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When she told us that at 14 months, we laughed and expanded the minimum qualifications (“Mother, Father, I very much would like a dog, and I promise to help walk it and feed it”). The bleed is so severe, apparently, that no one is dispatched to update “the parents” on her condition. After waiting an interminable-seeming amount of time in the ER, I seek out our social worker, a man whose face we had just been introduced to numbly minutes ago. He is holding a plastic bag, which he hands to Stacy: Greta’s gold sandals, stained with blood. Stacy accepts the bag without reaction and lets it dangle at her side. “Where is our daughter? I ask. There we sit, waiting, texting friends and loved ones listlessly. Stacy had texted them when we were still in triage: “Greta’s been hurt and I don’t know if she’s going to be okay. . They take their seats on either side of Stacy, who sits with her knees drawn up to her chest. I remember almost nothing from this moment, only the shape of the corner we sit in and then the dim figures of two police detectives standing near the elevators; they had arrived from the scene of the accident. The rest — how much time passes, what I say to Stacy or Jack, whether I get up to go to the bathroom, whether I text anyone the news, whether I say anything at all in particular — is a penny slipping beneath dark water. I imagine raising a shell of my child, a body that keeps growing while a mind flickers dimly. I think about wheelchairs, live-in care, an adult Greta prostrate and mute, occupying our spare bedroom. I think, briefly, about expenses — how would we shoulder that burden. He is the television-drama vision of a neurosurgeon: gaunt, gray, with hollowed eye sockets and some slight wasting at his temples.

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I do not believe LF said it to Sansa last week at all. I watched that scene twice with closed captioning on since LF’s whisperspeak lol can be so hard to understand. I’m worried about Jaime, but he didnt have full armor on strangely enough. He looked shook, for the first time in the whole series. You could see him trying to process the new reality of the Stark kids, and then thinking how to use it to his advantage with Sansa. When he said “chaos is a ladder” it seemed to just pop out suddenly, like a fragment of info he downloaded into his super computer brain that was triggered by Lf saying the word chaos. There have been rumours that Lf is going down and I can see it being true: he serves no purpose anymore in the story. Come with me north, bring a dragon, and if I’m lying or wrong about the white walkers I’ll bend the knee. If I’m right, you help us destroy them and I don’t bend the knee unless my people agree. I think Dany went full mad queen too, or will in the future. I forget if Bran made the connection but if he did he is the only one to tell Jon he is a Targaryen since Ned is dead, along with Lyanna and Rhaegar. I just hope Sansa doesn’t get power hungry and get corrupted by Littlefinger. We saw the Tower of Joy sequence on the show through Bran’s vision. Also when he returns to Winterfell, Bran tells Sansa he needs to talk to Jon. He is probably not sending the raven to Jon as perhaps noone will believe this and it will put Jon in great danger considering his claim to the Iron throne then is higher than Dany’s. When Bran returned, Sansa was willing to hand over control of winterfell to him as he is the last living trueborn son of Ned Stark. As his only son, Jon is next in line to the throne, then Dany.


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Mark Tully Answer: D 28. Who has written the book 'Kashmir - Behind the Vale'? A. L. Ramdas B. Lt. Gen. Dipendra Singh C. M. J. Akbar D. Lt. Gen. S. C. Sardeshpande Answer: C 29. Ian Austin B.


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razy, right. I didn't mind it, as long as it didn't elicit laughter from the audience I think it's fine. Hearing some good reviews, especially from critics I trust, I changed my mind and was really glad I did. I never seen such an improvement to a follow up before. This one shot Flanagan up on my current filmmakers list, bravo. I've hated that effect since it was used in the first Mummy, and its remained in horror movies for the last 20 years solid. If they had just ended it at the shot of the two girls at the ward that would have been great for tension. Since this was a backstory, I felt the original had more impactful moments. I find it funny people saying this is way more superior when it's essentially the same movie. Even though it was a good review, I'm still not going to see it, just not interested. Saw it on Netflix and I was wondering what your thoughts were. But really, it's a shame this movie is even a part of the same FRANCHISE as the original Ouija, its biggest faults just stem from the shitty aspects of the first movie that got carried over. I may consider seeing this in theaters but I can probably wait. A biker alpha male hosted these weird horror movies with his buddies. Maybe I'll check it out on video if I hear Bette things about it, but for now, I think I'll hold my money until Dr. Strange. I actually didn't remember the first one even existing, only through looking up stuff about this one did I realize it was a prequel.


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However the next day I turned the system on and my toolbar at the bottom of the screen was grey (usually blue). I am currently running Avast with Sygate firewall and Malwarebytes for protection. Avast is alerting me every few minutes that it is blocking attacks (even when I am not trying to connect to the internet), but when I do a system scan with Avast and Malwarebytes they are coming up clean. When I try to connect to the internet the page will partially load and stop. Any advice? Should I try a different virus scan? Thanks! There should be 5 logs that you attach in your next post (RogueKiller, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, TDSSKiller, HitmanPro, MGtools). Avast did find and delete a rootkit while I was doing these steps. Attached are the logs, I'm not sure MGTools updated. I followed the instructions and the dos box came up, but it only showed a blinking cursor. Avast falsely flags certain programs used in MGtools. Now download the latest MGtools. xe to the root of your c: drive. For full access please Register. WindowsBBS. om is completely free, paid for by advertisers and donations.


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If it weren't for Wall-E, it would've been my favorite from Pixar. I thought it was funny, charming, very emotional film with a beautiful message. Detroit - I commented on it last week as well, so I don't want to repeat myself. I like the way it's in your face, so to speak, puts you in the spot. I would say that's more plotty than your average Jarmusch. As a matter of fact, it's his only film that I consider a strong favorite of mine. I've liked all of his films that I've seen, though. If I remember correctly, only the extended versions of LOTR aren't that different from theatrical versions. Return of the King being the only one that was actually 15-20 minutes longer. Nonetheless, those extended version made me revisit that world again and I'm not gonna complain about that. Hiddleston's character being depressed and suicidal artistic soul living in dying Detroit just after the economic crisis began, while Tilda's character, full of life, living in Tangier, the crossroads of different cultures, full of life, like her. I certainly enjoyed this more than the two Jarmusch films I've seen this week. Tron: Legacy - this is a direct sequel to the 80s film, set 30 years in the future, but I don't know if it's something I'd recommend. I found both films to be passable pastime, but nothing more. So, if you're not crazy about the sequel, you probably won't be crazy by its predecessor. There are obvious traces of Marc Caro and Jean-Pierre Jeunet in here, but del Toro adds enough of his own to make it fit his own oeuvre. Down by Law, I also remember Ellen Barkin laying around in bed.