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Also, she's been established as one of the best fighters currently alive in Westeros. While Arya is supposed to have been trained in the art of disguise and assassination. So Brienne is bigger, stronger, faster with a sword, has greater reach, better technique, and to top it all off, isn't a smug cunt. This fight makes no sense from a narrative and world coherence perspective, and that's the real problem. As far as choregraphy goes, the rule of cool will almost always give you a pass. Then again even so I don't find it believable either that she would have a real chance against Brienne, especially not with that sword. I feel like they just wanted to show off how badass she was, and this comes down to personal preferences, but I think they should have illustrated it with a feat that's more relevant to the skills you would expect from an assassin rather than a duel. For example the Frey massacre was much more believable and in character in my opinion. Plus it would be a fun contrast with all these honorable fighters. This would only prompt her stubborn and strong-willed character to learn more as well, after all if she'd notice that she isn't a good match for a Westerosi Knight she would undoubtedly try and fix that asap, furthering her plot a bit. My point is this: Does that not also count true the other way around. Arya has no knowledge of Westerosi combat, certainly not Brienne's level of it, but somehow she knows exactly what to do. The basics of any martial art allows you to read your opponent, his footwork, where their eyes are going, things that give away their next move I am well aware of that, but it does not save you against specific skill-sets. Basically, force the opponent to do exactly what she wants them to do by choosing the right location to fight, mocking them mid-fight, exploiting physics to balance strength differences, the like. Of course, it could also be GoT doesn't have any SJW agendas and you're conspiracy nuts going on a witchhunt.

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? ut there? also so much emotion. You see tears well up in Dany, and she breaks eye contact and breaks holding his hand, because she sees where it? going. Their performances were just the right level of falling for each other and holding back. ? he story? obviously not over between them. This is just the beginning of what? going to happen next between them. The so called King still does not know his parents, then he got stabbed by people working under him, her love died in his arms, caused death of Viserion and now romancing his aunt. Never thought that Ygritte's words were so deep and foreshadowing. Jaime and Bronn gets captured Dany wants to burn them Tyrion convinces her that Janie is the only living person Cercei actually cares for so they could use him as a bargaining chip. Jamie and Tyrion has a meeting where Jamie comes up with a plan that if they can convince him of white walkers he will be able to get Cercei see the bigger picture though Jamie himself does not believe them and is only thinking of using this as en escape route from Dany.


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It’s 2. 0am in the UK. I believe Tyrion was told of these by one of the pyromancers. I would assume Jamie would view the body to confirm. Beric still alive. Arya super hero strength in a day after being brutally stabbed. Area’s storyline was a total waste of 3 years of my life. Loved seeing Beric and Thoros. 2 hype trains derailed tonight (LSH and Cleganebowl) and Edmure Tully proves he is still a huge bitch. The best scene in the Arya story was the opening one with Lady Crane, and it just steadily went downhill from there. It actually made her entire Braavos adventure seem rather pointless, and left a gaping plot hole from last week. Other criticism: Man, they have utterly run out of things for Tyrion to say and do. His scenes just seem to be spinning wheels now, though I kinda liked Dany appearing in time. But I don’t think I’ll be watching this episode much. At least next week looks like it lives up to the hype.

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