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Blomkamp told us that about two-thirds of the story takes place on Earth. So we should probably not expect to see spaceships zipping back and forth between Elysium and Earth — they don’t love visitors, from what we understand. Up above in outer space, the 1% live on the pristine ship Elysium with all the latest comforts and cures. However, when a workplace accidence leaves him with cancer and five days to live, Max goes sorta cyborg with some help from Wagner Moura and embarks on a mission to Elysium, where cancer-curing procedures could very well save his life. But first he'll have to get past Sharlto Copley, the nasty agent hired by the government to keep guys like Max out (and he apparently gives a helluva performance). So yes, it's hella ambitious, with lots of real world issues being played upon. And judging from his sophomore effort's first theatrical trailer, which has debuted over at Yahoo! he aims to live up to his promise in spectacular fashion. Based on an original screenplay by Blomkamp, Elysium stars Matt Damon as Max DeCosta, an former felon living in a world heavily divided by class. While he lives on the Earth's surface with all of the other poor of the world, the richest and most powerful people of the world have shipped off to a space station known as Elysium, a perfect paradise completely devoid of all disease, pain, struggle and suffering. When Max suffers an accident, however, he learns that he has only five days left to live - and the only way that he can cure himself is to reach the space station. In a race against time, he is equipped with an exoskeleton that will allow him to maintain his strength while fighting against the forces that try to stop him from reaching the stars. The film co-stars Jodie Foster (as the head of the space station), Sharlto Copley, Alice Braga, Diego Luna, Wagner Moura, and William Fichtner, and will be in theaters on August 9th. Sony releases Elysium, from TriStar Pictures and Media Rights Capital, on August 9. The wait is over for a first look at Elysium, the sophomore effort from District 9 helmer Neill Blomkamp. In the sci-fi film’s first trailer, a bald-headed and tech-enhanced Matt Damon is seen living in the slums that seem to have popped up all of Earth. The wealthy, including a sinister-looking Jodie Foster, orbit Earth on a space station called Elysium, where poverty and illness don’t exist. The trailer reveals that Damon’s character, Max, has a plan to help the poor back on Earth. The plan involves sneaking on to Elysium, to do what remains unclear.

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There are some impressive action set pieces, and each character gets a fairly balanced amount of screen time, which pretty much guarantees that none of the characters are allowed much depth. If you’re looking for a unique and original take on the Justice League, look elsewhere. However, it’s perfectly serviceable for those looking to prepare themselves for the live-action adaptation by watching a fairly standard Justice League adventure. It’s hard to call War a reboot in the animated universe, since most of these films follow their own continuity, but as far as establishing how this team got together, we all know by now that you can do a lot worse. Fans might be annoyed a bit that the origin story of Cyborg (Shemar Moore) takes up a chunk of the runtime, but it makes sense since all the other heroes are already established by the time War ’s story begins. As it is with every movie centered on a group of superheroes being put in a situation where they have to work as a team to defeat a greater evil, the first two acts are full of inner fighting and bickering, until they miraculously discover the value of teamwork, suspiciously around the time we enter the third act. This predictability is certainly not missing from War, but it doesn’t hinder one’s enjoyment of the experience too much. It’s an adaptation of the popular DC limited comic series with the same title, which cleverly melded ’50s style high contrast and simplified character design with a more modern overall aesthetic. That look is loyally transferred to animation, leading to a fairly minimalist but strikingly attractive style. The story doesn’t just throw these characters into the time period and have them act the way they would in the 21st Century. They are all deeply embedded into the sociopolitical landscape of the period. Superman (Kyle MacLachlan brings his effortless charm to his voice performance) especially enjoys a healthy character arc, after his faith in the American system is shaken by the draconian methods used by McCarthyism. The “Dark” in the title refers to a new subset of the League that fights against dark magic, and therefore very little of the classic Justice League can be found here. On the other hand, if you’re a DC fan who’s been burned by Keanu Reeves ’ clearly disinterested and borderline lethargic take on motormouth demon hunter extraordinaire John Constantine (Matt Ryan), you’ve come to the right place. The character finally gets a satisfying counterpart on the screen, aided by a cadre of sidekicks that delicately balance a morbid sense of humor and a legitimately badass handle on dark magic. If you’re sick of the usual third act full of giant robots shooting endless lasers at the heroes, then this bit of gothic fun should provide at least an alternative. This is how you do the alternate dimension right: Not only does every character look different, but their motivations, conflicts, and agendas are severely changed, leading to a truly original and subversive take on our beloved DC heroes. Barry gets his mother back in the present time, but he’s no longer the Flash. That could have been a livable compromise, but considering the entirety of Europe is decimated after a giant war between Aquaman (Cary Elwes) and Wonder Woman (Vanessa Marshall) has left tens of millions of innocents dead, Barry understandably needs to figure out a way to stop all of it from happening, which of course means having to sacrifice his mother all over again.


