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But it flows like an album should, moving through different moods and paced brilliantly to afford some dramatic ups and downs. More and more as I get older I'm thinking that it's more important how a record sounds while it's playing than how much you're poring over it later, and this sounds like one of his best to me. I must admit that since the news of the death of Marvin Gaye, I have never been profoundly saddened by the death of a prominent figure as much as today by the news of David Bowie's death. Marvin Gaye had been releasing one seminal album after the other, and his death signaled the end of the era of Soul and Funk, plus I was (and still am) a great fan especially of his music after 1969. And even the news of the death of Miles Davis, highly revered by me, was not so shocking - maybe because his most important music had been released much earlier and the releases of his last decade triggered respect rather than enthusiasm. I can't say that I've ever been a diehard Bowie fan. For many years, when he was already world famous, I mostly ignored him. I discovered many of his records only years later for myself, when their effect on the world of Pop and on Bowie and his record company had long worn out. And then I found plenty of good stuff which impressed me and still does. I am impressed about how young and alive and relevant 69-year-old David Bowie sounds with his art rock. The jazzy arrangements and his operatic, dramatic baritone sound strong and vibrant. And his quasi-duets with the shrill tenor saxophone sound almost like flirting. And more specifically, about his dying, and thus, about death in general. The music, the whole presentation, the release on his birthday, even the time (timing? of his death, are part of this final statement. It's all contextual, dramatic, all part of the art work. I think what strikes me so deeply is the feeling that with the death of David Bowie, an era comes to an end, the Era of Pop music. It is the idea and the full realization of an artistic personality that was always uncompromising and non-conformist and which has adopted such an impact -world wide- that both intellectuals and simpletons could equally identify with him. David Bowie has penetrated so deeply into the collective unconscious one can hardly imagine that the death of another star could be equated with the end of an era the way it can with Bowie.

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I spoiled some of it for myself when I first started playing and have regretted it deeply since. I recommend you play it, or rather, I recommend you experience it. Didn't comment on Undertale since i had feeling from the all the fan stuff of it what kinda game it was currently in the middle of playing it rip mom, but i think those anime could still have been good if they weren't just cheap cash-ins. But i get your point, in the end it's up to the creator what medium he wants to present his work in. I thumbed down, not because I disagree, but because, on principle, I thumb down all people who reply to anonymous comments saying they forgot to login. I really feel like he wanted to thumb you down but saw my comment. Video games completely lack in artistic sophistication, but I don't really think that it's their purpose. You may think it's stupid, but at least 6 people agreed with me. The amount of 9gag in this comment is too damn high. It actually fits in this situa-- I just read the spoiler. I think people only started hating them when they got popular. I'm not saying that the fact that there's a museum exhibit for it means it's an art form. I am saying that enough people consider it to be an art form that they feel it deserves to be showcased like all other art. What is and isn't art depends on the people experiencing it. Good. You've said nothing that contributed or disagreed with his point, then. The only reason they would make an exhibit of games as an art in and of themselves is because many people feel that they are. Okay. You know what?


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(chair: Robert Hampson, Royal Holloway, University of London ) Arguments in Contemporary British Poetry. 16h30 informal reading and wine Note: All sessions will be held in room A50 except the first panel on Saturday morning which will be held in room A11 on the first floor. Watch Live Stream NFL-National Football League San Francisco 49ers vs San Diego Chargers in NFL-National Football League match. an Francisco 49ers vs San Diego Chargers Live Streaming NFL-National Football League Live Video online on PC. He takes Lala and even some of her costars on trips around the country (and the world) fairly often. In project updates we discuss our new stun gun (complete with test firing) We also cover the Miami Zombie redux and a philosophical look into zombie fatigue, covering everyone from Lazarus and the Golem of Prague to Hatian zombies. Burger Chow Tyme in Pensacola, FL Lambert's Cafe ThrowedRolls. om in Folley, AL The infamous roll, having been throwed and caught Lambert's Fried Chicken. Watch Live Stream NFL-National Football League Arizona Cardinals vs Denver Broncos in NFL-National Football League match. rizona Cardinals vs Denver Broncos Live Streaming NFL-National Football League Live Video online on PC. Watch Live Stream NFL-National Football League Washington Redskins vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers in NFL-National Football League match. ashington Redskins vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers Live Streaming NFL-National Football League Live Video online on PC. You can also Watch Washington Redskins vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers free online video highlights here if the video is available NFL-National Football League of Washington Redskins vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers free online video highlights here if the video is available 1 - Welcome to the SOJCast Cache Translate Page Episode 1 The first ever SOJcast. Watch Live Stream NFL-National Football League Detroit Lions vs Buffalo Bills in NFL-National Football League match. etroit Lions vs Buffalo Bills Live Streaming NFL-National Football League Live Video online on PC. Watch Live Stream NFL-National Football League Indianapolis Colts vs Cincinnati Bengals in NFL-National Football League match. ndianapolis Colts vs Cincinnati Bengals Live Streaming NFL-National Football League Live Video online on PC. Watch Live Stream NFL-National Football League Jacksonville Jaguars vs Atlanta Falcons in NFL-National Football League match. acksonville Jaguars vs Atlanta Falcons Live Streaming NFL-National Football League Live Video online on PC.


