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Anyone wanted to change the past, badly, far enough back, things shift so that person did n ’ t exist, or time travel had n ’ t been invented. Read An Eloi Honorable Mention “These are the Times” by John G. Hemry First publication: Analog, Nov 2011 Temporal Interventionish Tom and his implanted assistant Jeannie are at the start of the American Revolution, a decidedly TI-crowded time, when they run into To m ’ s love interest Pam, another TI from To m ’ s future who is trying to figure out who fired the first shot. The steath-suited TI leveled a weapon, then droped as a stun charge hit. Moments later the other TI we o ’ d fired the stun charge fell, then two more TIs appeared and took out whoever had nailed the second TI. But then the stealth-suited TI reappeared, having recovered somewhen in the future and jumped back to try to finish the job. Unfortunately, the U. . seems to be more engulfed in the next presidential election and finding an alternative to oil, which somehow (don’t ask me how) combine to create a rift in space-time that doesn’t really play much of a role in the self-important plot, but does serve to send two monkeys (or maybe two of the movie’s characters) back in time 69 minutes. You’d think by now that I would have learned not to rent movies where the director and writer are one and the same, but I keep holding out hope. And what did we do when we discovered a rift in the fourth dimension. Guide Futurama: Bender’s Big Score by Matt Groening, et. al. (Dwayne Carey-Hill, director) First release: 27 Nov 2007 The oddest thing about the Futurama movie is that in the end all the back and forth in time by Bender and Fry very nearly holds together without paradox, even the origin of the time travel code. Wha t ’ s the secret of time travel doing on Fr y ’ s ass. Guide Related “Anything Would Be Worth It” by Lesley L.

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About the opposition The Wildcats come to Orem with a 13-8 overall record and a 4-8 mark in Big Sky Conference play. WSU has dropped five-straight matches, including home setbacks to fellow Big Sky foes Idaho State, North Dakota and Northern Colorado. The Wildcats were picked to finish ninth in the Big Sky this season after going 6-22 overall in 2015 and 2-14 in league play. Amanda Varley leads WSU with a 3. 8 kill per set average, while Megan Thompson tops the team with a. 52 hitting clip and a 1. 7 blocks per set average. Thompson's 1. 7 blocking average is also good enough to rank her second in the nation in that category. As a team, the Wildcats are also one spot ahead of the Wolverines in blocks per set average, as they sit in fifth with a 3. 6 per set average. All-time series Tuesday's contest will mark the 18th all-time meeting between the Wolverines and Wildcats on the volleyball court. UVU enters play with a 10-7 series advantage after sweeping Weber State in Ogden a season ago. UVU has also won six of the last seven meetings and holds a 6-1 all-time record against WSU at home. Up next for UVU Utah Valley returns to conference play this weekend when it heads to the Emerald City for its final road match of the regular season on Saturday at 2 p. .

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. Since that fateful evening in his apartment, the 26-year-old actor, now relocated to Melbourne, had spun a number of live shows based around one central conceit, and his Double Take ensemble had become local heroes of dub parody. Sitting at the back of cinemas like Melbourne’s Valhalla and the Academy Twin in Sydney (both now closed), Mangan, joined by Sweeney (for the first two years at least) and a seemingly constantly shifting cast of performers (including Di Adams, Sam Blandon, Paul Flanagan, Troy Nesmith, Carol Starkey and more), turned the sound down on a procession of “bad” movies and basically took the piss for 90 minutes. Valhalla audience members fondly recall the entire crowd being given paper bags with robot faces to wear over their heads while Double Take did their thing. Mangan preferred the term “lip-sync” over “dub” (“it’s a nicer word”) and, while it was live and thrived on audience engagement, it wasn’t quite improv. He explained to The Sydney Morning Herald, “Obviously, the shows are heavily scripted but, every so often, especially if a character has his back to the camera, you can slip in a new line. . On top of that, negotiations advanced regarding the filming of Mangan’s original screenplay, This One’ll Kill Ya. Within another three years, the team’s shows would gross over a million dollars. According to Mangan, for a film to be considered Double Take source material, “it has to have lots of dialogue and look silly. It has to have big-looking characters and be obviously incompetently made. The formula honed to near-perfection, Mangan prepared for his most challenging production yet, Double Take Meet Hercules. The film was a late link in the long chain of Italian sword-and-sandal or “peplum” films which had begun with Le Fatiche di Ercole (Pietro Francisci, 1958). The English-language title of Capitani’s film is Samson And His Mighty Challenge, though the original title translates as Hercules, Samson, Maciste and Ursus: The Invincibles, making it a kind of Peplum Avengers (or, if you ask Mangan, “the Dirty Dozen of the Greek set”). Alan Steel (AKA Sergio Ciani) was the twelth actor to take on the Hercules role in seven years, teaming up with the fantastically named Nadir Baltimore (Nadir Moretti) as Samson, Howard Ross (Renato Rossini) as Maciste and Yann L’Arvor as Ursus. To give the original film its fair due, while it doesn’t represent the pinnacle of its genre, it was light in tone to begin with, just not quite as bright as it would become.

