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” and would shed light on a nearby, single element of the game’s system; a local epiphany. On the other hand, they may have an epiphany that would reveal the meaning, the true nature, the “global shape” of the system in its entirety; a global epiphany. Local epiphanies can be seen as suddenly realizing the solution to a single puzzle or problem, whereas global epiphanies provoke a more radical, grand-scale understanding of the system in which those individual problems are situated. 3. Ludic Epiphany in the Witness The ? st type of epiphany that we discern within digital games is ludic epiphany. This form is speci? ally focused around the ludic system and the player’s understanding of it. A game that models this type of epiphany, both locally and globally, with particular clarity is The Witness by Jonathan Blow. The environments in The Witness were crafted with purpose, every single aspect of the island that the players get to explore has an element of intentionality and simplicity. The goal of this is to have the player engage with a complicated system that does not obfuscate its particularities in the hopes of fostering epiphany, both locally and globally. First the player is taught the general idea that will govern the puzzles within the game, which are like small mazes that the player must solve by drawing the solution.

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Below deck, the Hound taps on a crate, then a barrage of thumping and snarling explodes from the inside, their precious cargo is still undead and well. They pass Euron’s ship and his fleet, which is much larger than Dany’s. Tyrion, Jon, Davos, Varys, Missandei, Jorah and Theon arrive, the Hound bringing up the rear with a donkey cart carrying the padlocked crate with the captured wight inside. Bronn along with Brienne and Pod and 25 Lannister guards greet them. To Cersei’s right is a group for Dany and to her left a group for Jon. The Mountain enters first, followed by Jaime, Qyburn and Euron, the entire Queensguard and ten more Lannister guards bring up the rear. Then Cersei enters and makes her way towards her seat. “Where is she? she asks and Tyrion replies that Dany will be there soon. Cersei notices the lion’s head on the pommel of her sword but before Jaime or Brienne can explain this, Drogon and Rhaegal appear overhead, Dany on Drogon’s back. But Jon then says the reason they are all there isn’t about living in harmony, it’s just about living. They all have one thing in common: a General you can’t negotiate with and an army that doesn’t leave corpses behind on the battlefield.

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Cate nodded, smiled, “That’s a great start. If you can manage the queues at McDonald’s I’d say nothing could beat you. Personally, that place brings me out in hives. She paused. “But you haven’t spoken with anyone, no-one knows? “Course not. He looked angry, and she reminded herself that he had kept his secret for years. “I’m not stupid. He pulled a ragged piece of skin from his thumb with his teeth. “I know I can’t tell anyone who I really am. I said goodbye to family. “I’m afraid that was necessary,” Cate said, though she could hardly imagine how tough it must be.

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It looks like Bran is going to find out this season, but I'm sure it will be some time before Jon finds out. And for all the people who love to come on here and hate, all I have to say is that I would like to see your theory videos. After the ending of Season 5 of HBO's Game of Thrones, many fans were upset with the death of one of the show's most beloved characters, Jon Snow. However, the clues to his possible resurrection have been there all along. This video will examine the clues, explain why Jon will likely be back in Season 6, and why Melisandre will not be the one to bring him back. Alltime10s brings you a rundown of some essential facts about the show, from its colossal budget to the work that went into creating the Dothraki language. This was our list of 10 Things You Didn't Know about Game of Thrones. What did you think? Let us know in the comments below. All Our Thanks to our REINVENTING CROWDFUNDING Partners. Shot on Location at Rancho Indalo, Canyon Country, CA. What's going on in King's Landing with Cersei and Jaime.

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That was how we survived. Marjalino said they were also tasked to look for or deliver food in locations where the militants were positioned. He said they did not think of escaping during food hunting and delivery because a bomb, which can be remotely detonated, were strapped to their bodies. But he said he did not tell his wife that they had been taken as hostages. He said they feared that if the military would learn about their location, they, along with the militants, would be bombed. “On the night of our escape, one good Maute turned a blind eye. Maybe he thought we would not make it, ” Marjalino said. “It was God who played everything. Not a single sound was heard. As they were escaping, he called his wife Mary Joy, who informed someone she knew in the Navy. “This man gave the signal, ” Marjalino said. “We hurried until we reached the lake and we were told to swim 1,000 meters.

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Meanwhile I’ve reached track seven and now I realise what’s been different all along — it isn’t techno. Somehow, they’ve accomplished staying true to themselves despite deploying not even one four-to-the floor-bass drum. Admittedly, you can find a couple of similar tracks on a few of their previous releases, but here you’ve got a whole album full of it. As a music writer I’m asking myself: what genre of music is this actually. Ah, whatever — these guys don’t like to be put into boxes anyway. As I talk to Arne and Wayan later on, I discover that the tracks on Unknown began simmering more than ten years ago without any goal or idea regarding if they’d end up releasing them. Come 2018 though, the time felt right to dedicate an entire album to this side of their musical spectrum. As the guys mention “We just felt these tracks a lot when we made them, and never cared really if anyone would be interested in it”. Actually, only the sun, sea and wind are more reliable. The celebrated live sets of Bulgaria’s life wire Strahil Velchev aka KiNK have been a vital ingredient for the ecstatic nights over the years. With unprecedented regularity, the man from Sofia has been voted best live act by readers of Groove magazine for the last three years, and in 2017 he was also crowned best electronic music producer. As KiNK, together with Sven Va?

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He's not going to become some sword-wielding badass. Set alarms with custom music and sounds so you can wake up how you want. These alarm clock apps track your sleep cycle and go off when your body is ready to wake up. Find the perfect SOS signal flashlight for all of your emergency and non-emergency needs. Use a VPN for worldwide access and safe internet browsing from any WiFi hotspot. Save power and get more out of your phone with these easy-to-use battery saving, phone boosters. Check your WiFi’s performance and get tips that will have you surfing right away. We'd recommend getting one or more of these fixes set up the next time you take to the road. There's no native iOS option—though if your car is CarPlay enabled. WhatsApp: it's end-to-end encrypted, so no one can gain access to your The first step to keeping your messages private, no matter what app you support website. This was clearly not the case, as the WhatsApp bug allowed Abby Fuller to have full access to the previous owner of the number's chat history. Download WhatsApp Messenger and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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3. Bibliophilic bibliographies, 431. i. . . Compilation of subject bibliography. Bibliotheca scriptorum classicorum — r. . . . Linguistic bibliographies, 4313. Bibliotheque Nationale — r.

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Heavy Window as their noisiest, most aggressive release thus. There is a lot I like about this EP but the music is not high. Strawberry, and the EP is dedicated to the ’87 Mets (which. I’d like an explanation for, because the most memorable thing. Despite the lack of traditional instrumentation in. Perhaps it’s a willful denial of all the parts of a. It’s melodic pop punk, it’s upbeat, it sounds very. UES. While the sonic touchstones are pretty immediately. The blown out noise punk thing is going the way of most. USHC at its base, with mountains of energy, riffs galore and. Dark and gloomy post-punk from the land of fire and ice.

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. - 9 p. . with a single passenger. This has changed my life. Seriously. I wasn't sure if I wanted young teenage drivers. Scouting I think my son would rank driving much higher on the list than scouting, but nevertheless, it needs to be mentioned. He spent two weeks of July at the Boy Scout Jamboree in southern West Virginia. He will never forget that trip -- it was a phenomenal experience. I believe the Boy Scout Jamboree is the way Scouts are rewarded for their perseverance. We also helped our son make the decision to switch troops.