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Jon was still raised as Ned's son, and as a brother to his children, that shouldn't be ignored AgentRedgrave ( talk ) 13:19, June 27, 2016 (UTC). However, Rhaegar Targaryen (although its pretty freaking obvious) has NOT been confirmed as the father of Jon Snow. And even if he was, there is no evidence of legitimization. If someone does not want to know about season 6, he obviously should not read any article on game of thrones wiki. So you can completely remove this part but not still claim this bs. 79. 50. 1. 60 15:13, June 27, 2016 (UTC). So either remove this lies completely or write the truth. But you can not still claim Ned would be Jon's father when it is confirmed that Lyanna is his mother.


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Ol' King Noles is doing a darn fine job of delivering mega-bucks events movies with small and personal stories at the core; gigantic, universe-expanding motion pictures anchored by daddy issues, the kind which Beardo used to smash out on a regular basis. Interstellar is the latest Chris Nolan project to take a leaf out of Spielberg's playbook - once upon a time it was a Steven Spielberg project after all - and it bears the hallmarks of both directors: it's an ambitious, challenging sci-fi that takes one small step for blockbuster cinema but ultimately remains accessible to all. All the talk of Kubrick and 2001 is light years off the mark: Interstellar is the kind of space odyssey that has only shameless, monolothic entertainment on the agenda. Zuerst haben Sie gesagt, wir hatten uberhaupt keine Waffe gefunden. Wir nutzten, um unsere Verbindung geheim zu halten, einen kleinen Trick. So sah es aus, als wenn er mit uns uber Funk, in Verbindung stand. Just keep in mind that dry herb vaporizers do give off smell inside, but are pretty incognito outdoors. Cheers and good luck Reply share TimeIsAMetaphor commented on Did I fuck up or. You can always rehydrate your bud if your worried or want it softer again. Just take the tip of a cotton swab, get it wet but not that it can drip and tape it to the top of your jar. The first film this week is PLEDGE from directors Daniel Robbins, featuring a trio of college nerds looking to join a fraternity only to choose the worse option possible.


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And we’ve already seen just how dangerous and tragic this mindset can become. It’s not bad enough that the battle was shot from the POV of characters like Jaime, Bronn, and Tyrion. Or the way Tyrion prays his brother isn’t burned before his very eyes. You also have the scene after the battle that left me feeling sick to my stomach and just disturbed for Tyrion. I know this entire sequence has been talked to death by fans who did it a lot better than me but because I’m on this rewatch I had to talk about it because the theory of dark Dany coming in season 8 makes the choices and direction of season 7 so much better. The opener of this is Tyrion seeing the aftermath of the battle. There’s somber music playing in the background as he walks around what’s left of the army. A truly devastating scene for Tyrion as he now realizes what he’s truly brought to the realm. This isn’t how he imagined “freedom” and “liberation” to look like. The true consequences of dragons being alive in the world again and his queen who unleashed them. We have never seen this type of POV from Daenerys’s battles.


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Adam Kimmel I loved the first Conjuring, but this WAS a massive disappointment. Also, I have never seen a 1930s council house that was as spacious as this one. Peter Jeffory Litterally go collge in enfield where this happened ffs shouldnt have watchdd this film Adam Paterson Can't decide if the worst thing about this film is; A) that it's just not at all scary, or B) the fact that you can tell the only reason it was made was to use it as a jumping off point for 12 spin-off films. that won't be be scary either. Olivia Bengtson I love the Monty Python reference at 5:32 Jamie lynn Delaney 0:55 The people sleeping during the shooting are the deepest sleepiest motherfuckers in the world! (Lol bruh, I died) yee “He’s just a wank-ah” “he’s just a big asshole” you’re welcome Clxssy- TiLt That replay of audio with the demonic voice is real asshole. Dark Shadow airsoft This movie is horrible RodriguezDeathDealer Straight up, I grew up poor because my dad consistently spent all our money on shit like flat screen T. 's and steak dinners (that only he was allowed to eat). That shit is real. 4:37 Kathy Misner The guy with the red hat is supposed to be a creature called The Crooked Man he's one of those creepy nursery rhymes you can look it up dat boi dat boi British is american but wtf hahaha Izzy M Ok lets be real, Patrick Wilson is a snack Molly Katherine Cornett LOST IT at 10:30 Alka Devi The elder sister was wearing a headphone if you notice. Kendric Chua lol the sister act audio, priceless Omid Bgh Bro chill its a movie its not real life i mean its funny al tho but just saying no hate im just saying julie Wallis Omid Bgh was supposed to be based on real life.


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Hollywoods favorite wisecracker plays Gail Richards a woman accidentally murdered while staying at the home of her friend Ann Carrington Carole Landis. Enlisting the help of Cosmo Topper Roland Young Gails ghost sets out to find her killer. This supernatural comedy was nominated for two Academy Awards including one for Special Effects. TV buffs should keep an ear open for Rochesters line about Mr. Benny. Funny stuff. TORN between the dead end life and the abundant life God has promised him. But when a longsuffering park ranger starts capturing the other Trolls its up to Fenn to rescue his family and friends without pranking. But the brothers coexistance is threatened when a young woman enters their lives challenging them to reexamine their physical and emotional codependance. Rating R. This film is about the people places and moments that define our riding.


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It is one of the official entries for the Director's Showcase category in the Cinemalaya 2012. The cast was led by Jolina Magdangal, with Leandro Munoz and Rafael Rosell in his introducing film. It is Magdangal's first solo starring film and her first and only film opposite Munoz and Rosell. It stars Jolina Magdangal with Dingdong Dantes, Jordan Herrera, Gloria Romero, Amy Austria, and Sarah Geronimo. Then with excitement you will face a new lifetime of wonders with this man, who looks now to be around 200 years old but you're sure he has much to teach you and you are grateful to him for this greatest gift. Add some sangria and you have the 3 basic food groups--booze, pork, and bread. Amazing. But unfortunately they killed the joy with an overload of garlic. I do love garlic, and with my first bite I was pleasantly surprised by crunching into a clove. Yum. Second bite, I thought, wow, lots of garlic.


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How on Earth did the whole Dorne plotline get so fucked up. Probably because they trusted Cogman to put together a coherent storyline. They weren't planning on going to Dorne until he pitched sending the Kingslayer there. I was trying to explain why he probably had that June date in his mind. Because of speculation going back to whenever Season 6 ended. Cersei is a bad ass bitch. can't wait to see how depraved she will be in future episodes considering that now, the only thing she has in life that she actually likes or cares about is power. Left them in the link in case they're considers spoilers. With all the giants having died, the two of them might just breed more. How about NO! I'm still traumatized from seeing Calamity Jane naked in Deadwood.