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This carefully chosen route gives you a local's knowledge of London’s power house. Your journey starts from our offices in Lambeth, conveniently located a stone’s throw away from Lambeth North and Waterloo Underground stations. En cada capsula del London Eye caben comodamente 25 pasajeros. Follow in the footsteps of the world’s most famous wizard on this enchanting half-day, Harry Potter-themed walking tour of London. Duration: 15 minutesPass By: Evan Evans Tours, London, EnglandEvan Evans Tours is the oldest and largest sightseeing company in London and has been accompanying visitors on city tours and out-of-town excursions since 1930. The Travel Corporation is committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality and guest service and this this follows for each individual brand. top At: King's Cross Station, London, EnglandThe Hogwarts Express departs from Platform 9? at. This incredible architectural wonder will take you on a high-tech and multi-sensory journey with exhilarating 360-degree views of 40 miles (64 km) across England's capital. See top attractions such as Tower Bridge, the Tower of London and the London Eye from the tallest building in Western Europe. Plus, upgrade to enjoy your experience with a glass of Champagne. Ticket valid for six months from date of purchase. isit: The View from The Shard, London, EnglandSee further than the eye can see from the tallest building in Western Europe. This ticket is your chance to get access to The View from The Shard. With a height of 1,016 feet (310 meters), The Shard redefines the capital's skyline with its unique design consisting of glass facets inclining toward the top, which is open to the sky. Renowned architect Renzo Piano designed the dynamic building in 2000 and construction started in February 2009.

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Investigating the outbreak of the malware lead researchers to a software developer who was working with Leagoo. That said, the malware problem isn’t only confined to Leagoo devices. It also extends to those from Dogee, Zopo, Vertex, and Cherry; as well as a range of smartphones from even smaller manufacturers. Triada is considered to be one of the more dangerous mobile malware in existence. It’s capable of tunneling into Zygote, a core Android process. From there, it is capable of executing a variety of attacks on the unsuspecting user. What is also disturbing about this attack is that the malware was signed with the same certificate as an earlier attack from 2016. The suspicion is that the two are connected, and that the developer in this recent distribution was also responsible for the earlier campaign. It would cost 0. 5 per cent of the LC to the contractors. With 100 per cent e-tenders and e-auctions already assimilated into the system, the Railways is further planning to build on these initiatives to achieve seamless flow of materials, finances and information. The Indian Railways has a vast supply chain to maintain, sustain and build its huge asset base, to run the system, and to provide transportation services. The Railways' supply chain has a large number of stakeholders and involves huge recurring expenditure of about Rs 50,000 crore annually. This supply chain generates large volumes of business and employment upstream and hence is critical in the Railways' functioning. Currently, the Railways has about 52,000 suppliers registered with a huge transaction order of rolling stock, track items, maintenance spares and other such items. The supply chain digitisation would encompass integration of information flows, physical flows, and financial flows between railways and its supply chain partners.

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Although a solid B movie, any kind of Oscar recognition for it would be a serious mistake. Depicting a story of a Romeo-and-Juliet style forbidden love between a bloodsucking vampire and shape-shifting werewolf portrayed in a distinctly cartoonish and decidedly flat tone. Illuminating and expanding on the series' widely convoluted mythology, this goth-horror threequel with it borderline-incoherent tangents invalidates everything in the previously established narrative. Set somewhere (perhaps in Eastern Europe), steeped in dark ages atmosphere, the film focuses on further explaining the adequately declared back-story behind the war waging for generations between Death-dealers (vampires) and Lycans (werewolves). Aristocratic ubervamp overlord Viktor (Played by the decidedly camp Bill Nighy) is confronted with the birth of a humanized werewolf child Lucian (Michael Sheen). However realizing the potential to utilize the child's blood and further breed a race of controllable slaves, Lucian is spared and kept as Viktor's favorite pet and dog's body. Forgiven his breed, Lucian is granted to lead a privileged life under the light of Viktor's affections. Lucian working as a blacksmith with his clan of purpose farmed servants forges the weaponry used to kill his uncontrollable brethren, the marauding werewolves prowling the woods outside the fortified castles walls. In a fateful mistake, Lucian forgets his place and pursues a cross-species illicitly torrid love affair with Viktor's dashing and wilful daughter, Sonja (Rhona Mitra). As formidable resistance warrior and member of the vampire high council, Sonja and Lucian are forced to keep their union hidden in shallow pleasures. Plans for the duo to escape are exposed when one day (sorry night) defying both Viktor's orders and Lucian's advice, headstrong Sonja proceeds with her duties and leads a team outside the fortress in routine lycan servant exchange. Feeling the upsurge of his breeds power, Lucian is forced to break free the shackles to aid is love before the uncontrollable jaw snapping werewolves of the forest begin to feeding indiscriminately on the flesh of the living and undead alike. Exposing both his method of escape and his ability to reason with the uncontrollable outsiders, Lucian falls from Viktor's favour and consequently stripped of his privileges. Thrown, like the rest of the animals, into underground confinement. Lucian devises an uprising of the underdogs in a vain attempt to both protect his beloved and free his kind. Sadly, this is the point where the lacklustre storyline becomes tedious by completely losing visual cohesion with overabundant goofy fur-blur CGI, incoherently chaotic action sequencing and needless sword-and-sorcery shenanigans.

