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The first leak featured a note from the show's producers that thanked the cast for filming a grueling 55-night battle scene. The second leak came from the actor who plays Rhaegar Targaryen. The algorithm based its predictions on over 2,000 living and dead characters from the A Song of Ice and Fire novels. House, age, gender, and nobility, among other variables, were used to determine which characters might perish. The predictions are based on the novels though, which have not aligned with the show's storyline for quite some time now. Still, fans do know that central plot points to the show and novels remain the same. If you don't want to know who might get killed, we suggest you stop reading now. By using this site, you agree to our: Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. After a handful of seasons that dragged in set up, the show seems more ready than ever to deliver on its own promises. More Details This review is based off the season premiere. Not so in Westeros, but that’s always been one of the show’s key appeals. Here, the important perspectives come in the form of Jon Snow, Sansa Stark, The Hound, Cersei Lannister and Arya Stark, who opens the show in a sequence that overcomes its predictability with pure catharsis. Arya Stark is a ruthless character, undoubtedly, but the show is still finding time to explore the limits of her executioner attitude toward those who wronged her family, extending to individuals she deems worthy of getting a pass. Still, it’s necessary in allowing us to catch up with the characters and what they think of the world’s rapidly changing circumstances. And while we get the expected pontification from the kings and queens of Westeros, the better moments of this episode flow from a storyline involving The Hound and his newfound allies, the Brotherhood without Banners. Now traveling with the men who worship the Lord of Light (ostensibly allies of both Daenerys and Jon depending who you talk to), Sandor experiences some whiplash this episode as he confronts the consequences of his past actions, as well as the potential of a future fighting against the White Walkers in the name of the plain folk everyone purportedly fights for and has thus let down through seasons of war. As usual, the show puts much of the true threat on hold to set up a war between Lannister and Targaryen (a conflict rife with historical symmetry), as well as the inclusion of the Greyjoys in a civil war of their own. Now clad in eye shadow and a John Sparrow swagger, Euron seems intent on gaining power by setting up an alliance with Cersei Lannister and using his fleet to make significant problems for Daenerys.

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I'm glad we did the cruise because we saw a lot of the islands. We also found out which one we want to go back to (Maui). My advice after the cruise: If you want to cruise, go to Alaska. If you want to see the Hawaii Islands then go on this cruise. Read Less. The cabin was a little smaller than on other. Read More. The cabin was a little smaller than on other cruises, but comfortable and well designed with plenty of storage space. Per recommendations on Cruise Critic, we emptied and stored all the goodies in the 'fridge and put in our own to avoid the high prices. Our cabin steward was unobtrusive and met all our needs. The first night, he made a towel animal and left it on the bed. We loved the buffet set up in the Aloha dining area. The kiosk method of presenting different courses made even busy times seem less chaotic. Much better than the traditional cafeteria-style line. There is an open deck on the aft end of the Aloha cafe, complete with its own buffet. The food was typical of what it takes to feed hundreds at one time. Some things were outstanding, others just adequate, but we don't expect gourmet food in this setting. This was the first time we experienced free style cruising and enjoyed it.

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They’ve intentionally not told HAL everything, so history won’t repeat, but once Dr. Chandra explains the mission to him, HAL understands and willingly sacrifices himself and the Discovery so the humans can return home. As the Leonov takes off, the Monolith destroys Jupiter, turning it into a star. Sure, HAL saves everyone by sacrificing himself, but Dr. Chandra gets off in time. If this film is in fact trying to not blame HAL for his actions, someone should have to pay for his sins, right. Wouldn’t it have been more poignant if Dr. Chandra died with his creation. It hits us over the head with the message so hard that it would cause enough brain damage to make this film. This is about as subtle as Reefer Madness was about marijuana. Rocky IV handled the Cold War in a more mature way. You’re going to follow-up 2001: A Space Odyssey, one of the most mysterious and intriguing films of all time, with one that just flat out tells you its message. I’m not criticizing Star Wars or its fans, because it’s an incredibly entertaining and important film, but it’s not in the league of 2001. I’ll admit that it’s ironic just how boring I personally found this film. There was an interesting moment or two, like this scene where Floyd discusses plans as the enormous White House looms in the background, showing that politics will always loom over their mission. Roy Scheider and Helen Mirren are competent, but they don’t really add anything. I suppose if you don’t like the original, you might like this, but if you hated the original, why would you watch the sequel. Outside of Bowman, they just don’t do anything all that interesting.

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I do wonder if either the General or Young Lord is perhaps one of the Highgarden bannermen, sent by Olenna to Daenerys after she reaches Westeros. Or, given that Sam has reached Oldtown, could they be casting a Lord for the city. The City Guard is likely to be for either Oldtown or KL, and the mention of the suspicious-looking person is intriguing. Could Jorah head to the Citadel for a cure and try to sneak into the city. Could she try to take KL from within in a slightly similar way to Yunkai or Meereen. I agree it could be a Maester rather than a Septon, and if so then it is likely to be Oldtown rather than KL (unless it is perhaps Pycelle’s replacement, sent by the Citadel). Surely every septon in Westeros was not obliterated by the Green Trial. The Gate Guard I would place at either Castle Black or Winterfell, though I would tend towards the latter given the number of scenes he seems to be in. The castle was deserted when Bran and Rickon fled at the end of season 2, and the Bolton men will not be kept on. New faces are required, and with Bran hopefully heading south, other Northern lords presumably being summoned to Winterfell to bend the knee, and the BwB heading north, a Winterfell Gate Guard would be busy. The Warrior is one that I have absolutely no clue on. There is a lot of dialogue and a longer availability required compared to the other parts, so this character will presumably be interacting with a lot of people. In any case, exciting to finally have some fuel for speculation. Perhaps the “Young Lord” casting is vague on purpose. At least I hope so When they cast the kids last year, they specified eye colour, to cite one example. It kind of fits but I’m not getting too exited yet. No I thought the casting call for “Young Stunner” or something like that ended up being Lyanna. Rhaegar is possible, I don’t think they will include the tourney though as we have already heard the entire story.

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I asked a relative who specializes in genealogical research to dig into Jannie’s family history. I wrote letters and called the people connected to the story who were still alive. (There weren’t many. . Once out of St. Elizabeths, Jannie began quietly reinventing herself. She replied to a classified ad in the newspaper for a job as a domestic helper in Potomac, Maryland, then procured a driver’s license and Social Security card under the name Joan Davis. She spent about two years working for that family, according to newspaper accounts. David Carliner, Debbie’s father, was a prominent Washington attorney whose work, according to his New York Times obituary, “helped define modern immigration law. (He died in 2007. He described Jannie in the Washington Evening Star as “a lovely, warm, responsible person. . Eight of her friends flew from Washington to attend the wedding. The Lassiters returned to the nation’s capital a year later. Considered dangerous. The document shows all 10 of her fingerprints and her mugshot. In the photo, her face is tilted just to the right, her mouth slightly downturned; her hair is closely cropped and forms a little wave on the right side of her head. Irene Carroll described her friend in the Post as fun-loving and generous.