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I could make out the faint gleam of my mobile in the gloom and if I’d had someone to call, I would’ve. The duvet was pulled off me with sharp tug and I shivered in the pre-doom gloom from nerves or hangover, I didn’t know any more. A Goth with dyed black hair and eyeliner at the back of the shop eyeing a Gibson 335 groaned audibly at such a rude arousal from his latest Cramps fantasy, in which he’d been setting about Poison Ivy with it to her wildly enthusiastic delight, and hissed to his chubby girlfriend. The fact that the rumour had been started by Gerry didn’t detract from its mystique. He had a hot date tonight with the voluptuous Kelly from Greg’s the Bakers two doors down. What do you expect from a chick who works in a fucking bakers, eh. You will one day. Now what’s that Led Zep tune everyone used to play about, like, ninety years ago or something? . There was something he’d been told about, told not to forget and godammit if he’d gone and done exactly that. I’m more into the Zappmeister than the Zep myself, but I just wish I could remember what the damn song was-”. Keith started to play the first notes even managing to get them right for a change and that was going to prove the biggest mistake of his life, although he didn’t know that.

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Game of Thrones kan sterke personages zoals hem goed gebruiken. Hij beleeft nog steeds visioenen, alleen zijn ze dit keer minder coherent en vluchten ze aan lichtsnelheid voorbij. Hij lijkt wel behendig te zijn in het doden van Wights. Samwell loopt op hete kolen: hij moet namelijk gaan uitleggen wie Gilly is en waarom ze een baby heeft. Ze vertelt hem dat ze moet trouwen met een zekere Symun Fossoway, maar dat staat haar niet echt aan. Melessa, Sam’s moeder, maakt kennis met Gilly en is verheugd om haar beter te leren kennen. Talla belooft Gilly een mooi kleed en een eigen slaapkamer. Gelukkig blijken zijn moeder en dochter vriendelijke mensen te zijn. Margaery zal spoedig haar Walk of Shame moeten afleggen, hetgeen Tommen nog probeert te vermijden. Ze lijkt geen sikkepit om haar boetedoening te geven en ziet het eerder als een opluchting. Ze heeft een remarkable weg afgelegd: van zero te hero. Al betwijfel ik het als Gilly dit doel ooit voor ogen had.

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Refers to the quip: Cant act. Cant sing. Can dance alittle. made about Fred Astaire, reputedly by astudio-executive at RKO after Astaires first screen test. Gaffer not only means old man, but a gaffer is also thehead electrician in a film production unit, chargedprincipally with taking care of the lighting. Gaffers tapeis a less sticky form of duct tape, used universally in thetheatre, concert and movie worlds to keep people fromstumbling over cables. Her portrayal of evil women in movies likeWhen a Woman Sins and The She Devil caused thecurrent meaning of the word vamp to be added to theEnglish language. Just as Dibbler later describes Ginger to Bezam Planteras the daughter of a Klatchian pirate and his wild,headstrong captive, so does a studio biography describeTheda Bara as born in the Sahara to a French artiste andhis Egyptian concubine. Terry says: The reality meter in Moving Pictures isloosely based on a Han dynasty (2nd Century AD)seismograph; a pendulum inside the vase moves andcauses one of eight dragons to spit a ball in the directionof the tremor. Some people were wondering if this doesnt contradictthe information we get about Elves later, in Lords andLadies, such as that they can only enter our World duringCircle Time besides, Elves would hardly be the type ofbeings to become actors, one should think. Not proper elves. I mean,theres a few folk who say theyre elves Granny Weatherwax: Oh, yeah.

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