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But remember you can’t count more than ten 1000-level courses (60 units) towards your single degree or six 1000-level courses (36 units) towards your Bachelor of Languages half of the double degree. If your chosen major is Chinese or Japanese, you will need to enrol in the four courses (24 units) in your first year. Two 1000-level courses from one of the language minors One Linguistics Major Course Two 1000-level elective courses (12 units) I have chosen a major from the approved above list. If you have studied a language previously you will need to take a Language Placement Test before enrolling in your chosen language for 2016. If I have chosen to complete a Chinese or Japanese major, which courses do I enrol in for my major. If your chosen language minor has 1000-level courses listed, you should choose these courses; typically there will be no choice as there are only two 1000-level courses offered. If you have studied a language previously you will need to take a Language Placement Test to determine the level of courses you should enrol in for 2016. This is a typical study pattern for the first year of a student undertaking a Bachelor of Languages. We in turn value your personal details in accordance with our Privacy Policy. If you do can you please use spoiler tags and 'xxxxxxxxxxx' out the first line for the benefit of people viewing the forum in table mode. I know this might seem a little sad but the Battle of the Bastards episode was spoiled on here by the idiot known as 'Rentaghost' who posted what happened way before the main UK showing of the episode. Blog: Show ME, How You Do That Trick 0 Game of Thrones spoilers (no spoilers in this thread) on 21:32 - Apr 9 with 465 views J2BLUE Game of Thrones spoilers (no spoilers in this thread) on 21:30 - Apr 9 by Mullet You're getting PMed before every episode now aren't you. I won't be opening any PMs except from my most trusted TWTD allies. Good to refresh the memory I'm going to watch 'the story so far' and see how detailed it is. Might watch from the Battle of the Bastards onwards. The final episode of season 6 is my favourite hour of tv ever. I wouldn't mind seeing the first 'half' of this series again before watching the rest. Poll: How do you feel about Christmas? 1 Game of Thrones spoilers (no spoilers in this thread) on 23:53 - Apr 9 with 302 views J2BLUE Game of Thrones spoilers (no spoilers in this thread) on 23:20 - Apr 9 by jeera In the hallway with the candlestick. In eternity, where there is no time, nothing can grow.

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Written by Oliver Stone, a Vietnam vet, the film observes the war through a single infantry platoon fighting somewhere near the Cambodian border in 1967. At the center is Chris Taylor, played by Charlie Sheen. Important roles are played by two NCOs (Tom Berenger and Willem Dafoe) who, though longtime friends, loathe each other and fight their own war for the support ol the men. The tension builds without letup, including a sequence not easy to sit through, Canby says, because it's grisly but so inevitable. Mary Stuart Masterson must settle for the secondary role as confidante and best buddy. Hughes excels for the first time, concentrating on a sweetness that encourages sincere performances for a good young ensemble. Set in the midst of a love triangle involving the three main characters, the witchboard (or Ouija board, used to communicate with the dead) is the film's focus. Terror enters the picture when an innocent witchboard player (Tawny Kitaen) is possessed by the spirit of a murderer. The new date for the recital will be 8 p. . April 18 in Sams Chapel of Pioneer Hall. Related Papers Our Lady Babalon and Her Cup of Fornications: Approaches to a Thelemic Goddess. This Cellular Repair Serum from True Botanicals, based in Mill Valley, was created to be an anti-inflammatory treatment. L. . s makeup artists know how to make their clients glow. Your gift recipients who really enjoy the holidays might appreciate a little assistance with puffy eyes the morning after. It comes from Youth to the People (a line founded by two cousins from the Bay Area), and ingredients include acai, prickly pear, gogi berry and jojoba oil. Prepare to highlight, conceal, contour and make your eyes pop. Vamp Stamp's Metallic Glitter (which combines glitter and bonding glue) could make the process a little easier.


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I know he's been sniffing around the Krewe for years, and it sounds like he's willing to swap leads. Rumor has it he also managed to get his hands on a few of those fancy faction masks for the still uninitiated. It’s just a warm, bloody hug to everyone who loves the genre, it’s really just so much fun. He also teased some exciting news about a brand new production they are currently workshopping. The Boo Crew struggles to eat their popcorn during A Quiet Place. He gives you the exclusive on the new Delusion VR experience and what’s in store for this year! How about the most intense haunted VR experience out there that YOU can immerse yourself in. But it’s more-so a story of you and your willingness to empathize with another person. Open your heart and step into that apartment, or that chalet. If the festival was horror summer camp, then the game was the ice breaker that kicked it off. The Immersive Horror Game was a four-day long experience that you lived. The Timberline Lodge provided a surreal backdrop, the characters became real friends, and the narrative enveloped us at every hour of every day. It had the ability to completely blur the lines between reality and fiction. My words really can't do this experience justice, you really just need to go to The Overlook Film Festival and play this game. They have paved a way for the creation of other experiences by not playing it safe and not conforming. They will continue to trail blaze their own path into the unknown, rejecting the popular, and creating for those willing to brave the dark. One such gem was Mule, a virtual reality experience that follows the emotional last moments of a man's life. I look forward to experiencing Mule, and their previous title Catatonic, from the (dis)comfort of my own home soon. I've still got to edit Ep. 7, which will hit the air this Sunday.


