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There is no grey area or room for misinterpretation. She even sits on the steps of The House of Black and White for many days (before being let in) saying the list of names over and over. Up lifting music, her efforts slowly over coming the odds and all culminating with Arya besting her training partner. How many training scenes do we need to see with her being asked 'who are you? . That's the whole point of her wanting to board the ship. If it was going North to the wall, she would have still boarded it and gone to Jon. She wouldn't have backed off and tried to find a ship to Braavos. It wasn't her 'plan' at all and it's hilarious seeing people say it was when both in the book and the show, it clearly wasn't. She could already steal faces and assassinate people by season 5, all that happened in 6 is she got stabbed, survived with plot armor and now teleported back to Westeros for a kill on Walder with some girls face that we don't know how she got. And season 7 doesn't look much better with CGI and action scene overload. The training was NOT for a particular weapon, the training was for Arya to learn to use other senses than her sight to become a better assassin. This paid off when Arya lured the Waif into the room and extinguished the candle to kill her. And had been practicing with it constantly (i. going through moves etc) after he was gone. Yes she and the waif did have battles after she regained her sight, but again that was more sparring that training IMO. Each assassin may be trained differently depending on their skillset.


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Na pewno nie maja 2. 00 ludzi do dyspozycji, max 500. Dlatego byc moze w ostatnim odcinku zobaczymy inwazje Innych na wrota. Jej watek jest najciekawszy, czekam zawsze na niego z niecierpliwoscia. Co prawda w 5 serii bylo troche nudno ale od powrotu smoka zaczelo sie rozkrecac. Druga osoba jest J. now. czekam kiedy tych dwoje sie spotka aby walczyc z armia Innych. Mysle, ze John jako syn Lyany i Targeriana spiknie sie z Dany. Rikon jest postacia tak pomijana, ze chyba pojawil sie w tej serii tylko po to by Bolton go faktycznie oskorowal. Albo mieli glupie pomysly albo przesadnie zadufani w sobie byli. Jakkolwiek jest to kazirodztwo, to w tym rodzie to zadna nowosc. Nie wiem, czy Martin bedzie chcial to promowac na samym koncu, ale sam to wymyslil w sadze. Jak i o to, ze ktos pofrunie ksiezycowym otworem hehe Ani chybi maly arryn socjopata. Moze tez chodzic o wrota w Murze otwarte na poludnie. Jedna czerwona kaplanka bedzie myslala, ze to Danka jest Azor Ahai, a Melissandre juz jest przekonana, ze to chodzi o Jona. Od poczatku sezonu watek ten jest swietnie prowadzony.


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In the process of doing this at the appropriate time, the Y cell coming coming from the husband will reach the midst of your womb and as a result of fact that ripped eggs are to be discharged on this stage, it will eventually wither away leaving simply the X chromosome. The X cell stays longer more than the Y cell by an additional day. It stays far 48 hours whilst the Y cell stays for two main days after it has been discharged. In process, the YX will fertilize the X cell of lady and you'll have a conceive your struggle boy girl. Positive there are gaps in this list since I've heard so many over the time but it really is mandatory ones who first come to my spirit. Another favorite of kids is the portable wooden dollhouse basically because they can get anywhere that they. Children have associated with fun folding and unfolding them. I guess if your into fetish's this would be the perfect site for you. No one really is able to go about rating sex reviews. o your should work well for actually quite an easy VH judge. Before I left, the state was in place to defend the rights of children. Now the state is able to be significantly concerned more than rights of pedophiles. If she would've done a magnificent job, how many people would've raced back to the computers to view the replay. Could another of my favorites for shopping and in search of. I love the decorating ideas and floral necessary arrangements. Back after i was active on the site they made a huge deal out of cuss words in reviews. However some members found that cuss words in music reviews were good enough.


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Appian Way was behind “The Wolf of Wall Street” and “The Revenant” in which DiCaprio starred and won his first Oscar. The actors in those programs, as well as “The Blacklist,” “Blindspot” and NBC’s troika of Dick Wolf “Chicago” procedurals, will all take part in promotions tailored to their series that aim to drive viewership to a new slate of “ Thursday Night Football ” games that will appear on NBC for the first time starting this week. In a separate vignette, animated characters from the new NBCUniversal -owned Illumination Entertainment-created feature “Sing. “This is a huge company priority,” said Jenny Storms, chief marketing officer of NBC Sports, in an interview. NBC launches its “Thursday Night Football” package as new questions surface about the ability of NFL football broadcasts, the most-watched properties onTV, to keep their audience. NBCUniversal ran into ratings headwinds this summer, for example, when it broadcast the Rio Olympics: While the ratings handily dominated the TV landscape, there was some falloff from the 2012 London Games. Fpr the past two seasons, CBS had sole rights to a package of eight games. After studying consumers between 18 and 34, Storms and her team decided to position “Thursday Night Football” to them as a means of getting the weekend started early, and the casts of the various NBC programs will talk up that theme. The casts of both “Superstore” and “The Voice,” for example, will be spotted hanging out watching football rather than tending to other duties. This contest will be open for entries until 11:59 p. . on Thursday, November 17, 2016. Eight lucky winners will be randomly selected and announced after 10 a. . on Friday, November 18, 2016. To register for your chance to win, fill out the submission form below. It really is about people who make things getting together and talking.


