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When you said you’re starting another family it really made me think about finitude and how lucky we are life is so long. I don’t see the point of worshipping Apollo just yet. What I want to do and what I wish more neets would consider is thinking in the long-term: if we study a given subject for a few decades and write a book on it (from a right-wing, non-pozzed angle) when our hairs are graying it’s probably going to cause some damage. Some people are a lot better equipped for bureaucracy than me and if that’s where they’re drawn great but spending even a little time around leftist intellectuals makes me snap. For now I’m just focused on listening to the words of dead white guys. This is what “being trad” means to me- respecting our ancestors by giving the time of day to the greatest among them for a long time. People say “go do something” like anything they’re going to “do” is more important than that. Isn’t the highest form of “doing” learning from the wisest. But like I said, we’re in different stages, you’ve already done your learning. Young people becoming cogs in the leftist machinery just doesn’t sound like the most prudent option necessarily. Ive really only read enough to know how little ive read and how even les the average grad has read. o i do identify with that desire to get caught up on what we as a race and species has figured out thus far. On the other hand i often wonder if things had ben different would i really have made a good academic. I have thought about great work that could be done from a right perspective if one were an academic. But I watched the insidious propaganda campaign that brought this about. You have to learn how to appear like a leftist thats just a bit confused because some fact hes stumbled upon and invite correction. If you want to be famous for briliant rightism spend the first half of your career building a rep as a brilliant but quirky leftist laying little time delayed traps in your work that you can detonate all at once when the time is right and you have built a huge audience and have laid up enough wealth to give zero fucks. But theres a lot of free money to learn to be a leftist. But having grown up in what a therapist described as a terrorist training camp i have always craved security thus all the land and self sufficiency in idaho and holding on to the steamfitting gig. I like taking the path less travelled but i want have the ability to abort when i want the grinding poverty i suffered in my addiction taught me i never wanted to be that at the mercy of circumstance again.

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He also worked with such acts as Lou Rawls, The Four Tops, Randy Crawford and more. He also formed the band Sunfire, which had a brief recording career in the 1980s. But Reggie Lucas created so many happy moments for soul and pop music fans, that his work will be celebrated long after the sadness of today ends. Her stint with The Glitch Mob is slated to hit Bonnaroo, Electric Forest, Hard Summer and Life Is Beautiful festivals along with numerous major cities in the US and Canada. The budding star is a rarity in that she remixes many of her own tracks, and honors the trippy tradition of running visuals alongside her music. Poole died from a heart attack in August 2015, with Depp cast as the detective the following year. In search of the truth, the two team up and unravel a growing web of institutional corruption and lies. The eight-episode batch utilized interviews with former bandmates, friends and associates to recount wild adventures involving Johnny Paycheck, Jerry Lee Lewis, George Jones and Tammy Wynette, Billy Joe Shaver, Waylon Jennings and Blaze Foley. Hear him discuss in Rolling Stone Music Now podcast. The 13-date tour is currently scheduled to conclude February 23rd, 2019, but Seger will likely tack more dates onto the Runaway Train Tour. Tickets from the original shows will be honored at the make-up dates. They aren't letting me lift anything over five pounds. I can't do anything: no piano, no guitar, no nothing. The group was in the middle of a huge 50th-anniversary tour, but Nez sat out nearly every date, leaving Dolenz and Peter Tork to carry the Monkee banner as a duo. The singer-guitarist successfully battled a rare form of oral cancer in 2009 and was an eager participant on every Monkees tour between 2011 and 2016, though he kept an extremely low profile in 2017. Earlier this year, he said he wasn't going to be involved in the tour because he was focused on his Lead Belly tribute LP Relax Your Mind. My understanding was that Peter was just not available for this tour. Once it steps outside that show, people have to nourish it and make it something on their own. When you play the songs in your car or in headphones at your office it starts to integrate itself into your life like a real band. But that doesn't mean the television show is coming to life.

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Her father, however, is convinced it will lead wolves to the family’s sheep and orders her to get rid of it. She keeps the dog a secret, until he proves his worth in a way that earns him a permanent place in the family. Pre-CGI, a dog puppet is clearly used in some scenes, but there’s enough of Sam the Old English Sheepdog to satisfy any dog lover. Followed by The Shaggy D. . starring Disney favorite Dean Jones. The 2006 remake starred Tim Allen and a pre- Iron Man Robert Downey Jr. He also loves to play poker and be buried in the sand. He even helps serve as matchmaker for leads Steve Guttenberg and Quinlan. The evil rival scientist (Arnold Voslooo of The Mummy ) is naturally trying to capture and experiment on Roxanne. Since he knows of the bond between dog and dolphin, he captures Zeus to lure Roxanne back. Zeus manages to foil the villain’s plan by getting him snared in his own net and repeatedly re-dipping him. The dolphin escapes to be reunited with Zeus and the plucky pup has likewise hitched a ride to see his pal again. Guttenberg’s son sums up (in a very ’90s way): “Zeus is an extremely extreme dog. Then there’s the scene where, hopped up on speed, Puffy attacks Ben Stiller and accidentally flies out the window. The promo stuffed animal of Puffy in a cast became a much-coveted marketing item. (The real dog modeled the cast, made out of linen, for only 10 seconds, according to producers. . Milo the kitten first meets Otis, the incredibly cute pug puppy, in the barn in which they were both born. The two go adventuring together, where they encounter bears, ravens, foxes, deer, owls and pigs.

