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VIVA. The purpose of the ADL Stand Up Award is to recognize and celebrate the impact that storytelling can have in fostering mutual understanding and respect. ? iva? a story about both confrontation and transformation on multiple levels, was chosen because it powerfully stands up for respecting diversity, rejecting bigotry, and celebrating a triumph of self-realization and love over hate. Sponsored by The Santa Barbara Independent, the Audience Choice Award went to Gerd Schneider? THE CULPABLE. The film, which had its US premiere at the festival this week, deals with the life and faith of catholic prison minister Jakob Voelz, who becomes troubled when his best friend and hieratical colleague Dominik is taken in custody under suspicion of sexual abuse. About the Santa Barbara International Film Festival The Santa Barbara International Film Festival is a 501(c)(3) non-profit arts and educational organization dedicated to discovering and showcasing the best in independent and international cinema. SBIFF continues its commitment to education and the community through free programs like its 10-10-10 Student Filmmaking and Screenwriting Competitions, Mike? Field Trip to the Movies, National Film Studies Program, AppleBox Family Films, 3rd Weekend and educational seminars. Despite top performance from other actors, it? Leo that is a unanimous frontrunner this year. I? like to see The Revenant?

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'broken up litle chickens' Matthew Hanneken make a video about possible reunions. Tyrion and Bron Theon and Jon Snow The Queen of Thorns and Queen Cersi Also make a video about some questionable characters. Edmure Tully Howland Reed Jorah Mormont Jacqin Ha-gar Talking Thrones Good idea thank you Cristi K. Talking Thrones Seriously I hope we do Sassy Cat Season 7 needs to hurry TF up. I keep trying to feed my GoT appetite by watching all these theory vids and spoilers. Would she be able to leave him alone and not kill him. I mean it would be soo good to see them together, as she was the beginning of Sandors positive story arc. I hope at least Sansa gets to meet ser Clegane because they had such lovely chemisty. She will be surprised to see him still alive though George Knighton The dragon head, I think you're right: It seems like an awfully small head to be a mature Drogon. Talking Thrones It does, and everyone is laughing in the back. That would be a tense scene, so the crew would have to take it serious so Kit would be focused George Knighton I'm nervous about your wish to see Nymeria ultimately victorious. So while they are fighting humans, consolidating power in the south, perhaps Nymeria's army would have a role to play. But it is difficult to imagine the wolves as an effective participant in a war against white walkers, with dragons flying around. I agree with you about the fake scene of Dany asking Jon to pet the Dragon. O, those kidney pies, what Old Nan used to make.

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Newton:ACT! 2. . Update. mg 880 KB Classic Disk Ima. Newton:Act! Windows 1. 1. mg 1. MB Classic Disk Ima. Newton:Act! Windows 2. . Update. mg 1.

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Desa kecil mereka tampak vibrant sekali ketika Belle berkeliling, nyanyi bareng penduduk. Meski begitu, Emma tampak sedikit terlalu pintar buat menyampaikan efek terperangah ketika melihat sesuatu yang ajaib. Cerita sepertinya memang meniatkan buat Belle tampak lebih nyaman berada di istana dibandingkan di kampungnya yang penuh prasangka terhadap persona yang berbeda, but it just sometimes kita ngarepin ada sedikit lebih banyak lagi emosi terkuar dari ekspresi Belle. Salah satu delivery Emma yang aku suka adalah ketika ngeliat tampangnya saat dibawa masuk oleh Beast ke dalam perpustakaan istana. Gaston, however, adalah tokoh yang sangat sempurna dibawakan oleh Luke Evans. Dan dia enggak segan-segan ngebully hanya untuk memperkuat poinnya. Bahwa benih cinta Belle dan Beast tumbuh dari perasaan mutual seseorang yang dikucilkan. Belle dikata-katain karena suka baca buku, ayah Belle dianggap gila karena sedikit eksentrik. Penduduk desa instantly ingin membunuh Beast setelah melihat wujudnya. Dua tokoh sentral ini diberikan backstory yang baru. Kita melihat sejarah keluarga Belle lebih jauh dalam sekuen adegan yang aku sebut dengan sekuen Buku-adalah-Jendela-Dunia. Hahaha, beneran, aku suka gimana film ini RESPEK BANGET SAMA BUKU. Jaman sekarang buku udah mulai ditinggalin, majalah aja banyak yang pindah ke online, aku harap setelah nonton Beauty and the Beast, penonton muda jadi penasaran pengen ngerasain gimana rasanya bertualang bersama buku. Dalam film ini, Beast dikutuk saat dia udah gede dan ketika dia suda menjadi monster, dia masih bersikap sama dengan ketika dirinya masih manusia. Dia cerdas.