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Glasses bets the turn of a 3, and the river of a 5, at which the other guy bows out, saying: “You got Kings? . I want a cigarette, but can’t afford to miss a single hand now, so I stay put. Three limps; I’m sure I have the highest hand, so I raise big, 1. k on BB 300; big enough that I can rep an overpair if need be. I don’t have to think too hard about my course of action. I’ve been cautious when need be: now is not the time for caution. I can’t check and call, or I may leak chips to the river. I can’t check-raise, as if I let him bet he’ll be committed to call at my stack size. This reminds him that I’m the guy who was tight enough to lay down a flush. It also suggests that I have an overpair to the board. And if he finds the balls to call, I still have my one-third chance of doubling up with the nut flush. He dwells, then folds, showing the 9 for top pair on the board. “Good fold,” I say, without showing. Dodged another bullet there, and now I’m back to a playable 12k. Along the way, there’s a graphic reminder of what happens when you don’t even try to dodge bullets. A short-stack somehow ends up all-in with pocket deuces against a guy with AQ on a Q-high flop.


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Le’Veon Bell. Now that’s a guy who racks up touchdowns. And nothing is more certain than a veteran kicker such as Steven Hauschka or Chandler Catanzaro lining up for a chip-shot field goal to win a game. Catch ’em while you can Mike Gillislee, RB, Bills: Gillislee was a hot commodity late last week when it appeared LeSean McCoy would miss the game against the Dolphins with a bum hammy. He’s still available in the vast majority of leagues and is worth another look now that Shady has aggravated his injury. Davante Adams, WR, Packers: Adams is, and probably will continue to be, an exercise in frustration. But we can’t ignore that he has found the end zone in four of the Packers’ six games, punctuated by his 13-catch, 132-yard, two-TD outing Thursday night. Though Jordy Nelson’s disappearance in that game can be written off as an aberration, it does appear that Adams will be the next-most-valuable Packers receiver moving forward. Jack Doyle, TE, Colts: Andrew Luck loves his tight ends, and Doyle is living proof. With Dwayne Allen sidelined by a high ankle sprain, the fourth-year receiver is getting his chance to shine. After racking up 13 receptions and a pair of TDs in the last two weeks, Doyle has vaulted onto the fantasy radar. Tight-end-challenged teams would be well-served grabbing him, at least until Allen returns. Don’t be fooled Blake Bortles, QB, Jaguars: I admit it. I thought Bortles was going to build on his breakout 2015 season thanks to his outstanding receiving corps and mediocre running game. His matchup Sunday with the Raiders on his home turf should have been epic, but Bortles flopped. Again. With as many interceptions as touchdowns to his credit, there’s no reason for Bortles to take up valuable roster space any longer.


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The show waters down and romanticises many of these dynamics more than the books. As Ygritte said, in Bael’s songs written by him, all women loved Bael so whether the Stark girl actually loved him. Lyanna might’ve even been swept under his spell for a while, like Sansa was by Joffrey, but how long. There’s a lot more that can be added to this list and maybe when I have more patience I’ll get to that post. But the point is theories evolve through discussion and argumentation. As I said, Undercover Jon was looking within Jon’s own storyline to see the extent of deception he is capable of and trying to fit the Wildling situation but the answer isn’t in Jon’s previous storylines (even if elements) but in his foils - Robb’s, Ned’s and probably even Theon’s - storylines. He mustn’t repeat their mistakes - either by being too honourable or too dishonourable. Theon betrayed Robb by sacking Winterfell and taking over it because he wanted to prove himself to his father, Balon. Jon cannot betray Robb and Ned by giving up the North without a larger plan. It needn’t mean he thinks of going against Dany in battle at any point. But he might be pushed into that point because of circumstances and the choices she ends up making. Ironically, Jon would be a king in the way Catelyn thought Robb should behave. If you don’t think GRRM is capable of these ironies, then I don’t know. Catelyn’s fear of Jon usurping her children’s rights has been and will be proven wrong time and again over the series. That cannot happen if he just randomly gives Dany the north because he loves her or pities her. Bookwise, at least I can’t see how some form of deception wouldn’t be involved in his relationship with Dany. Jon might be like Ned, but Dany is no Cat and even Jon in himself is a Trojan horse.