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When it became evident that he was just shooting himself that’s when the scene started to feel a bit contrived. How would this have affected the morale on the Bolton side. It would take weeks to march from Moat Cailin to Winterfell, and obviously Ramsay would have heard that an army was marching north, as you can’t really hide a movement of thousands of men. Realistically, Baelish should have made it to Winterfell weeks after Jon, but instead he was only late by a few hours. These details clearly matter to the story, and criticizing these flaws is not unjustified, if you care about the plot making sense. I used to love this show because it always kept me guessing. This season largely has been a march towards the inevitable and everything has been sloppier than usual. But most people (millennials) don’t really care about storytelling, they care about not being made to feel bad and the characters they’re rooting for succeeding. That’s boring to me, that’s every big budget Hollywood summer movie. I absolutely hate Sansa right now because she feels like Little Finger light. Jon was forced to fight a battle he couldn’t win because Sansa refused to tell him their were more men. True she keeps asking him not to fight, but never giving him a real reason or a convincing one to wait (despite having one). I truly believe she wanted to wait until he and all his free folk were dead before she let the Vale knights into battle. I don’t trust her. I think she is going to actively work against Jon and his attempts to fight the true war to come.