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Lauren's Corner Tahun Yang lalu Next season will be a sudden death tournament. We're all gonna be sooooo traumatized lol Robin Murray Tahun Yang lalu Sounds pretty plausible to me no way they will hold Winterfell. Everything setting up for Dragon Bowl over the God's Eye like the Dance of the Dragons and a ritual killing on the Isle of Faces of the night king with Long Claw by Jon tempered with Dany's blood. Joseph Biscotto Tahun Yang lalu Great video Tony but leaks are def bullshit. Well done. Its fun to speculate. When I read Season 7 leaks 6-7 months ago I called bullshit because it sounded like fan fiction. Fast forward and the leaks I read were 90-95% true. Thank you for sharin this potential episode an thank you for takin the time to shoot,edit, an upload your videos. That's who died. Especially if Howland says he has nothing to live for now that his children are dead. Go back to when Sam entered the room, Bran is just staring hard into the flames like he's watching something. I really love your pronunciation of Kinvara to KIN NARVA, not kidding. KIN NARVA is a much better name and you say it in a cool way. Very enjoyable video, whether it's true or not, nicely done! Love QOT. The Lady Olenna Tyrell Tahun Yang lalu Teflon Tv Thanks Tony, Im pretty sure if george rr martin thought of kin NARVA 1st that's what he would have named her. There was a real life guy named lord kinarvin involved with the hunt for king tuts tomb. But i saw some videos and still your voice is one of the greatest to listen to in the fandom, keep up the good work.


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They were wrong. I came out of it learned to walk again and went back to a fully functional life. All the abilities I had as a child became heightened. Read about his personal experiences and the evidence he has uncovered. Complete with definitions and a listing of popular paranormal movies and television shows. Insights into the Unknown: A Ghost Hunter's Journey, is a fun, exciting read for anyone who has seen that figure in the corner or heard footsteps coming up the hall, or wishes they had. Co-Founder of Ghost-B-Gone. iz (The Ministry). Over 40 years experience in the field of Paranormal Investigations and Spiritual Warfare. Choon is a music streaming service and digital payment s ecosystems designed to solve the music industry fundamental problem. ighly recommended by MPG Radio. Choon. usic streaming service and digital payment recommended by MPG Radio. Choon is a music streaming service and digital payment s ecosystems designed to solve the music industry fundamental problem. ighly recommended by MPG Radio. Charles Anthony from Iowa is a Psychic Medium, Author, Educator, host of E 30: Death the Show, and founder of Beyond the Light Radio Network (Previously Point of Ascension). These destructive long time attachments eventually lead to Charles to finding freedom of the light for both himself and his family. Charles is also the author of Around the Dinner Table Religion and Politics: The Butt Hurt Saga. Charles currently resides in Southeastern Iowa with his family.


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The best you can say about him is that there was a little less left of you by the time he was done. The worst is that it didn’t help him, and that he really should have saved a bullet for himself. All of these people are haunted by the people they killed, the flesh that they ate, and the loved ones who lived to see them become something reeking of the grave that wanted to drag them into the same bottomless darkness. You select one of your closest fellow prisoners, a pale fat mound sitting on the ground about a hundred paces away. She looks up long enough to see you coming, but then turns her attention back to the dirt and doesn’t move at all as you cross the gulf between you. As you draw near, you see that her skin is just as colorless as the sky, except for the places where particles of grit now cling, like parasites. She’s not obese, not really, but she has enough excess flesh to form a donut around her waist. There is a tattoo on her arm, but it’s an old one and has become a faded purple smudge that no longer conveys whatever it had once been meant to signify. For long minutes you imagine her intent on waiting you out, but there’s little point in that, not here in this place where every direction is exactly like every other. They’d already been through the forgetful stage, the confused stage, even the dangerous stage most people don’t know about, when their frustration with a world they no longer understood turned them unreasonable and violent. They didn’t come to me until they’d forgotten who they were, and what they’d lost. I even had some in their forties, from time to time: one a college professor with a beautiful little wife twenty years younger than him, an ex-student who had to watch as her robust middle-aged husband suddenly started turning into an old man only two years into their marriage. And we let him walk up the hallway and back, up the hallway and back, up the hallway and back, nodding a kind hello to us on every pass, never remembering that he’d ever seen us before. Understand: we knew that he was in a terrible situation. We knew that he didn’t deserve what had happened to him. But, for a long time, it was almost pleasant, getting that smile from him every few minutes. I always thought, if I ever come down with it, let me be like him. It seems random, not the answer to your question at all. As she winds down, you come within a breath of interrupting.