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Now Raping Your Grandpa's Childhood Corey Haim 1971 - 2010 Well, It's Not Thirty-Seven Just to Tide You Over Not to Worry - The Man Pictured Here Will Not Be Captain America Exclusive: Oooh. Yes I Wish It Would Rain Down (Down on Me) Creationism Gets All Up In Your Grill Desperately Seeking Shermer Felicia Day to Fight Werewolves Another Day, Another Post Where We're Forced to Feature This Man's Photo Just a Squirt The 2010 Academy Award Winners I Think This Is a Great Idea In War We're Tough and Able At Least They Started With Their Heads Up a Horse's Ass, So There's Nowhere to Go But Up About Your Father. Grandpa Romero Needs to Hang It Up The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me Was Losing My Balls Exclusive: Guy Ritchie Attached to Direct Excalibur Tell Me, Mum, When Your Little Girl's on the Slab, Where Will It Tickle You. Winter Is Coming Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman Cameron Crowe May Reboot That Career After All Johnny Knoxville to Take a Ride on Willie Nelson's Handlebars Big Momma's Gonna Rain On Your Poles Pajiba Exclusive: Bill Murray Is Awesome Do Me, Jakey Glistenhaal What's the Deal With Hockey Movies. Can Liam Neeson Raise Christina Ricci From the Dead. Two Words that Send Whedon Nation into a Collective Shudder: Eliza Dushku Instant Gratification Wanted Dead or Alive Hey. It's the Fast One. I Can Tell. Cause of the Lightning Bolt. Tobey Maguire is Such a Diva Exclusive: Harold and the Purple Crayon Headed to the Big Screen Exclusive: Ashton Kutcher and Jamie Foxx Set for Buddy-Cop Movie Streets on Fire Superman Lives Have You Ever Wondered If There Was More to Life than Being Really, Really, Ridiculously Good Looking. There's Nothing More Special than Your 4th Piece Affleck and Damon to Do a Little Wife Swapping The Most Vile, Reprehensible Movie of All Time Gets a Remake Six Degrees to Southeast Asia I Like to Play With Things a While Before Annihilation. You Can't Polish a Turd, But You Can Put a Bow On It Exclusive: Tom Hanks Developing a Remake of Summer Hours Defendor Is Your Worst Nightmare. I Guess. Because Ryan Gosling Will Drive, Keanu Reeves Will Not Jekyll Out Less Sparkly, More Stabby Weird and Financially Unsound News from Andy Serkis and Nick Cave Exclusive: Katherine Heigl Set to Walk Down the Aisle in He's the One Exclusive: Heisman Trophy Winner Tim Tebow Angling for an Acting Future. Christopher Nolan Moving Ahead on Batman 3 It's Not Easy Making Green The Beautiful People Get Sick The Heist Flick Gets Teenified Exclusive: Details on a Horror Musical Being Developed by Mattel A Prequel. Russell Crowe Best Put a Ring on It McG Gonna Drank a Beer, Brah.

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One of them and Dan are both receiving text messages from Micah but Dan knows that he's dead and has to tell Micah's friend. As the story progresses, it's danger and betrayal from people he thought he could trust and then them developing a conscience. Apart from the grave robbing, everything else is boring. I'm guessing this is a setup for the third book, Catacomb. We got Oliver, who will make an appearance in Catacomb and Micah, who we knew from the second book. One good thing about this series, the cover is wicked brilliant. Not like that one picture illustrated book with creepy cover but turn out to be time loop fantasy story instead. Next stop. atacomb. In this novella we got more inside of the trio but, mostly on Cal. So here we have a handsome, rich and smart kid with daddy issue. He did almost everything in the book to pissed off his dad, the Dean. It got excited when Cal was at the asylum, but that lasted like a few pages. I can't imagine living in this old creepy building with bad history. But, that was the perk of this story which got me hook. And yet I got less asylum and more on secret society.