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I’m gonna miss seeing that magnificent man grit his teeth and correct everyone’s grammar. At least we’ll get more Stannis in TWOW. Sigh. I miss Stannis more than words can convey. So that made it almost necessary to write him out slightly sooner than the books probably will. I think Euron will serve mainly as Dany’s ticket into Westerosi politics. The initial raids on the Reach will be bad enough that the Tyrells will be forced to leave King’s Landing to protect their lands (much to Cersei’s delight). When the Ironborn finally do hit Oldtown, it will be nasty and the Tyrells and other noble houses won’t be able to successfully repel the assault on their own. Luckily for them, Dany will have probably already arrived in Westeros in time to deal with the Ironborn, which will buy her the support of most of the southern noble houses including the Tyrells (which Tyrion foreshadowed somewhat in S5). I imagine this might be the “Hardhome” of Season 6 (I don’t think much time will be spent wrecking the Harpies and Yunkish army and I think they might be delaying the fall of the Wall until Season 7). I wouldn’t care to ever see them again in the show (or books really). When you have actors with an in built accent then that’s that problem erased. Also, the accents suit the world that they have created ( kind of the Middle Ages which ran from the 5th to the 15th Centuries: Columbus only discovered America right at the end of them in 1492! . Plus, forgive me for blowing my regions own horn, but there is a wealth of acting talent around Britain and Europe that has remained untapped and remains a lot less money that hiring established American actors. I think him getting rid of Loras via him would be a good idea though. Makes him into a legitimate threat and get’s rid of Loras who has, to be honest, been a bit of a joke in the show.

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This bullshit might have been Smollett creating a publicity stunt to position himself as the number one choice for that gay superhero role. He should be ashamed of himself either way trying to make his name bigger and not thinking about the consequences. This could ruin his career Joe Lavigne Mese fa That's all the left has is pushing the racist card. Identity politics. hey don't have any policies that actually represent the majority of the electorate. It's a weak argument but that's all they could think of. They manipulate you with political correctness Weekly MEET Mese fa He is not Black Yoshi Kay Mese fa Yo angry man, what happened to the uncut. SynergyStrength1 Mese fa The brothers are from Nigeria Angryman. Lady M Mese fa That's what they're trying to do. lace it in the black communities lap. He tied it all up in a political bow saying it’s because he’s against Trump. Where the Truth Lies Mese fa Don't play stupid. ou know it was a fake hate crime to make Trump supporters look deplorable. WESTGATE RAISED ME Mese fa Black people don't get targeted for hate crimes, blacks commit the hate crimes. Pun P Mese fa He did it cause he getting written out the script on empire n wants some attention Yankeefan24 Mese fa The attack happened a few days before his concert, coincidence. CarlRenard 77 Mese fa Black women will defend him because he is gay and emasculated which they feel empowers them. Anneyah Grace Mese fa Jussie and His Kind want to have the same struggle as black people, AND THEY DON'T.

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Sherman pumping a jab that lands clean as Grabowski tries to move inside. Grabowski tries to duck inside, but Sherman easily shoves him away. Sherman measured in his approach, and he’s slipping his opponent’s punches. He’s sharp early. Grabowski does land a left over the top. Sherman with a nice knee inside, but Grabowski shakes it off. He’s the quicker man, and his strikes are adding up. Grabowski getting a little more aggressive, and he does scores an overhand, but the volume is largely one-sided. Sherman works the legs, and Grabowski buckles a bit. Rounds ends, and MMAjunkie gives it to Sherman, 10-9. Sherman happily slips the attacks and returns fire with combinations. Grabowski loading up on single shots, but Sherman answering with rapid-fire combination. Grabowski trying to load up on power shots, but he’s not landing much. A left hand lands. He’s got some moments to be proud of, but Sherman getting the best of it. Grabowski tries to push inside, but it’s not there. Grabowski with a few big shots, but MMAjunkie gives it to Sherman, 10-9.

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That's the sloppiest, most lazy writing you can get. When sansa wanders how arya got it, LF says no idea. She was there when their dad died. he would have seen Sansa's reaction, but now she is all. ou utter bitch. So I can buy Arya feeling hostile to Sansa about this. There seemed to be a lot of attention drawn to the fact that the Lannisters needed to repay the iron bank, they were going to pay it back, the bank was eager to continue backing them as soon as the gold was paid etc. The producers' left plenty of crumbs that the outcome of that duel is uncertain. Then again; what possible motive has the Waif got in traveling to Winterfell. The hurry up was to get the stragglers and remaining supplies back. The end result just seemed rather odd, why even bother including any of those scenes in the show. I was expected some sort of double cross, with an empty wagon being delivered. It's not like Arya could've shown off her puppy on WesterInstaGram. I'm pretty sure that Arya is still Arya, except she learned how to become no-one and is changed into a complex psycho killer. Bad writing is to bring a character out of nowhere after 5 seasons to conveniently save a major character at the 11th hour, vanish and then do it again randomly the next season. Its Ayra showing Sansa to look between the lines and see that shes being played by LF. Ayra doesn't want any of those things, its all in an attempt to get rid of LF.