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This hasn't happened so Arya needs to be in a better condition than we the episode left her at. And Arya will be back on a ship home at the end of the season. The only other one people are talking about is LSH. Not having read the books I'm intrigued as to how that theory plays out. It's a set up, she's leaving a trail for them to follow, ultimately leading to a trap. That won't get the Faceless Men off her back though. I think she's going to find a way to get off their hit list so she can to join her siblings and once again be Arya Stark. Ep9 is always the big juicy story one and 10 is an epilogue. I think the show will skip it because it's not core to storyline and won't add anything. But she did seem like a cool character from what I've heard. Cant wait to see the Mountain rip them sparrow pricks heads off. I'd say amongst book fans people split whether it was confirmed or just very likely he was still alive. Very excited for the rest of the season's Riverrun scenes. I really hope Jamie sees some development, it's been sorely lacking for the last 2 seasons. Ramsay will be defeated (not killed) and will be captured by Jon. Not sure how, but I think Ramsay will kill him maybe prior to the battle commencing. Just as they're getting comfortable, the Wall is be breached (not sure how, probably horn of winter by Sam? and the white walkers will be there which will cause Jon and the remainder of the army to head north and prepare for the real battle. Cersei is then supposed to be killed for losing the battle, but she organises with Qyburn to kill the High Sparrow with Varys' former little birds (the little children that Qyburn gave treats to). Brienne will negotiate between Jaime and Blackfish trying to resolve the war before it begins.


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At once the beautiful woman stood there naked before him, and he promised to keep her secret if she would marry him. Another old folktale tells of the poor farmer who lived with his wife in poverty and bemoaned the fate that had made him a pauper even though he worked hard in the fields. At the same time, he counted his beautiful wife his dearest blessing, for she never complained about their crude lifestyle and she somehow always managed to have delicious fresh meat on the table for his dinner. One day he decided to spy on his good wife in an attempt to learn just where she acquired the choice cuts of meat. He was astonished when his beloved tied a wolf belt around her waist as she approached a flock of sheep and transformed herself into a wolf. Stunned beyond speech, the farmer watched as his wolf wife selected a fine lamb, then fell upon it. At that point, however, a pack of dogs and a shepherd came running at the wolf, intent upon doing it the greatest harm within their power. The farmer called out his wife’s name to warn her, and she immediately changed back into her human form, standing naked before her husband, the shepherd, and the growling dogs. The farmer quickly threw his coat over his wife’s nakedness and led her away from the confused shepherd and his baying dogs. The farmer won a promise from his wolf wife never to do such a thing ever again—at least not in the daylight when she could be so easily sighted. The Wolf Woman of Davis Avenue Pastor Robin Swope F or weeks in early April 1971, residents of the Mobile, Alabama, suburbs of Port City and Plateau had encounters with a strange and bizarre creature. The Wolf Woman of Davis Avenue was a classical wereperson: her upper body was that of a human and the lower limbs were that of a wolf. She made her appearance in the very beginning of April, when she began to roam the streets at night. One witness described her as “a woman and wolf, pretty and hairy. After the initial report in the Mobile Register, the newspaper received over fifty calls of encounters and sightings over the following week. Citizens were chased by the creature, stalked, and saw it roaming in their backyards. No one was hurt or assaulted, and the police took the investigation seriously for the sheer number of reported sightings. But after little more than ten days, the creature disappeared, never to be seen again. So what was it? It ran on all fours, as a wolf would.