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MY MOM (Mehtab Fayyaz. I-B) My mother is so sweet Sweeter than all sweet I eat She is so loving and kind She knows everything in my mind She is the brightest star of the sky She is my sweetest chocolate pie A shoulder to cry and secretes to share, For me she always there She is the sunlight of my day Life is gloomy when she is away She is more than a mother to me I am glad she belongs to me. Life s Choices (Abdullah Khawar. II-B) Life is full of choices Make sure you pick the right one Do not listen to the voices Hear only yours and you have none Many people will tell you that 64 P a g e. No,,, we need you back Not a box on the top with rose 65 P a g e. They forgive me. When I am cold, They When I need help They help me the best they can. Come and find me. When am I dump, They When I am made fun of, No matter what happens, Because they love me. Forever. Care for me, They discipline me. When I need help they, When I lost all faith, When I need forgiveness, Because they love me. Give me shelter. with my homework, When I am lost, They will, Because they love me. Once I was Walking on the Road (Abdul Muqsit Noorani.

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I was going to title this section with the more straightforward “A Hero Reborn in the See,” but then my spirit of fun kicked in. His rebirth is simply tied to the weirwoods, which is an idea that is well familiar to us, since we discovered it already by other means. I’ve quoted this line many times, but I’m gonna quote it again, and think about the watery realm as the realm of the greenseers. We are trapped in its flow, hurtling from past to present, always in the same direction. The weirwoods are something like a cosmic fishing weir or bridge which spans the cosmic river of time. This is very like Yggdrasil of course, the world tree that spans all nine realms, and you can see how it is literally true of the weirwoods, which are indeed gates through which the greenseers can see the past and perhaps a bit of the future. They do indeed exist partially outside the river of time, unmoved by it, and even more, they seem to have access to any point in that river. That takes care of the “dragon entering the weirwoodnet” symbolism, and his name “Rivers” adds the connotation of water and thus makes Lord Brynden a sea dragon or a fish-man caught in the weir. Don’t forget that our young Lord Brandon Stark is also half Tully, and therefore a bit of a wolf-fish. Grey King sat in a throne of sea dragon weirwood, and Bloodraven sits in a throne of white serpent weirwood roots. He is the Drowned God-man who died to immerse himself in the green see and then became a hero reborn in the see who brought the fire of the gods out of that see for man to possess. This lines up with what I’ve been speculating about Nissa Nissa opening the weirwoods for humans to become greenseers, and about Azor Ahai being the first such. We are going to see a lot of evidence for these ideas today. Consider the Tully funeral rites, which they imagine to send their dead down to “the watery halls where the Tullys held eternal court, with schools of fish their last attendants. Before they are submerged in the river however, they are set on fire.

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At Comic-Con, the highly-anticipated season 2 trailer for Westworld arguably stole thunder away from Star Trek and Stranger Things. Audiences were left speechless as the short-but-sweet clip debuted inside Hall H. To the sound of a piano, fans were reunited with beloved characters like Dolores, played by Evan Rachel Wood, and her lover William, played by Jimmi Simpson. Of course it wouldn’ t be a real amusement park without a few villains as well, like The Man In The Black Hat and Bernard Love (who isn’ t really such a bad guy on his own but Dr. Robert Ford turned him into a killing machine). OK, so we already have a million questions about season two. The trailer shows Bernard staring at a dead tiger — how did it get there. Maeve stands in a room surrounded by dead people — did she master her robot wiring and kill them all. Dolores rides on horseback at sunset with a shotgun — who is she aiming at. The Man In The Black Hat’s face looks like Freddy Krueger, all scratched up and bloody, and he looks beyond pissed off — is Dolores in danger. At the end of season one, we realized that the plot of Westworld was unfolding during multiple timelines. This means William had aged throughout the years at the park and eventually had become the rapist and evil guy, also known as The Man In The Black Hat. Are you following? Dolores remembered that she’s supposed to kill him, and that she’s one of the oldest robots ever built in Westworld, who went by the name Wyatt. Basically she’s the ultimate badass and now she’s on the killing spree.

