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Conservation Conference, 1908 An environmental conference to study the nation's natural resources and how to conserve them. Panic of 1907 Caused by mistrust for and lowered confidence in bankers. Election of 1908 Taft, Republican, won over Byran, Democrat, because of his support of Roosevelt. Mark Hanna (1839-1904) Prominent Republican senator and businessman, he was Republican campaign manager. Taylor 1911 - Increased industrial output by rationalizing and refining the production process. Regulatory commissions Formed to set safety standards and to enforce fair practices of business competition for the sake of the U. . public. Florence Kelley, consumerism Founded the National Consumer's League, which wanted legislation to protect consumers from being cheated or harmed by big business. Home Rule for cities The idea was that the people of a city should decide how the city is run. Tom Johnson, Sam (Golden Rule) Jones, Brand Witlock, Hazen Pingree Mayors for social reform, they wanted a reform of values over more legislation. City Manager Plan, Commission Plan Legislation designed to break up political machines and replace traditional political management of cities with trained professional urban planners and managers. William Howard Taft 27th President (1908-1912), he was the only man to serve as both President of the U. . and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Overweight, he was the only president to get stuck in the White House bathtub. Roosevelt supported he in 1908, but later ran against him. Department of Labor Originally started in 1903 as the Department of Commerce and Labor, it was combined with the Bureau of Corporations in 1913 to create the Department of Labor Payne-Aldrich Tariff, 1909 With the fear of foreign competition gone, it lowered rates to 38%.

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Despite its thematic tensions, something about this movie just works. It’s a serious movie about serious matters that doesn’t take itself too seriously. If played straight, the movie would’ve imploded since it falls far short of the quality seen in a Bourne or Bond Euro flavored action thriller. The film explores the lighter side of a genre where life and death stakes normally belie any modicum of levity. Tonally, the movie falls somewhere between Bourne and Red—a sizable dramatic chasm, to be sure. Some will, wrongly, view the film as a spoof, while others will be thrown by how it tries to wear two hats (or masks)—the light and the dark (reference the movie poster), the comedic and the dramatic. Such tonal shifts didn’t bother me because Costner is utterly convincing as a man with literally nothing to lose (except for the respect and admiration of his family) and because he navigates back and forth between the narrative poles with masterful ease. To me, the movie’s uniqueness is what sets it apart from a standard action picture and makes it an enjoyable entertainment. But if you disagree with my assessment, please don’t kill the messenger. Happy reading! Mr. Kingsley, as you’ll recall, also played a protagonist opposed to the Nazis in Schindler’s List (1993). 1944. Hungary. Nazi invasion. Restrictions. Curfews. And so it begins.


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But I just don’t believe they convincingly conveyed the supposedly developing attraction and bond. When Dany asks him for advice he is surprised, he didn’t want to be there, he didn’t think it’s his business. In the scene mith Missandei it’s clear that he knows already about that. The fact that you have to point to them both having dead brothers as an example of them having things in common just further cements my opinion. If you gave me the whole season I could have used far more scenes and lines. Seeing two people fall in love and buying it or not at the end of the day is an emotional experience and subjective. But part of this also has to do with Dany being one of my favorite characters so it seems pretty obvious why someone would fall in love with her, but lets just review. Against the judgement of most of his people he decides to take a risk and go treat with her. He is worried he is committing the same mistake that lead to the death of the last 3 Stark leaders of the North but feels he must go because he needs her. And he has an inkling that she might be a good person because she has not just sacked the capital when she clearly has the forces to do so. Additionally, he is struck by how they have similar views regarding not allowing the sins of past generations to impact how the current generations kids which resonates with him since he grew up a bastard and had to deal with the sins of his parents his whole life. Not only that, but he realizes that she is much more than just an entitled person who depends on her name but has gotten to the position she has through tons of suffering and is impressed by that. Then on top of that, he learns that his mission is successful and he will get the dragon glass he came for and not get his head chopped off. All in all he is feeling great about his mission at this point. What are Kings for if not to protect those who need protection. She has shown that she takes that part of the job seriously. Additionally, she shows that she is willing to take advice and go against her first instinct when she decides to listen to him. Then he learns about how similar they are in that her followers follow her because they choose to not because of some blood right.