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Alexandria. If I, today, had finished constructing a device, in this room, which allowed you to travel even a day into the past, and you used it to travel into the past to kill or otherwise distract me from completing the device, how would you have been able to travel in the first place into the past, with no device then constructed. Guide An Eloi Bronze Medal Winner Lost created by Jeffrey Lieber, J. . Abrams and Damon Lindelof First time travel: 8 Feb 2006 Sadly, I never bonded with Lost, the six-season story of plane crash survivors on a supernatural island, but Tim assures me that I must list it with at least four stars. S ayid: Radio waves at this frequency bounce off the ionosphere. Hurley: Or any time. Guide Fetching Cody by David Ray and Carolyn Allain (Ray, director) First release: 24 Feb 2006 Druggie Art finds his girlfriend in an overdose coma, so he gets in a time-traveling chair to go back and set things right—like The Butterfly Effect, but with no horror-flick tension. Okay, okay, take me back before Cody got sick, before she got all fucked up, when there were bullies and shit. Guide Snuffbox created by matt berry and rich fulcher First episode: 27 Feb 2006 Rich and Matt wend their way through 28 minutes of dark, f-bombed weirdness in six episodes, each of which includes a trip in time through a door marked 1888. My own preference in British comedy is for Basil Fawlty, but sadly, he never traveled through time. Use the other door. Guide Always Will by Michael Sammaciccia (Sammaciccia, director) First release: Mar 2006 Will, a high school senior, discovers how to use a stolen time capsule to go back in time and relive moments over and over until he gets it right. Seriously, it lets me, like, revisit a moment in the past. The arguments always center on the Maximum Disruption with Zero Consequences (MDZC). You know, wha t ’ s the most I can change without screwing up the primary timeline.

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So do whatever you can to eliminate mystery meat, butremember that gentle persistence almost always works better than wild- eyed evangelism, and in those cases where mystery meat is just a factof life, use the guidelines we provided above to render it somewhat less mysterious. Preparing Materials for a Non-Color-ManagedPrint EnvironmentThere's no particular magic trick here. ou simply have to find out as muchas possible about the printing conditions, then convert to a CMYK profilethat bears some reasonable resemblance to those conditions. Failing that, try to find out the ink limits and anticipated dot gain on press, and create yourCMYK document using a profile that matches thoseconditions. Basically, you're aiming at the side of a barnyou want to tryto hit it somewhere close to the middle. Chapter 10: Color Management Morkflow 301 Fear of EmbeddingVery often, the reason peoplesend mystery meat is because they're afraid to do anythingelsespecifically, they have an irrational fear of embeddingprofiles. This fear can stem from many sources, but some of themost common ones are: Embedding profiles will changemy color. Many people have hadthis experience when they senta job to someone who had colormanagement configured incor- rectly, or who misunderstood itspurpose. Of course, when color management is set to work right,embedding a profile makes itmuch less likely that the colorwill change. People generally fear what they don't understand, and try to make sure that no one else understands it, either. In some workflows, it makes absolutesense to not embed profiles, butif you're receiving mystery meat, this workflow obviously isn't one of them. I don't know how to embedprofiles, or which profiles toembed. Very often, though, you'll find that people simply want to betold what to do with color man- agement. If the docu-ment originator obviously needs help figuring out how to em-bed profiles, decide if it's worth providing that helpyou prob- ably don't want to wind up giv-ing endless hours of unpaidtech support unless it's to a very important client. Sometimes it's easier to simplyfind out what profile the originatoruses for his CMYK or RGB workingspace, and simply apply it your-self to incoming work. Profilesaren't the only way to convey col-or meaning, just the simplest andmost automatic.


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The agenda of the National Policy Institute's Saturday meeting included a breakdown of the 2016 election and plans for the growth of the alt right. Spencer's was among several accounts linked to the alt-right movement suspended by Twitter Inc last week. The move followed the microblogging service's announcement that it would upgrade some features to better combat cyber-bullying. (Editing by Kevin Drawbaugh and Andrew Hay) Could A Trump Presidency Be Pro-Israel And White Nationalist At The Same Time? NPR npr. rg Bannon rejects white nationalism: 'I'm an economic nationalist' cnn. om. After all, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving has proven to be the busiest single night of business for bars across the nation. And the same thing can be said in metro Detroit, where Turkey Eve will feature a huge concentration of cultural events, live music, DJ sets and dance nights. A lot of your old friends will be back in town to see their own families, so why not get a group together and set course for the options that most enticingly meet your partying needs. Up there right alongside the Dirtbombs and the White Stripes as acts that drove the Detroit garage rock revival of the late '90s and early 2000s, the Hentchmen's triumphant garage-blues and psychedelic soul can rev up the crowd to the point where the building might seem to be rattling. This is the third annual Bruiser Thanksgiving, where the eclectic rapper collaborates with a close-knit crew of fellow emcees, the Bruiser Brigade, (along with FM 98 WJLB) to present a sensational hip-hop concert. Pontiac’s Elektricity Nightclub curates a night of formidable bass music for fans of a frenetic dance floor vibe with voluminous grooves and quaking rhythms. San Francisco-based Antiserum joins British Columbia-based Downlink, both premier producers with worldwide acclaim. Detroit’s own bass-music auteur Dekglo will also perform. 9:30 p.


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A story that the more you watched, the more you pick up that originally had not seen or understood. DESCRIPTION: The first horror film to be released this summer by Enter Viral follows a group of historians as they try to discover the secrets behind an abandoned mental hospital. Fun fact: This film was crafted with absolutely zero budget, and was completed in three days. For inquiries about hiring Adam McCabe for future projects. Jason Greenwood films the hauntings in his home in hopes to figure out what it wants. Three years later he starts to vlog his story of hauntings and that turns out to be a bad idea. The first full length feature Directed by Jason Day-Boisvert from Wolf Pyros Pictures. When a young man comes to a blind date he's amazed at how little she cares about who he is. He finally finds out her plans for dinner and she finally bothers to ask who he is. uch too late. Produced, Written, Directed, Shot and Edited by Christian Doran. Finalist at Shockerfest International Film Festival, California 2011. Finalist ChillerKiller Shorts, American Cable Channel. Oh man, this is my first real project over five minutes. Just barely missed the ten minute mark, though. Oh well.