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If that’s the case, he’s not nearly as prominent as he is in the books, and it would mean, all told, he has almost NO scenes. Has one scene. Mance is featured in Season 3 Episode 2. Even after we lost our first boy —for quite a while, actually. . Usually people are frustrated with opening episodes, as they are usually focused on reintroducing everyone. To say that Cirian Hinds talent was wasted is a valid complaint. Oberyn had great material and they used Pedro Pascal’s talents to the fullest. He had less screentime in his 3 seasons than Oberyn did in his 1. Thus yes, they completely botched Mance from day 1.

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It makes absolutely no sense for people readings leaks to discuss an upcoming episode. Anyone that thinks they are cool posting or referring to a leak, you are not. If Jon has a new love interest in Season 7, she is doomed. Lady was sacrificed by Ned and it could be a hint of Sansa’s future. This relationship could develop after they know they are only cousins. The other option is that Jon and Danny marry to make an alliance and unite Westeros against the White Walkers. I can’t see the series finishing with a happy marriage between Danny and Jon. In order for the Nissa Nissa prophecy to happen, there should be some love interest development in Season 7. Qyburn is the main Cersei’s advisor and he is obviously crazy. I wish we had the script because I think Sophie didn’t nail the scene, otherwise it wouldn’t be so confusing.


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This is the reason we need to be more about listening to others and not only settling for what we believe may show up in tests. Knowing the truth about one’s own spirit and accepting this lifetime and what it may teach us doesn’t make life any less difficult. This is the stuff people want me to write about not this real life stuff that hurts so much. But this is life and I am living it the same as everyone else on this planet. I have had dreams about the other galaxies in this universe and I have also had UFO sightings. I lived a rather normal life with hopes of being more by searching for answers about why we are here, what we are to do while we are here, and where we go when we leave this planet. I thought about these ET or aliens not from this planet for as long as I knew they came and visited me in person. As a child I did but it was in what we called prayers. I miss life on the other planet and in another galaxy. I miss my life in space as a commander of a huge fleet that is all about security of this planet and the human intelligent being species.


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