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He said that this good news has come to people after decades of wait. He thanked t he union minister for Health and Family Welfare, Jai Prakash Nadda and Chief Minister, Mehbooba Mufti for allocating funds for this medical college. On this occasion Dr. Jatinder Singh, Union Minister of State for the Development of North eastern Region and Atomic Energy along with Bali Bhagat Minister for Health and Medical Education and Jugal Kishore Sharma MP Jammu Poonch constituency along with a host of other dignitaries will also remain present. Vibodh further added that such historic and landmark developmental initiatives are in line with the vision of Hon’ble PM NarinderModi who always wants the developmental of far off boarder areas. He hoped that this medical college will go a long way in mitigating the sufferings of common man of PirPanjal as this will also bring in world class medical facilities to this remote border area. He informed the media persons that the recently announced many developmental projects like tunnel on the Mughal Road and maximum share under CRF for the roads of RajouriPoonch is a indication of the seriousness that Central and State Governments are giving to make PirPanjal a model area. Such developmental activities will boost the tourism in the area and will also transform the economic condition of this region. On this occasion MLC said that such developmental activities will also bring in tremendous employment opportunities for the youth of Rajouri and Poonch and asked them to avail such opportunities. He requested the local people and party leaders to come in large numbers at the foundation stone laying ceremony of the medical college as a mark of gratitude towards Central and State Leadership for giving PirPanjal such a wonderful gift. Rajesh Gupta toured the Prem Nagar area in ward no. MLA Jammu East Rajesh Gupta toured the Prem Nagar area in ward no. . Rajesh Gupta along with other BJP leaders and activists of Jammu East Mandal visited all the areas of Prem Nagar and on reaching lane no. near Jogi Gate held a Janta Darbar and listened the problems of the residents of the area.

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Kita akan melihat Mr. Church berjalan melintas malam namun kita enggak seratus persen tahu siapa dan apa yang dia lakukan di balik kerjaannya sebagai tukang masak (yang sangat handal) di rumah keluarga Brooks. Kita hanya melihat sosok Mr. Church dari sudut pandang gadis kecil bernama Charlotte Brooks, yang ketika sudah gede tumbuh menjadi Britt Robertson. Hehe. Akan lama bagi Charlie untuk mengetahui bahwa ibunya menderita kanker payudara ganas dan Mr. Church telah menyetujui bekerja untuk keluarga mereka, sebagai orang bayaran dari pria yang secara teknis adalah ayah dari Charlie. Kontrak kerja Mr. Church hanyalah enam bulan, sesuai dengan sisa usia ibu Charlie menurut perkiraan dokter. Tapi sang ibu berjuang keras setiap hari sehingga Mr. Church terus memasak di dapur keluarga itu hingga Charlie lulus SMA. Dan dari yang awalnya enggak suka (Charlie kecil malah enggak mau mengakui kalo ia suka sama masakan Mr. Church), eventually dia menjadi bersahabat baik dengan pria ini. Film ini adalah tentang Charlie yang mengisahkan jalinan persahabatan yang udah seperti keluarga, gimana mereka saling mengubah hidup masing-masing. Dan teman Charlie bukan hanya Mr.

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Serves Cersei loyally as long as she lets him indulge his sick experiments, serving as a black magic variety of the court mage. He has resurrected Gregor Clegane as. something. Fabius Bile if he traded his robot limbs, eugenics and power armor for necromancy. He's served pretty much every king since Aerys and understandably feels pretty bad about it. Even in his old age is considered one of the most dangerous men in Westeros. Dead in the show (to be fair they gave him a huge last stand) but alive and appointed himself Daenerys' steward in her absence to try and fix Meereen's situation in the books. Proclaimed Stannis to be the messiah-king and is doing everything in her power to make sure he wins (considerable given that she can scry, make shadow baby assassins and set things on fire with her mind). She'd be pretty bro-tier if her god wasn't so vicious. As it stands she's kind of in the gray (in the books, the show seems to zig-zag on her being evil cos the showrunners seem to hate religion). Most of the people she set on fire deserved it, and she hasn't succeeded in killing any babies yet. He is offered a pardon in exchange for spying on the Targaryens, but ultimately decides to stay with them after falling in love with Daenerys. Despite saving her life from an assassin while she was pregnant, she still votes him off the Khalassar after learning he was a spy. He still loves her and follows her in secret, though. In the show he goes on a quest to prove himself to her and contracts the dangerous disease Greyscale (it's like the unholy lovechild of smallpox and leprosy), but he gets cured and is now back at her side.