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34. 48. Dari dana itu, dialokasikan untuk kegiatan bantuan sosial (bansos) sebesar Rp 133. 90. 00. Ketua UPK PNPM Karangawen, Wakimin dalam laporannya mengatakan, surplus tersebut mengalami peningkatan signifikan dibanding TA 2012 yang hanya sebesar Rp 58 juta. Penguatan Kelembagaan ”Semakin besar surplus tentu semakin banyak masyarakat sekitar yang terbantu dari pemanfaatan bantuan sosial yang kami salurkan. Dijelaskannya, dana surplus yang disalurkan untuk bansos itu didapat setelah dikurangi kolektibilitas sosial sebesar Rp 133. 30. 131. Selain bansos, pemanfaatan dana surplus juga untuk penguatan kelembagaan sebesar Rp 36. 50. 00, reward pengurus Rp 12. 92. 00 dan penambahan modal Rp 183. 72. 58. Adapun sasaran penerima bansos merupakan hasil seleksi tim UPK yang sebelumnya diusulkan oleh pihak pemerintah desa dan kelurahan. Untuk program bedah rumah difokuskan pada enam desa yakni Rejosari, Karangawen, Wonosekar, Margohayu, Kuripan dan Brambang.

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Instead, he acts like every other son of a certain Ned Stark, who nearly ruined his marriage when he came back with his bastard son to raise at home. Instead, he acts like every other son of raised by a certain Ned Stark, who nearly ruined his marriage when he came back with his bastard son to raise at home. Theon was thought dead, and psychologically murdered, but he rose again. Theon was thought dead, and being psychologically murdered, but he rose again. Unfortunately by the looks of it, south would have been the better choice in spite of everything. Unfortunately by the looks of it, it -- as Bran and Rickon don't manage to make it to Castle Black -- south would have been the better choice in spite of everything. The Brotherhood Without Banners' archer says she isn't as good as she thinks. Send a Message Reason: Ros isn't hit in the face or balls. Not much linking these other than something getting shot. The Stark sigil is a grey direwolf on a white field. Ergo, Jon Snow's sigil, if he used one, would be a ''white wolf'' on grey. At first glance, the hilt shaped like a naked woman seems only to be due to his flamboyance. But it makes the weapon comfortable to hold, not to mention throw, only by someone who knows it exceedingly well, meaning only him. Is there an issue? Send a Message Reason: It's never even hinted that other people would find Daario's dagger unwieldy. The hilt is discarded and the scabbard is burned but the blade itself still exists, split into two Lannister swords. The Starks are conquered, divided and forced into hiding but they still persevere. Listen to the suggested names: ''Wolfs''bane (as in ''direwolf''), Terminus, Widow's Wail. He chooses the latter -- probably not just because he thought it sounded cool, but because he was probably thinking of Ned Stark's widow, wailing as the Freys killed her and her son.


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Submerged was based by John Pielmeier on Peter Maas’s book about the first successful rescue of men aboard a stranded submarine, the USS Squalus, in 1938, highlighting the quick thinking and heroics of U. . Navy Lieutenant Commander Swede Momsen, played by Sam Neill. STACY KEACH b. June 2, 1941, Savannah, Georgia Hollywood Television Theatre: Incident at Vichy (1973), Six Characters in Search of an Author (1976) As an actor, Keach was nominated for an Emmy Award and won a Golden Globe for the miniseries Hemingway (1988). He starred in the CBS detective series Mike Hammer in the 1980s. Keach’s more than 150 feature and TV appearances include films directed by John Huston, Stanley Kramer, Robert Altman, Walter K Hill, Robert Ellis Miller, Franco Zeffirrelli, and many others. Both of Keach’s PBS productions as a director were produced by Norman Lloyd on Hollywood Television Theatre. Arthur Miller’s Incident at Vichy collected a set of characters in an outer room, waiting to be grilled by Nazi interrogators during the German occupation of Paris. Among the performers in Keach’s fine cast were Richard Jordan, Rene Auberjonois, Barry Primus, Allen Garfield, Andy Robinson, Bert Freed, and Harris Yulin. Three years later, Keach directed Paul Avila Mayer’s adaptation of Luigi Pirandello’s Six Characters in Search of an Author, with the interruption in this updating being the taping of a TV show. Again, Keach modulated the overall piece with care so that it coalesced into a compelling whole. His cast was superb: Andy Griffith, Julie Adams, Deborah Winters, James Keach, John Houseman, Pat Ast, Beverly Todd, Reb Brown, and Patricia Hitchcock. She also received nominations for best actress for Reds (1981), Marvin’s Room (1996), and Something’s Gotta Give (2003). She was nominated for an Emmy Award for Yves Simoneau’s Amelia Earhart: The Final Flight (1994). Her many films as an actress include The Godfather (1972) and its sequels, Looking for Mr. Goodbar (1977), and Crimes of the Heart (1986). Keaton directed the feature documentary Heaven (1987), and the features Unstrung Heroes (1995), the unreleased Mother’s Helper (1999), and Hanging Up (2000). Keaton directed Patricia Arquette in The Girl with the Crazy Brother (1990), a 45-minute WonderWorks presentation.

