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Personally, I don't like the dark blue and roseate big top. How much brighter and more cheerful the top would be if it were the regulation white, with poles painted white with red trimmings, or with light -blue poles. Such a top would make a grouchy person feel like an optimist, even on a cloudy day, and on a day of uninterrupted sunlightwell, the grouchy individual would be transformed into a radiant soul. A circus, if anything, is a down-to-earth kind of show. It cannot be clothed in the habiliments of grand opera and still be circusy. Auto trucks and tractors have crowded out draft horses with the Big Show. This is as it should be, in this mechanized age, and makes for economy and speed. And yet one can't dress a truck and make it look like a horse. Whalen, who for so many years was superintendent of canvas with the Ringling Bros. But Jimmy is 80 now and he takes things leisurely in Wisconsin in the summer and in Florida in the winter. Kelley and I were together on the Sig Sautelle, Frank A. Kelley is living at Hotel King, I also met Freddie Benham, founder of the Circus Saints and Sinners' Club, and some of his friends, with whom I motored back to New York. Duke Drukenbrod Places Side Show on Endy Bros. CANTON, 0. May 25. Sterling (Duke) Drukenbrod, side-show manager, last season with Cole Bros.

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The Victor Herbert score, old Harry Tauda Victory either have to miss or wait for as Marlowe ft Th'rat'n it is, was delightfully new be- Harry Watklna beyond a season. Winslow of Utica was into the front pages via the Waiter elected president and Amon J. S. Ward murder case, was a fornsB Footo, also of the Pent-Up City, press agont for the Temple theaftsj was re-elected secretary. His penchant, however, was charged with crowding the aisles of was the choico again for treasurer. city. that theatre against police regula- Vice-presidents were named as fol- sleuthing, and he drifted into that lino as a private detective. It appears that a policeman Cunningham's reputation among on the beat stepped to the box office John Murray, Troy; A. L. Waters, his Intimates here was good, in spiU Howard Warthwood, BingMedina; and told the girl to quit selling tickets. Roth grew indignant and hamton, and M. B. Wright, Mount of the fact that he was arrested both in Syracuse and Watertown. Til say the Shuberts put it and Thanks to all over. We are of our own. accustomed to sitting aloof in the playhouse.

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Ned opposes that decision, finding it cruel and cowardly. But would it have been the right thing to do at the time, with the information he had. Jon, himself, faces his own “baby orcs” dilemma first with the Wildlings, whom he decides to bring into the fold instead of continuing to fight them and then, in season 7, with the pardoning of Alys Karstark and Ned Umber. Alys and Ned are very much baby orcs, blameless but the children of people who betrayed House Stark and caused harm. Jon’s answer to that is: Jon: Yesterday’s wars don’t matter. As one baby orc to another, Jon brings Alys and Ned back into the fold hoping that nurture will supersede nature in their case as well. And if Jon ends up King of Westeros, he will, most likely, be facing yet another “baby orcs” dilemma with the Unsullied and the Dothraki. Try to bring them into the fold as well, as he did with the Wildlings. Or will he be plagued by Dothraki blood riders raiding and pillaging Westeros through out his reign. That’s, to my mid, the real essence of GRRM’s question. And that’s vastly more interesting and challenging than deciding what to do with a fictional b0atie. ) Thanks for the ask. Even the baby orcs? - which is why I included a lot more examples aside from Jon “baby orc” Snow. Because I think his question applies more generally to former enemies in war or factions fighting against each other and what happens once the war is over. Jon has never questioned who he is: he’s Jon Snow, the son of Eddard Stark, the bastard of Winterfell, the shield that guards the realms of men.

