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When the bank begins to write letters and the butcher to linger at the back grate, he sets to belaboring his brains after a story, for that is his readiest cast winner. And there seems little doubt that the early dramatic and cinematic versions of the story greatly influenced the manner in which the transformation of humans into werewolves were portrayed in motion pictures. Although in our own time we are familiar with an instant paperback appearing in the bookstores to accompany the latest Hollywood epic, it seems astonishing that in 1887, within a year after the publication of Stevenson’s novella, Thomas Russell Sullivan had adapted The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde for the Boston theater. Richard Mansfield was the first actor to transform himself from the humanitarian scientist to the evil Hyde in a dramatic performance. In 1908, William N. Selig, the first film producer to establish a studio in Hollywood, released the first motion picture version of Stevenson’s story, its title now shortened to the more familiar Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. In 1909, a Danish film company released its version of the London doctor who experiments with a drug that frees the beast within to wreak chaos and death. Carl Laemmle filmed the third production of the story in the United States in 1912, starring King Baggot and Jane Gail. By the time the great John Barrymore distorted his fabled matinee idol features to play the dual role of research chemist and monster in 1920, his interpretation was the seventh cinematic representation of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde—and four other film versions of the tale were released that same year.

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The grownup version tracks minute by minute activity, including steps, distance, and calories burned. Both the kids and adult versions are colorful, durable, lightweight devices that employ accelerometer technology to monitor physical activity. It tracks heart rate and nothing else, the idea being that the only thing that matters is that the child is moving. The band will show a child’s heart rate and a color will indicate the level of activity being registered (low, moderate or vigorous). A concept similar to interval-zone training with wearables. PE teachers can remotely tap into this to view students’ activity and heart rates and figure out which children need extra motivation and support. We have yet to hear whether the tracker will be available for purchase outside of the official programme. There are two cameras that allow children to capture everything from action videos to selfies. Kids can even customize the pics into watch faces via the accompanying smartphone app. There is also an assortment of new games and a motion sensor for active play challenges. The smartwatch is very sturdy, and is a sort of a middle of the road solution. With this device you get the advantages of some smartphone features without having to go the full distance to a smartphone. UNICEF is one such example, with its use of a low-tech wearable device for measuring the nutrition levels of children in developing regions. The device works like any standard pedometer to record activity. The more kids move, the more points they earn, the more lives they save.

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Advance Tickets: Buy tickets the second they go on sale and be the first to see the movies you’re most excited about. Make a video and you could co-host a red-carpet premiere- visit SEE A MOVIE screen for details -We lowered the minimum age for joining AMC Stubs A-List to 16 -Plus, fixed a few more annoying bugs. The town northeast of Madison may be better known for being the home of Sal’s Tomato Pies than for being a hotbed of the supernatural and the macabre. But Sun Prairie (and Madison) have a major connection to the new horror film “The Bye Bye Man,” which opened Friday at Marcus Palace in Sun Prairie, Marcus Point and AMC Fitchburg. The movie is about three college students who accidentally summon a psychic serial killer named The Bye Bye Man who zeroes in on his victims if they start thinking about him. In the film, the three friends attend college in Madison (but at a fictional university, not the UW-Madison) and rent a creepy house in Sun Prairie where much of the terrifying action takes place. The Madison and Sun Prairie settings were taken by screenwriter Jonathan Penner from the original, allegedly true supernatural tale that author Robert Damon Schneck put in his book “The President’s Vampire. The book, a collection of creepy-but-supposedly-true tales ranging from killer clowns to suicide clubs, was recently re-released and retitled “The Bye Bye Man” to tie in with the movie. In it, Schneck claimed that the story was told to him by a close friend, and opens the chapter with these words: “This story is different from all the other stories in this book. Second, though this might sound dramatic, readers who are genuinely frightened by the paranormal or troubled by obsessive thoughts should consider skipping this chapter. Schneck wrote that his friend Eli was in Madison in 1990 to get his graduate degree in cultural anthropology, and was living and working at a group home in Sun Prairie. His girlfriend, Katherine, was also living in Sun Prairie, and at night the two would experiment with a Ouija board with a mutual friend, John. After contacting a few presences, the story goes, the three friends were told of the legend of the Bye Bye Man. A killer who grew up in a Louisiana orphanage, the Bye Bye Man is a homeless man who rides the rails looking for his next victim, a strange beast called the “Gloomsinger” at his side. As in the film, the Bye Bye Man homes in on people who think about them as if they were “psychic beacons.

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Android Pay rebranded as Google Pay, Samsung Galaxy S9 in AR, Xiaomi gaming smartphone leaks and more: Daily News Wrap bgr. n When and where to buy Xiaomi Redmi Note 5, Redmi Note 5 Pro in India. Date and time of availability ibtimes. o. n COAI charges of favoring Reliance Jio baseless: TRAI bgr. n WhatsApp testing 'Stickers' for Windows Phone users bgr. n. Most people associate this technology with HAL or Skynet, but the potential positive benefits of AI seem to outweigh fears of our creations gaining sentience and destroying us all. In truth, AI will only be as benevolent or evil as human intentions make it. A 101-page report titled The Malicious Use of Artificial Intelligence from researchers at Yale, Oxford, Cambridge and OpenAI stresses that the real danger of this technology could come from hackers wielding malicious code to target vulnerabilities in AI-automated systems, giving people greater capacity to cause physical or political harm. Released Wednesday and first covered by CNBC, this report stresses the “dual-use” nature of AI: automated programs built with the best of intentions can be twisted into harmful technology. Another outlined scenario involved self-driving cars. They warn that hackers could alter just “a few pixels” of an AI’s concept of a stop sign, a small enough change that humans might not notice the difference, but could cause an entire fleet of cars on one company’s server to begin ignoring safety laws. Anticipating worst-case scenarios These examples, as frightening as they are, mostly remain hypothetical, and the report isn’t meant to imply that artificial intelligences should be banned as inherently dangerous. Instead, the report’s authors stress that certain action items should be put into motion by governments and businesses now, while the industry is still nascent.

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4 percent and oil production also fell. Africa's largest economy slid into recession for the first time in 25 years in the second quarter, when a slump in crude prices contributed to a 2. 6-percent contraction in the economy. Across central and eastern Europe, currencies firmed slightly against the euro, but hovered near the multi-month lows reached after Trump's win. Because of inflation adjustments, the amount Americans receive in average benefits will climb. Changes will also impact how much money Social Security recipients can earn before it reduces the size of their Social Security check and the amount of your income that's subject to payroll taxes. Read on to learn about these changes so you can plan for them. In 2015, the inflation measure used by the Social Security Administration to determine whether recipients get a cost-of-living adjustment didn't budge, so the amount of money paid out to recipients in Social Security benefits didn't increase in 2016. The increase is welcome, however, it may not translate into a bigger monthly Social Security check. Most Medicare Part B enrollees pay their monthly premium directly out of their Social Security income, and monthly Part B premiums are heading higher next year, too. The exact Part B premium you'll pay in 2017, however, could be even higher if you're enrolling in Part B for the first time next year or your income subjects you to Medicare premium adjustments. Any money that's held back is added to your future Social Security income at full retirement age, which increases from age 67 to age 67 and two months next year. Social Security is a pay-as-you-go system and that means that payroll taxes on worker income today is used to pay current Social Security recipients. Simply click here to discover how to learn more about these strategies. More from The Motley Fool: Here's What a Trump Presidency Means for Social Security 3 Virginia Tax Breaks That You Don't Want to Miss The Child Tax Credit: What You Need to Know How Social Security numbers became skeleton keys for fraudsters csmonitor.