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I know she operates on fear but she has to start figuring out when she’s being manipulated. I want them to be friends, and I want them to allies, and I want the North to be it’s own Kingdom. And they’re not going to be happy when Jon comes back and says he did that. If he isn’t already married off to Dany and leaving Winterfell for Sansa. We’ll see. Too bad she’s too far up her own ass to apply that to her unwarranted accusations and threats toward her sister. Why not shrug and say “while I’m here, let’s really do this sh-t”. Dragon-bomb the sh-t out of everyone and everything. That would have been the end of the Long Night, right. I don’t understand the rules as to when the undead are truly dead. It used to be that you could only kill a wight with fire, which would prevent them coming back to life. Burn every undead white walker thing to ash, for eff’s sake, and don’t forget about the head honcho.

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Kennedy. ill. Fully. Illustrated. Westminister, Maryland, U. . . Random House Childrens Books, 1988. Donovan the singer of the 60s-70s who now has movie star children. No Dust Jacket. ISBN: 1569595496. Paperback: soft cover edition in good or.

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They were convicted despite witness accounts that revealed their December 2017 arrest to be a police setup, as well as numerous inconsistencies and irregularities in the prosecution’s case. Journalists’ ability to cover conflict areas steadily declined, while the rise in prosecutions had a chilling effect on the country’s media. Civilians were increasingly endangered by severe aid blockages, indiscriminate attacks, and forced displacement. The national peace process stagnated, failing to gain trust or traction among ethnic armed groups. However, crucial actions for accountability, including a Security Council referral to the International Criminal Court, have remained elusive, Human Rights Watch said. In June, the attorney general pledged to amend the laws to bring them into compliance with international laws and Supreme Court directives, but that has not yet happened. Victim groups had protested that the authorities were attempting with the amnesty provisions to protect suspects from arrests abroad under the principle of universal jurisdiction. In November, the United Nations special rapporteur on violence against women, Dubravka Simonovic, reiterated the call to amend the laws to bring them into compliance with international standards. A new criminal code, many years in the works, was finally published in August, but laws to carry it out remained stalled. Important media organizations came under scrutiny and threat, forcing groups like Himal Southasian to relocate its headquarters from Nepal to Sri Lanka. Nepal authorities have yet to provide adequate support and redress for people affected by the devastating earthquakes in 2015. Authorities misused the country’s politicized and corrupt judiciary as a political weapon to prosecute human rights advocates and those with dissenting views.

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There are plenty of good books on the sub- ject, so we'll say no more except to stress, once more, that when you'reprofiling a camera, lighting the target evenly and capturing both the high- lights and shadows, is critical. Control over color temperature, on the other hand, depends largely on the capabilities of the camera, and on the file format you're shooting. Scanning backs and some three-shot cameras let you gray-balance the camera itselfyou expose a gray card, then use the camera software to adjust the analog gains of the individual channelsto obtain a neutral gray. Each element inthe sensor captures a single color, usually but not always red, green, or 158 Real World Color Management, Second Edition blue. The color image is made by processing the raw capturewhich is grayscaleto interpolate the missing colors for each pixel. lmost all CFA cameras offer a white balance feature, but it works quite differently from the gray balance in scanning backs. When you set whitebalance in the camera, it doesn't adjust the camera's response to the light. nstead, it affects the processing of the raw image. Most professional and prosumer CFA cameras offer the choice ofshooting JPEG or shooting Rawformat. The impact of white balance differs between the two. When you shoot JPEG, the raw data is converted in the camera, usingthe on-camera settings for white balance (and contrast, sharpness, color matrix, etc. , so when you profile a camera for JPEG capture, it's criticalthat you set a custom white balance when you shoot the profiling target.

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The one major exception to this is Jared Leto’s take on the Joker. This isn’t entirely the actor’s fault, and comes down to the way in which the character has been written. Besides having white skin and green hair and laughing every so often, Suicide Squad’s pimped-out, sadistic mob boss never behaves like the Joker. Granted he is in the movie for a surprisingly short period of time (given his prominence in the marketing) and this could change in the future but it’s odd to see a character of his stature used in such a throwaway manner. Which is a pity, the potential was strong with this one. For an example of the Suicide Squad done right, you could do far worse than to consult the misleadingly titled 2014 animated film Batman: Assault on Arkham. As a story (and as an onscreen representation of the characters), it is superior in almost every way. Realistic tension moves the story, sometimes awkwardly, towards positive resolve as both mother and daughter fret, respectively, with their irking issues, like making comic Lori’s mistaken pregnancy. Relief comes when JK Simmons, a retired cop, and looking old in this film, adds a teasing dimension that somehow tickles Marnie’s emoting funny bones. The masterful script writing and production shows actor Sarandon, drawling with a thick New Yawk accent, convince the viewer that her Marnie can find joy and purpose in her newfound single life. Anyone knowing family tensions with meddling parents will enjoy the wit and humour which this feel-good film brings. It relates to the 2016 independent drama, Mothers and Daughters, also with Sarandon.

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He added that he had seen some of Ms. Schachner’s comedy and thought she was funny. “I remember thinking what a repulsive person I was being by responding the way that I did,” he wrote. Ms. Schachner accepted his apology and told him she forgave him. But the original interaction left her deeply dispirited, she said, and was one of the things that discouraged her from pursuing comedy. In 2015, a few months before the now-defunct website Defamer circulated rumors of Louis C. . s alleged sexual misconduct, Ms. Corry also received an email from Louis C. . which was obtained by The Times, saying he owed her a “very very very late apology.