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UNIVERSAL HORROR Nice little documentary detailing the early days of Universal Studios and their early horror films. The movie covers the Frankenstein series up through HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN, DRACULA and its sequel, THE MUMMY, THE INVISIBLE MAN, Lon Chaney Sr. s films and a couple of the lesser-knowns. I'd like to see a sequel go into the next block of horror films, and I was surprised that so much screen time was given to KING KONG, since it wasn't a Universal picture. GABRIEL OVER THE WHITE HOUSE We get who President Hammond is after he is sworn into office. Meanwhile, as thousands are out of work, marches on Washington are imminent and gangsters run out of control, President Hammond is too busy playing with his nephew and having the military fly his detective magazines in to him. Then, one day, after driving a police car too fast and crashing, an odd heavenly light shines on him while he's in a coma. When he awakens, he is a changed man, deciding that it is time to make America a better place, and he does, by putting people to work, ridding the nation of organized crime and bringing countries together in peace. ut that's also where the movie gets scary. He does this by firing his cabinet, convincing Congress to give him full control of the country and bullying foreign countries to sign peace treaties by hinting that the U. . will bomb them from the air if they don't. The nation is turned around, but by turning it into a fascist country with the president as dictator. When you realize this came out around the same time Hitler was coming into power, it leaves you a bit chilled, which was the opposite feeling it was supposed to deliver. And having the film make it seem as though it's all via divine intervention just makes it creepier. THE BEGUILED Clint Eastwood is a Yankee soldier in the Civil War who is wounded and shows up at a private girl's school in the south.

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It just contains high amounts of compounds such as water, ammonia, and methane that are classified as ices. These ices are spread throughout the atmosphere and are thought to make up Uranus' small core. Then you have to solve the underground Rocket hideout fiasco. After doing all of that, you have to battle Pryce, win, get the badge, and head east of Mahogany to enter the Ice Path. Recommended by Iceland's Board of Tourism isIcelandic Travel Market. Consider 4x4jeep tours through rugged valleys and steep mountain passes. Ifthat is not physically challenging enough for you, there are alsohiking, skiing, and even ice climbing excursions. As far a site seeing you want to check out the famous blue lagoonwhich is Iceland's geothermal spa. Also, consider the Golden CircleTour that will take you to the largest waterfalls in Icelandconverging into one large free-fall. These are the most beautiful places in Iceland to visit: The Volcano Hekla Reynisfjara Beach The Blue Lagoon Seljavallalaug Pool Hornstrandir Nature Reserve Husey in East Iceland Thingvellir National Park Asbyrgi Canyon Beside this, you can watch the Northern Lights and ice cavingadventure is also can be good way to make your trip memorable(Discover Iceland Tours), ( Full Answer ). Another theory is that Viking explorers simply settled there after discovering it. Places further south than Ireland, such as parts of Canada and the USA get worse winter weather than Ireland does. So Ireland would not be regarded as being an icy country. ( Full Answer ). The more technical term is terrestrial planets and they are composed of almost entirely of rock and metal. Each has a tiny amount of atmospheric gas and Earth has a tiny amount of liquid water.

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ld has avoided text-based, mainstream theater. That is, the ? ld has neither focused on examples of traditional, script-based narrative theater as objects of study, and has likewise (or perhaps due to this neglect) not identi? d narrative, story, or playwright as signi? ant components in the multitude of frameworks, lenses, and taxonomies that have been developed. It seems this assertion was met with near unanimous agreement in the scholarship that followed. In addition to this neglect of mainstream theater by the bulk of media performance scholarship, work on puppetry and mask has been for the most part treated separately as well. The lack of scholarship on technology in mainstream plays impoverishes the larger ? ld, and cuts off theater as an acknowledged site of potential and ongoing innovation. Instead, media performance scholarship has focused on a particular avant-garde, which we must acknowledge is not really new, stemming directly from early 20th century modernism such as Oskar Schlemmer’s Kunst? uren, and now must be considered a solidi? d tradition and not experimental work. While the contemporary work has taken an aggressively anti-narrative tone, it’s interesting to note that predecessor Schlemmer had always intended to later re-incorporate narrative into his work. The contemporary anti-narrative approach in this tradition comes at a high cost particularly in terms of accessibility, meaning the works produced often require highly specialized literacies to access, and are most often created by and for privileged white male audiences. Yet, this genre of work often claims for itself an attitude of resistance —against what is not always clear, yet is often assumed to be capitalism. So while this avant-garde tradition of media performance work certainly should be 374 R.

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GameOfThronesSeason8: Arya Stark's unexpected plan for sister Sansa exposed. GameOfThrones GOT 30. . 019 Read more. Emilia Clarke: Game of Thrones actress' co-star reveals new project will be 'special' Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke's co-star reveals new project will be 'special' 30. . 019 Read more. Maisie Williams: Game of Thrones star unveils new tattoo with incredible meaning Maisie Williams unveils new tattoo after marking end of GameofThrones 30. . 019 Read more. Game of Thrones season 8 spoilers: Jon Snow to marry THIS unlikely character in twist. GameOfThronesSeason8: Jon Snow to marry THIS unlikely character for peace. GameOfThrones GOT 29. . 019 Read more. Game of Thrones season 8 theory predicts an unlikely marriage to bring peace to Westeros The Queen and the bastard 29.


