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We didn’t have a lot of money and she just wasted a perfectly good egg. When a studio as massive as Marvel comes calling, do you automatically have to say yes. For me, if I was going to be in the Marvel Universe, I’d want to be a part of that universe as opposed to playing a role that didn’t mean anything to the story. As soon as I read it I was like, “Oh, this is awesome. How do you feel about that distinction as a “scene-stealer? Is it good for the movie. You know, I’m starring in CHiPs with Dax Sheperd, so when you have a lead role like that, you really don’t want to play a crazy, crazy character unless you’re someone like Jim Carrey who can carry a movie that way. A lot of times it’s the role of the supporting character to come in and do a crazier character. When I did Cesar Chavez or End of Watch or even Fury, I really couldn’t go all-out crazy. How do you think Luis would fare putting on Ant-Man’s suit himself. Who would you like to see Luis interact with if given the chance. I think he probably has enough swagger to ask Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) out on a date. Do you think he’d get a kick out of a movie like this. I wonder if he would really like it or if he would say, “Nope.

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Sure she ended up loving Drogo, and still considers herself a Khaleesi, but I don’t feel she shouldn’t be forced into what is basically imprisonment for the rest of her life. With Osha being a Wildling I think Rickon would be fine with Wildlings helping kill the people responsible for murdering his family. It would be fitting if Ramsay was actually killed on his Bolton cross. What if a member of the wolf pack (led by Nymeria in the books) died and they found it. I did see the bland sword shoved into the ground and then he pulled out the two others. I’d have to rewatch but he didn’t use the one in the ground did he. There were some good parts of Arya’s scenes, don’t get me wrong but more variety would have been good. The constant beating should not have gone on for two episodes or so. Her time as Blind Beth should have been focused on her honing her listening skills, maybe hearing some important information outside a brothel or port in Braavos. There is so much more they could have done with her screen time. And Jon for that matter. . As that Karstark guy said, the North won’t fully submit to the Boltons as long as there’s a potential Stark heir left (something like that). Sansa is a different case because she could give him an heir who would carry the Stark blood.


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A positive factor in human affairs. Full stop. End of discussion. If self-professed adherents of a particular religion do terrible things. It can't possibly have been a result of their religious faith. Assume you have inducted this entire municipal population and trained them up into combat effectives. You are now tasked to occupy, pacify and stabilize the state of California, now ungoverned and chaotic, with ugly internal divisons, with this force. How do you assess your odds of success on this mission. Posted by: torquewrench at July 15, 2016 01:56 AM (noWW6). Posted by: Alberta Oil Peon at July 15, 2016 01:58 AM (GSdpU). Long term strategy doesn't necessarily change with Administrations. I was in the Magic Kingdom in the late 90s working my ass off putting the infrastructure for the invasion of Iraq in place. The near term value in buttressing Iran was not worth having the Saddam's clan having a second generation to claim legitimacy in the Arab world. The Saudis had no illusions about controlling Qusay, Uday - the elder son - was an idiot and could have been relied upon to fail.


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Progressives objected to the tax cut since Washington is already scrambling to fund necessary services like public education. They also wanted the state to invest some of the new revenues in communities most vulnerable to the effects of climate change. These deficiencies, they argued, made the proposal unacceptably regressive. My Tax Policy Center colleagues Donald Marron and Adele Morris describe options for using carbon tax revenues in a recent report How to Use Carbon Tax Revenues. They suggested four different goals: Offsetting the new burdens that a carbon tax places on consumers, producers, communities, and the broader economy; supporting further efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions; assisting communities most harmed by climate change; and funding unrelated public priorities. But while these are all appropriate uses, the details matter when dividing up the revenue pie. Using money for one goal often means less for another. This is what turned some progressives against I-732. Yet, contrary to how they’ve been characterized in the public discourse, tax swaps are a good way to mitigate the inherent regressivity of consumption-based levies such as carbon taxes. Marron and Morris recommend using at least a portion of carbon tax revenue to reduce other regressive taxes that hit low-income consumers hardest, like the sales tax, and that’s just what the Washington initiative would have done. Analysis shows that a national carbon tax would disproportionately burden low-income consumers, for whom energy costs comprise a larger share of their household budget. Even if companies directly pay the tax, they pass at least a portion on to consumers in the form of higher prices. Returning some of these revenues to low-income consumers through a sales tax break or expansion of low-income tax credit programs can discourage carbon consumption while mitigating regressivity. Even if a state funnels new carbon tax revenues toward progressive priorities like schools or green energy programs, the money would still be disproportionately drawn from lower-income households.


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He had to use the Hodor incident as a catalyst to untether Bran from the tree, or something like that. I suppose it's too much to hope for that the showrunners came up with a logical explanation. He definitely slept with his wife; that's what he was doing while everyone else was getting killed. If they're going to introduce her, now is the time. And I do hope we get Maege, or one of the Mormont ladies. Yeah. No one ever argued that he wasn't the 3ER. I'm saying its clear he was uploading info, and right now, per Benjen, he has the entire history of the world in his head, so it got done. And it doesn't follow that just because he could, 3ER would have done it right away to Bran. That's like arguing Siuan should have forced Egwene because she technically could. Clearly, this was a traumatic process for Bran, and his lack of control is definitely affecting his ability to pull out from these visions. Once the Night King came calling, though, there was no choice. He definitely slept with his wife; that's what he was doing while everyone else was getting killed. True.