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I could go on about Martyrs all day, but I won’t because I’m sure that you’re all busy people. It also has one of the most heart-breaking scores I’ve heard. The only people who should not see this film are those of a nervous disposition and those who are pregnant. Inside tells the terrifying story of a madly psychotic woman (played with chilling insanity by Beatrice Dalle) who decides to cut open a woman’s pregnant stomach on Christmas Eve. So Inside is obviously the perfect Christmas movie that even your granny can enjoy. Because it’s probably the most nail-bitingly intense 80 minutes I’ve ever experience, that’s why. The film builds a hellish atmosphere for the first 30 minutes, or so before the head-spinning carnage ensues with chilling images such as, Beatrice Dalle stealthily standing behind a heavily pregnant Alysson Paradis whilst holding a large pair of scissors, which is sure to chill you to the bone. The film largely takes place within the claustrophobic confines of a house and it’s full of eye watering suspense and an unholy amount of blood to create quite simply one of the greatest horror films of all time. It also has masterfully unsettling electronic music. The haunting final image and score has stayed with me to this day. It’s a masterpiece of terror which you’re likely not to forget in a hurry. Please tell me your favourite horror films of the modern variety below. Now, some are there for different reasons, some make me laugh, some make me cry, some scare me or disturb me and some just hold a certain emotional power. They are in no order (although the last 20 would be my top favourites) so don’t have a go at me for putting Hocus Pocus above American Beauty. The scary thing is that I could probably do another 100 more because there are so many movie moments I just love. As to avoid spoilers, I haven’t said what films these scenes come from. Please let me know if you’re desperately looking for what film a scene is from and I shall tell you. So without further ado (hopefully all the images have loaded for you) let’s delve into my twisted world. A major component of a successful box office is the named actors which are cast in the movie. Some actors are more 'bankable' than others but even better are the stars with real 'bang for the buck' - those actors that return the most profit for each dollar invested.


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Looking at that wooden craft is already a well-liked passion, expect to discover unlimited wooden programs on the Environment Extensive World-wide-web. Now before you go on and pick out a wooden program, it is greatest that you assess your ability and strategy amount. If you are a rookie then typical sense would explain to you that you must decide on a wooden system as uncomplicated as making a tiny jewelry box. If you are competent and you have mastered the approaches on wood performing, then your very best wooden strategy would be the complex types this kind of as building a substantial cabinet for your kitchen area. You not only get to help save revenue but this pastime harnesses the likely to be a good business as properly. Is Second animation worn out, or just not business ample. Even if individuals typical animations are normally a enjoyment to check out, you have to admit that the contemporary animation is a lot more attractive. They are far more authentic, and individuals appear to adore that. If we take a seem at the box business office, we see two animation movies in major ten (Shrek two and Discovering Nemo) with 1,seven billion bucks profits. That is wonderful. And for each movies CGI (Personal computer-Produced Imagery) was employed. From the creators’ stage of look at, it is more cost-effective. Since, with present day distinctive outcomes, just about anything is feasible with real actors, and they can not deny that. But, like I mentioned, it is less costly than bodily techniques, this kind of as setting up elaborate miniatures for consequences pictures or employing a excellent deal of extras for group scenes, and for the reason that it will allow the creation of illustrations or photos that would not be possible working with any other strategy. It can also let a one artist to produce information with out the use of actors or other contributors to the challenge. The other serious competitor for Pixar is DreamWorks SKG, with Shrek, Shrek two(this is the animation that created the greatest revenue for an animation movie, about 880 million dollars), Antz or Rooster Operate. Very well, in clay animation, every object is sculpted in clay or a equally pliable material these kinds of as plasticine, usually all around an armature. As in other types of object animation, the item is organized on the established, a shot is taken and the item or character is then moved quite slightly by hand. Another shot is taken and the object moved a little bit once again. To achieve the ideal effects, a dependable capturing natural environment is needed to preserve the illusion of continuity.


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Na glavi ili licu primeticete 4 O V A N mladez ili neki oziljak, kosa ima crvenkasti odsjaj na suncu i imaju izuzetnu b o j u tena. U njihovom prisustvu mozete osetiti i nevidljive varnice koje vrcaju na sve strane. Pokreti su im obicno brzi i prate mentalne reakcije. Njihovo drzanje tela odrazava njihov vladajuci ego i samopouzdanost. A k o sretnete nekog O v n a opustenih ramena, to je vise ovca k o j o j je u mladosti povredjen pun ego. Osobe rodjene p o d uticajem planete Mars gledace vas pravo u oci, drsko-posteno i sa prilicnom verom. Vi ga volite? Ne? Tada pocinju suze. Nevidljive. Nikada ih nece pokazati. A k o ga ipak vidite da otvoreno place, mozete biti sigurni da je povredjen do dna duse. O v n o v i vise vole da ih vide mrtve nego slabe, i neki od njih to bukvalno i reskiraju. Kada to ipak ucini, znaci da vise ne zeli da razgovara sa vama. Mozete biti sigurni da ce u profesiji postici maksimalno, bez obzira da li ju je sam odabrao ili ga je neko na to usmerio. A k o ne postigne uspeh, prepoznacete ga lako po nezadovoljstvu koje jasno ispoljava zbog potcinjenosti drugima. Mozete imati liberalniji stav, pruziti velikodusnost kao i materijalna dobra, ali ne trazite mudrovanje, taktiku ili poniznost. U kaficu ce kritikovati konobaricu i sendvice ako je p r v o sveze a drugo b a j a t o. Medjutim, najverovatnije da ce ostaviti nepotrebno veliku napojnicu pri odlasku. Prevrtljivost ili odustajanje od nekoga plana su potpuno strani za prirodu ljudi rodjenih p o d uticajem planete Mars.