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Douglas P. s refined tones are set against a backdrop of acoustic guitars and kettle drums recalling early Death In June. Billows of powerful bass drones set to indistinct flourishes of temporary insanity. The original track is there, but also included is a fierce remix track by legendary sound artist Andrew Liles (NURSE WITH WOUND). Fans of Lull and Beta Cloud will really sink their teeth into this one; what Liles has created here is not a simple remix but a raging, deconstruction as only he can do. Fluent waves of chtonic sound and subterraneat industrial dark ambient turn into hypnotic loops and concrete acoustic pieces. Side B: Live mic with the materials provided by the projects Ogni Videniy and ZHA, recorded from a mixer to one track. The recording was made in one track from the mixing desk. Artwork - cardboard sleeve with a set of old calendars and other fetishes, unique for each copy. The basics of these tracks were recorded at different times in various places, at the drone gatherings of Petrograd team and in nature. Waves of northern lights and vibrations of Earth, electronic manifestations of static sound. Fluent journey in time and space of Lunar Abyss sonic creation. Multilayered psychedelic ambient, recording of a live performance. Perfect soundtrack for forest trips and long river walks. It all starts with low-key field recordings, guitar loops and mouth harp planks, and closer to the middle develops into spontaneous noise blasts, all second half of the performance is raw shamanic drone noise with tough analogue pulsations and crackling of metal objects trapped in chains of sound effects. And of course voice signals of E.

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This short article provides some tips for just how to travel during holidays and what criteria you ought to have when doing this. Among the significant recommendations will be to start organizing your excursion as soon as feasible. Concerns often get reserved considerably beforehand and being before that booking is key to getting better rates on your stays and showing that you simply have sufficient space for accommodations. If you are overdue, consider joining a package tour and employing their power to obtain a bedroom at the eleventh hour. Several trip operators have connections and connections with lodges and so have plans that help to insure which you have the opportunity to secure a bedroom also in the eleventh hour. This is what you would think of as a typical skip, with an open top and two sloping slides. It is suitable mostly for one-off smaller jobs, such as house extensions or clearing a garden. All different types of waste are thrown in, with no need for sorting. There will however be rules on hazardous waste and liquids, you cannot just throw anything in. If in doubt, check with your hire company before you start to fill the skip. These typically come in 2, 4, 6 and 8 cubic yard sizes, with the 2 yarder sometimes referred to as a mini skip and the 4 yarder a midi skip. But now skip hire companies have introduced something known as the Jumbobag, which is a skip bag. You can use these for both residential and commercial reasons. These bags come in various sizes and you can buy these in bulk. You can stack them away and take them out when you want to use them again. They are inexpensive bags that can accumulate any kind of trash and sometimes they come without a cover.

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nk he knows much about Twitter ? Facebook, t. Some commentators also created an atmosphere of intimidation promoting violence. One: We all know a lot of time and effort goes into building a successful relationship and you don’t want to just throw it all away. Proving Floor is the 9th game within the Tony Hawk’s video gaming series. All in all, mastering CityVille is about using the right strategies and techniques to expand your city efficiently. Due to its appealing to a dynamic game along with adventure class and with Tony Hawk’s name behind it, this specific video game is currently one of the coolest titles the actual PS3 can give. And a big thing about this Farmville Coins Facebook Cheat Code guide is that you will by no means get in trouble for using these secret cheat codes. Over the three days we must have played about 10 hours of Give Us A Clue. Cursors will likely be set to the center of their window by default, preventing the camera from panning on the far right of left corners from the map at game start. CityVille cheats and tricks can get you advantage in the beginning but surely this is not the best way to play the game. I love knowing him and slowly but surely, letting him know me. We are married just over three years and it still feels amazingly new. This week, the House approved a new budget bill for the Department of Transport, but not before they added an amendment forbidding it from giving Norwegian the permit it needs to launch the London-JFK service as planned. Without a doubt, Ultimate Fantasy XIII is among the most expected titles looking for eventual relieve for the The new sony Playstation 3. Use this quick link to create a free account in League of Legends.