya dan saat ini mencapai angka 250 juta kasus baru diantaranya 140. 00 menyebabkan kematian. Jenis bakteri ini pertama kali ditemukan oleh seseorang yang bernama Robert Koch pada tanggal 24 Maret 1882, untuk mengenang jasa beliau maka bakteri tersebut diberi nama baksil Koch. Bakteri ini masuk kedalam paru-paru dan berkumpul hingga berkembang menjadi banyak (terutama pada orang yang memiliki daya tahan tubuh rendah), Bahkan bakteri ini pula dapat mengalamu penyebaran melalui pembuluh darah atau kelenjar getah bening sehingga menyebabkan terinfeksinya organ tubuh yang lain seperti otak, ginja saluran cerna, tulang, kelenjar getah bening dan lainnya meski yang paling banyak adalah organ paru. Masuknya Mikrobakterium tuberkulosa kedalam organ paru menyebabkan infeksi pada paru-paru, dimana segeralah terjadi pertumbuhan koloni bakteri yang berbentuk bulat (globular). Dengan reaksi imunologis, sel-sel pada dinding paru berusaha menghambat bakteri TBC ini melalui mekanisme alamianya membentuk jaringan parut. Seseorang dengan kondisi daya tahan tubuh (Imun) yang baik, bentuk tuberkel ini akan tetap dormant sepanjang hidupnya. Lain hal pada orang yang memeiliki system kekebalan tubuh rendah atau kuran, bakteri ini akan mengalami perkembangbiakan sehingga tuberkel bertambah banyak. Maka orang yang rongga parunya memproduksi sputum dan didapati mikroba tuberkulosa disebut sedang mengalami pertumbuhan tuberkel dan positif terinfeksi TBC.

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We don’t know that Martin will do the same with Jon as he does with Cat, but we should be seriously considering it a lot more than we actually are as a fandom. The first, subtle hint for the really astute readers, followed later by the more blatant hint for the less attentive, followed by just spelling it out for everyone else. That of the three, Jon’s transformation will be inconsequential, or the least consequential of the three. People want and thus expect, for Jon to come back new and improved, but really the same old Jon. Just more effective at his task, with a few little memory lapses. More or less to get the Gandalf the White treatment. But our author didn’t really like Gandalf the White. And it comes to us amidst a bunch of what is likely highly significant and seemingly under analyzed dialogue about dragon dreams killing you, half-remembered prophecy, Jon, The Prince That Was Promised, and wonders and terrors. Yet I find that this quote is pretty consistently interpreted half rationally and half through what I consider “optimism goggles. . And yes, he is specifically talking about resurrection. When Beric tells us that fire consumes, he is telling us that resurrection and purpose consume his identity. The fire which keeps him alive has a price, and that price is the burning away of who he was. Yes, since the coming of the Andals the magic of the Old Gods and skinchangers now mostly reside up north, but sometimes it seems that fan insistence on compartmentalizing every character or every type of magic into either a fire box or an ice box is a crutch which distracts us from what’s actually happening. In fact, Bloodraven is half Targaryen, and Raventree Hall and the Isle of Faces are in the Riverlands. This conversation is so important it was put into the show in Season 4 episode 2, an episode written by GRRM.