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I was sitting on a wall having a snack and the next thing I know he’s jumped onto me. Just incredible how they survive the winters living up on the mountain on this island at some 8000ft. Obviously having never seen them interact I can’t be sure but just knowing their personalities and the circumstances I can’t picture them falling for each other in a traditional romantic kind of way especially after a short time together and knowing how Dany comes off. Sometimes we just have to not think so much and just go with the story. You can see this by him brining the Wildlings south. I imagine Jon will get a lot of push back from everyone but stand above it and say if they are to stand a chance that they need to unite the Kingdom. Wasn’t there a “great unifier” in the lore against the whites. How do we know which of it could have been figured out from where people were, what the places looked like, and photos taken of filming. And God, I really don’t want to see boat sex happen. Unfortunately the mod monitoring the other thread deleted all the comments that you, asiof fan and I shared. When asiof fan I said YOUR POV does not make sense based on what We know you through out spoilers from the leak. You lied, you were called out for it and YOU whined that why, because you read the spoiler, I don’t find what you tried to sell as your own head cannon as credible. Fortunately the mods message to you was still there. You read the leaks. In fact, you have repeatedly admitted it. And yes, I am lamenting (or call it whining) that WotW is turning into Reddit Leak Inc. Because that’s definitely the first stop in the North and it just so happens to be his home.

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Some with the software alone cost more than what you’re investing in the membership. I quite enjoyed reading it, you happen to be a great author. will be sure to bookmark your blog and will eventually come back from now on. Extremely useful info specially the remaining part. The building exterior is of brick understanding that will make a rugged look on the house. Turning with their centuries-old illuminated manuscripts for inspiration, early medieval weavers were commissioned to weave similar religious themes with a much bigger scale within the form of wall hangings. Painting Theory; a complete painting course should not just coach you on to mimic the instructor so that you will learn to create just one single specific painting in one specific style. Turning with their centuries-old illuminated manuscripts for inspiration, early medieval weavers were commissioned to weave similar religious themes on a much bigger scale in the form of wall hangings. Turning to their centuries-old illuminated manuscripts for inspiration, early medieval weavers were commissioned to weave similar religious themes over a bigger scale within the form of wall hangings. Painting Theory; a complete painting course shouldn’t just coach you on to mimic the instructor so that you will discover how to create just one single specific painting a single specific style. With internet connectivity in your laptop and computers, you are able to share your scrapbook with an increase of and more people. Proof of bookkeeping records can be found in the Babylonian Empire (4500 B. . , in pharaohs’ Egypt and also in the Code of Hammurabi (2250 B. . . In fairytales like the one we are chatting about, a moral lesson is implanted in the storyline to ensure that kids can find out important lessons in life while maturing, remembering them and also applying them in their life.


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W budynku beda do dyspozycji stoliki do prezentacji swoich zbiorow (wstep wolny). Rowniez 30 pazdziernika, lecz o godzinie 17. 0 w sali widowiskowej Miejskiego Osrodka Kultury odbedzie sie WIECZOR Z KULTURA BUDDYJSKA: PROJEKCJA FILMU “HANNAH NIEZNANA HISTORIA BUDDYZMU”. Film, ktory zawiera wiele polskich watkow, bedzie mozna obejrzec w 30 kinach w calym kraju a w ten weekend rowniez i w Glogowie. Dokument pokazuje, ze buddyjski ideal wolnosci we wszystkich jej formach jest dzis bardziej istotny niz kiedykolwiek oraz ze nie wszystko, co tybetanskie, powinno byc uwazane za swiete. Organizatorem jest Buddyjski Osrodek Medytacyjny Diamentowej Drogi w Glogowie (wstep wolny). Gdy ten zostaje zamordowany, syn staje sie glownym podejrzanym. Poznaje Adama i Zygmunta, bylych stoczniowcow, ktorzy probuja rozkrecic wlasny biznes. Jej nieokielznany optymizm kaze jej skupic sie na nowych wyzwaniach zawodowych oraz starych i nowych przyjaciolach. Po raz pierwszy w zyciu panna Jones czuje, ze ma calkowita kontrole nad swoim zyciem. Jej spokoj burzy sie, gdy Bridget spotyka przystojnego Amerykanina Jacka (Patrick Dempsey), ktory jest wszystkim tym, czym nie jest Mark. Wkrotce okazuje sie, ze panna Jones spodziewa sie dziecka. Kiedy tradycyjna medycyna zawiodla, w poszukiwaniu uzdrowienia i nadziei, Strange trafia do tajemniczej samotni, zwanej Kamar-Taj. Pod oslona malomiasteczkowego biura rachunkowego pracuje dla najbardziej niebezpiecznych organizacji przestepczych na swiecie w charakterze niezaleznego ksiegowego. Glowny bohater, Janusz Jasinski, jest mlodym porucznikiem milicji. Po kolejnych niepowodzeniach sledztwa w sprawie brutalnych zabojstw kobiet, zostaje mianowany nowym szefem grupy dochodzeniowej. Wsrod tylu atrakcyjnych propozycji na pewno znajda panstwo odpowiednia dla siebie, bo jest w czym wybierac.