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She noted that at least 1,000 families have returned to Qaraqosh alone, considered Iraq’s largest Christian city before it was devastated by the Islamic State, also known as ISIS and ISIL. The city is located in Nineveh province, once home to the largest concentration of Christians in Iraq. However, Ashur Sargon Eskrya, the president of the Assyrian Aid Society branch in Iraq (AAS-I), told Breitbart News via email that the looming jihadist threat is preventing many Christians from returning to recently liberated Mosul. “There’s a willingness and desire on the part of the Christians to stay. I think given protection and coordination with housing and infrastructure, they will return, ” noted Wolf, co-founder of the 21st Century Wilberforce Initiative, a religious freedom organization focused on saving religious minorities in Iraq. Echoing Hudson and Wolf, Eskrya told Breitbart News that without protection, the Christian community in Iraq may perish. “Iraqi Christians (Assyrian, Chaldean) are indigenous peoples of the country, according to historical sources, and their future in Iraq depends of on international support and protection. Syriac-Catholic Father Georges Jahola, who represents his church on the Nineveh Reconstruction Committee (NRC), has indicated that if Christians do not return to their Iraqi homeland soon, Christianity in Iraq will be at great risk. Wolf said that he will officially release a report from his Iraq trip that will contain specific suggestions for the Trump administration to help Iraqi Christians and other minority groups. He did say that whatever the Trump administration decides to do, it must be focused on providing protection for Christians in Iraq. “They are looking for the West to provide the necessary assistance and, if they do, I think many will return, ” stressed Wolf. The president of the pro-Assyrian Christian organization in Iraq agreed with Wolf, noting that the United States, as the “top power in the world, ” is best positioned to help Christians return to Iraq by providing protection, establishing an internationally protected zone in the Iraqi Christian homeland known as the Nineveh plain, and continuing the flow of aid for reconstruction projects. Security is reportedly the top concern for the few Christians who want to go back and the ones already there. Christians are still facing a very difficult situation still in Iraq — their homes have been destroyed and the looming threat from ISIS cells remains a problem. According to Wolf, there is no post-ISIS strategy in place for Iraq, where the terrorist group is believed to be facing imminent defeat. Consistent with other analysts and the situation on the ground in Iraq, the congressman suggested that the former U. S. administration failed to secure the ethnoreligious minority groups in the country. He did concede that the U.


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Do what she said. Do what he had known for several days that he needed to do. She was right to be mad at him; he'd been an idiot, nearly blown everything. Christ, why the hell had be been so stupid with that cop. First an international story, more bad stuff about Iraq. Then an item about Tony Blair and the European Union. Then his ears stiffened as the chirpy newscaster said, 'Sussex Police are stepping up their search for Brighton property developer Michael Harrison. His fiancee, Ashley Harper, and their guests were tragically disappointed when he failed to turn up at All Saints' church, Patcham, this afternoon for his wedding, confirming suspicions that he is incapacitated following the stag night prank that left four of his best friends dead. Detective Superintendent Roy Grace of the Sussex CID, who is now leading the enquiry into Michael Harrison's whereabouts, said this morning that the police were upgrading their search from a missing persons enquiry into a Serious Incident Investigation. His hands were wet with perspiration - then he realized his whole body was wet; he could feel the droplets of water running down his skin. Ashley had taught him that just before he'd been to see a particularly tricky client. It was a big decision, with huge cost and police time implications, one that he was going to be required to justify to the Chief Superintendent and to Alison Vosper. No doubt he'd have a tough time doing that - he could already imagine some of the withering questions she would throw at him. Each senior officer had his own room flanking this area, with his or her name printed on blue and yellow photochromatic card on the door. Gary Weston and Roy Grace went back a long way - they had been partnered up when Grace had first joined the CID as a rookie constable, and Weston had not been much more experienced. It wasn't that Gary Weston was a better cop or academically any brighter - they'd sailed through many of the same advancement courses together - it was simply that Gary was a better political animal than he would ever be. He didn't resent his former partner for this - they had remained good friends - but he could never be like him, never keep his opinions to himself the way Gary so often had to. The Detective Chief Superintendent knew how to live the good life, mixing home, pleasure and work with ease. The framed photographs of greyhounds and racehorses that lined his walls were evidence of his passion for the tracks, and the stand-up framed photographs of his attractive wife and four young children strategically placed on every flat surface left visitors to his office in no doubt about his priorities in life.