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Milk. The staff creates an inspiration board, and then transforms. With most decor made in-house and themes ranging from local flare to holiday settings, everything at. Lest we forget, CNN stuck with its White House correspondents’ dinner coverage the entire night of the initial Freddie Gray riots. Meanwhile, WBAL and WJZ got their helicopters up as soon as the peaceful afternoon march to City Hall descended into chaos at Camden Yards, sticking with their coverage and preempting the network lineup through their 11 p. . broadcast. Stan Stovall, in studio, and Jayne Miller, near the Inner Harbor, were especially solid. Miller, a longtime standout investigative reporter, was also the first to debunk a report that a passenger in the police van with Gray had asserted that the 25-year-old had been trying to injure himself while in custody. The monthly Bay Journal, approaching its 25th anniversary, maintains a print circulation of 50,000, but should have tens of thousands more subscribers. Its talented and experienced staff does yeoman’s work covering environmental issues affecting the Chesapeake Bay while also chronicling the culture, recreation, and history associated with it in a highly readable fashion. And it’s free. In particular, staff writer Rona Kobell, recently honored as one of 26 “women greening journalism” by the National Audubon Society, deserves a shoutout this year. She covers everything from Bay-relevant legislation and the Chesapeake’s oyster aquaculture industry to farm-manure issues and sea-level rise in detailed, clear prose. Do you know who won the European press’ “cartoon of the year” award. A month after that, Kallaugher, who continues to draw for The Baltimore Sun as well, won the prestigious 2015 Herblock Prize, named after the renowned former Washington Post cartoonist. Putting smartphones in the hands of everyday people is resulting in images of the police in action like we’ve never seen before. In Moore’s case, he shot the arrest and loading of Freddie Gray into a police van that ultimately led to the indictments of six police officers: ? €śI knew Freddie, but I would’ve done it for anyone,” Moore said.

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By a core group of prison officers, highly trained in professional fighting. One of the boys in the guards care. as Dylan Voller. A troubled boy with behavioural problems, Dylan Voller has been in and out of juvenile detention since he was 11 years old. For car theft, robberies and, more recently, assault. He's one of the Northern Territory's most notorious young offenders. But he himself is a victim and there's a lot the public doesn't know about the plight of Dylan Voller. Peter O'Brien: He has been the victim of institutionalisation no doubt. Caro Meldrum-Hanna: What has happened to him in Don Dale. Peter O'Brien: His ability to really use words in a cutting manner has meant that he has been the subject of a great deal of reala- real physical attention, threats at the hands of the staff members of that place. Caro Meldrum-Hanna: Dylan Voller's story is like no other. Four Corners has obtained a chilling catalogue of videos, images you were never meant to see, recording shocking mistreatment, sustained by Dylan Voller over five years. Starting in October 2010 inside Don Dale's Behavioural Management Unit, the BMU. In this never before seen video. 3 year old Dylan Voller enters. Dylan Voller is tackled, lifted and held high in the air, before being hurled across the room Caro Meldrum-Hanna: Two months later. n the Alice Springs children's prison. An agitated Dylan Voller is seen pacing his tiny cell. Leaning against the wall, he's playing with a pack of cards.