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Aymie Spitzer created a Western typeface called Dumbo while studying type design at the Cooper Union in 2012: While studying typeface design at Cooper Union, I attempted to revive a French Clarendon. This design has always had a soft spot in my heart so I thought it was a perfect opportunity to make something fun for my first typeface. The company existed until well into the 20th century, and published a catalog as late as 1957 called Type and Rule Catalogue 13, Baltotype. A selected list of typefaces: Airport Gothic: Turista Gorda NF (2009, Nick Curtis) is based on Baltimore Type Foundry's Airport Tourist which in turn used ideas from Renner's 1932 typeface Futura Display. Mc McGrew on Airport Gothic: Most of this series is the first American copy of Futura, which originated in Germany in 1927, designed by Paul Renner for Bauer. One source says it was cut from original Futura drawings, smuggled out of that country, but it seems more likely that matrices were made by electrotyping the imported type. An extrabold weight, Airport Black, was cut by Baltimore about 1943; information on this cutting is scarce and contradictory- one account says it was designed by Bill Stremic or Bill Blakefield, another that it was designed by Carl Hupie (or Hooper), and cut by Herman Schnoor. There is also Airport Black Condensed Title and Airport Broad. The latter is a modification of Airport Black, cut 50 percent wider on the pantagraph by Herman Schnoor. Baltimore later cast some of its Airport series from Monotype Twentieth Century matrices, and in a few cases listed both series. Airport Relief, Baltimore 299, is English Monotype Gill Sans Cameo Ruled, while Airport Tourist, Baltimore 602, is Futura Display, cast from electrotype mats of the German foundry type. Mac McGrew: Baltimore Script is a fancy style designed by Tommy Thompson and cut by George Battee for Baltimore Type in 1955. The lowercase follows the general style of a script letter hand-written with a broad pen, although the inclination is slight and the letters don't quite connect. It is suitable for stationery, announcements, and greeting cards, but its range of small sizes is hardly enough for advertising use. Czarin Title, issued first, is a copy of Offenbach Medium, a set of pen-drawn capitals designed by Rudolf Koch about 1935 for the Klingspor foundry in Germany. Czarin has minor changes in a few characters, but adds a lowercase, designed by Edwin W. Shaar, that is substantially different from that of Steel, the cap-and-lowercase version of Offenbach. The new lowercase harmonizes well with the capitals, and makes a handsome appearance. Compare Lydian. Footnote: McGrew spelled the name of the owner as Czarnowski.

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Unfortunately, the residents are holding a Halloween party. Jackson as an FBI Agent. On a plane. Yes, there are snakes. Actually quite good, thanks largely to the producers catching wind of the Net snickers and being smart enough to retool it as an over-the-top homage. The fact that Jackson has had enough of these motherfuckin snakes on this motherfuckin plane really does help. The film is scratched and at one point appears to catch fire and burn up, and the intermission consists of trailers for fictitious B-movies with titles like Hobo With a Shotgun or Werewolf Women of the SS. One of these fake trailers is for Machete, which Rodriguez actually made three years later. By the Asylum. It's actually The Matrix or Terminator made on a sub-zero budget. Produced on a budget of based on an earlier series of live-action shorts RuPaul appeared in in the late '80s. After a romance which takes up about half of the movie, they wake up only to find they're under attack by bird GIFs that make dive bomber sounds and explode on impact. Along the way, they meet several people who theorize that the birds are attacking due to global warming. The movie was unfavorably compared to B-grade cinema by critics on its release due to its poor quality and direction, but the film's director claims this was always his intention. Made on a budget of forty five pounds, using unpaid actors recruited via Myspace who provided their own makeup. A virus has broken out in northern Britain, forcing the government to quarantine it off. 20 Minutes into the Future; the virus has resurfaced in London, so a military force is sent into the quarantined area to scour a cure off the degenerate survivors there who are immune to the virus. A Genre Throwback to films the likes of Escape from New York and Mad Max (above). So she replaces it with a machine gun, and goes on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge. It appears one of the students is the only one who could stop the Rock Monster because of his Heroic Lineage coming from a Famous Ancestor.