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Only marvel can steal tons of money with such dumb idea, because it has already trained the whole young generation to be dumb. n a nutshell, I wont watch any stupid marvel movies ever again. Well, I could not be more disappointed. ere is whyYes, the film brings together many different story lines. A few mildly funny scenes when the heroes of different movies meet for the first time. But thats it. Thats about the only good thing I can say about the story. es, CGI and FX are top notch. But as the story is pretty simple in itself until the end, thats not saving the day. he story in deed is very lame and to a large extend either predictable or stupid. There are quite some inconsistencies such as humans breathing on Titan, Thor talking in space and such. Not the ingredients of a fantastic climax movie. few examples Spoilers! hanos kills almost all Asgardians, but Thor. Thor proves he can survive and even talk in outer space, survive the fire of a star. Wow, really? Lame. hanos is so powerful, you wonder why he hasnt collected all the stones a lot earlier. This now seems like a walk in the park, no real challenge.


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Plus, everything else you need to know about the final season. But even without that, we already have masses of info on the Game of Thrones season 8 premiere, trickling in through various sources. or instance, there’s a shocker to discuss when it comes to the Game of Thrones season 8 story: the big battle between the humans of Westeros and their wights and White Walker enemies takes place in episode 3, rather than in the season finale. That, alongside the fact that Bodyguard season 2 is looking increasingly likely, makes it all the more pertinent to consider the implications left by the Bodyguard ending, including the questions we have after watching that unbelievable finale. There’s major spoilers for Bodyguard in the following breakdown (and, trust me, you don’t want this show spoiled for you), so go and binge to your heart’s content before coming back here to make head or tail of that amazing, heart-pounding final episode. I’m also being shot at, but I’m pretty sure that’s just a bonus here. If it were real-real, it’d be about a 500-foot fall, minimum. I’m tumbling like a crash test dummy off the side of what is clearly a virtual replica of West Mitten Butte. I don’t feel great about that, if we’re going to consider the feelings of the burro for a minute. Let me rephrase that: It’s a beautifully rendered knockoff West Mitten Butte. If someone did not know West Mitten Butte by name — and I didn’t, prior to looking it up in a long list of things I had a form, but no name for, in Red Dead Redemption — then you know it. And after watching THAT Bodyguard ending, I have some questions. In fact, I actually need a minute or two to process what actually happened at the finale of David Budd’s first (and hopefully not last) outing. With Bodyguard season 2 a very real possibility - especially considering the show’s massive success - there are a few plot points to get straight. I’ve done that below, by answering the big questions I have after watching Bodyguard’s ending, and I’ve included a few bits of speculation about where the show can go next. At the end of that day my desk looked like this: My desk after reasoning through various POLYBOT-7 map layout needs. All the maps use my tunneling algorithm from Cogmind, albeit with different parameters. The player enters from one of the red dots and has to exit from another. This particular layout has four distributed slot module rooms rather than the usual three, and POLYBOT-7 has a lot more hidden doors and corridors than Cogmind.


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Al Safat Energy Holding Co and AWJ Holding took in 1 fil each while Equipment Holding Co edged 0. fil higher. In the banking sector Gulf Bank was unchanged at 234 fils while Ahli United Bank rose 10 fils to 390 fils. Commercial Bank of Kuwait and Al Ahli Bank were not traded during the session. Burgan Bank paused at 320 fils and Kuwait International Bank took in 2 fils. Warba Bank too was up 2 fils extending the gains in the last session. Kuwait Investment Co inched 1 fil into red with thin trading volume while International Financial Advisors and National Investment Co stood pat at 29. fils and 110 fils respectively. Securities House Co ticked 0. fil down and Coast Investment Co followed suit. Al Aman Finance Co gave up 2 fils to settle at KD 45. fils and Kuwait Financial Centre ( Markaz) was down by same measure. Alola was unchanged at 44 fils whereas Al Mal Investment Co and Aayan Investment Co were up 0. fil each. National Investment House took in 2 fils while Bayan Investment Co edged 1 fil into red after trading over 1 million shares. Al Deera Holding and Al Salam were flat at 33. fils and 41 fils respectively and Sokouk Holding nudged 1. fils. Ektittab Holding added 0.