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€ť. As much an impressionistic study of life in Oklahoma and Nashville as it is a film about the roots-rock cult favorite, A Poem Is a Naked Person paints Russell as a somewhat obnoxious, materialistic embodiment of the music business. But the movie also contains some smoking-hot performances by Russell and some of his peers, and overall it’s a sensitive and artful sketch of America in the early 1970s. Thank goodness Russell eventually decided to allow it to be seen — even if he did wait until after Blank’s death. The reputation of Vegas Elvis isn’t the highest, so the fly-on-the-wall doc That’s the Way It Is makes for a necessary corrective to the conventional wisdom, showing that the “back to basics” country-rock sound that Presley started pursuing circa 1968 continued when settled in Nevada. This is a winning portrait of the more down-to-earth King of Rock ’n’ Roll who emerged in the 1970s: one who was looser, funnier, and more flawed, but still capable of raising hell with some of the fiercest backing musicians ever assembled. Along the way, the movie asks questions about whether the music industry marginalizes talented women — and black women especially — using them for their “soul” and sex appeal but not letting them graduate to solo careers. 20 Feet From Stardom is feisty and insightful, and filled with classic songs. It’s no wonder that it became the rare music doc to win an Oscar. Sam Jones’s visually striking black-and-white film features both the seeds and the flowering of all these various crises, while maintaining a nonjudgmental distance from the band and its process. The film’s satisfying relief comes when the band lands fourth LP Yankee Hotel Foxtrot at new label Nonesuch, one of Warner Music’s many subsidiaries including Reprise — which means Wilco was paid twice by the same company for the album, a masterpiece that cemented them as indie-rock royalty. Let’s Get Lost is equally admiring and despairing, offering a fairly thorough overview of Baker’s spiky career — with friends and jazzophiles explaining the significance of his recordings of songs like “My Funny Valentine” and “But Not for Me” — while also exposing what heroin addiction and a lingering inferiority complex did to the man. This is a rich, layered film, both in love with the image of the melancholy wastrel artist and aware of the reality behind the pretty picture. Or at least that’s one of the points made by Jeff Feuerzeig’s complicated film about Daniel Johnston, a mentally ill singer-songwriter who’s created some strange and beautiful music, while also being a burden to his family and a danger to his friends. Without discounting the wondrous songs that Johnston has created — catchy, childlike home recordings, with a crude charm — The Devil and Daniel Johnston considers the real toll that being “a mad genius” takes on those in the immediate vicinity. Spheeris sees the connection between artist and audience, showing them as mutually, almost symbiotically, damaged. Historically speaking, this movie is important as a record of West Coast punk in its initial flowering. Cinematically, it’s a poignant expression of frustration and melancholy. As the son of one of those grinders (Tommy), Tedesco has known these men (and one woman, bassist Carol Kaye) his entire life, and is able to get nearly everyone who matters to go on the record, from the unknown day-players who quietly made millions, to the artists like Leon Russell and Glen Campbell who soon moved toward center stage.

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Sophie was in London for two weeks (instead of going with her fiance to Australia), but she was only seen Friday's and weekends. The last day of the Croatia filming, she had a premiere for her new movie in London or in a close by place and she didn't appear. Also there was a fourth actor in Dubrovnik, one the crew protected. One against the WW, were we will see full team Dany facing WW, and when this is happening, GC attacks a defenseless Winterfell. Freefolk were speculating the filming was happening in the woods. Saintfield was the site for the pre-eminent pitched battle: the Battle of the Bastards. Unlike in season six, this time much of the Winterfell action was shot directly at the gates of the Moneyglass set (which required major remodeling,) but it may be that the sequence is partly being filmed in the battleground where the Boltons were defeated. As you may remember, last month we speculated that the new green screen set at Magheramorne “is probably going to be used for action sequence elements that were deemed to be unfilmable in a real set. €ť. Jon could still wear that hairstyle some of the time. When this picture came out the first time, fans realized that Gilly was reading about Azor Ahai. She didn't mention it in the episode though, but the book exists and we know that Sam took a lot of books with him to Winterfell. It is not known if the original pilot will ever be publicly screened or released. After they finished, however, they showed a rough cut to their friend and fellow scriptwriter Craig Mazin (known for writing the scripts to The Hangover series's sequels and Identify Thief ). The visual medium of television is different from writing a novel, but Benioff and Weiss had no prior experience in television (only limited experience writing movie scripts). A novel can stop to give a paragraph of exposition, which a TV episode cannot. Particularly, Benioff and Weiss have frequently noted was that many people at private screenings of the pilot such as Mazin didn't even understand the familial relationships of the major characters. Specifically, they didn't even realize that Cersei and Jaime Lannister are brother and sister, or that Tyrion is their brother. For a number of reasons, HBO replaced several actors, major and minor, between the filming of the pilot and the series itself.