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You would have served the Archon as a cupbearer and met with your betrothed in secret. When Dany would have been living in Braavos, it would have been during the height of the Long Summer where temperatures would have been much warmer. It helped them remain hidden for more than a century from the Valyrian Empire. If, as the top comment suggests (and as I agree with), the house with the red door was the Sealord's house, then these schmucky Lannister guards aren't going to get to see the inside of the nicest manse in the city. I don't think Dany memories point out to any ostentatious luxuries you would expect if they were hosted by Braavosi 1%. One of its rooms had great wooden beams with carved animal faces adorning them. The lemon tree could be seen outside a window from that room. This is the sort of thing where GRRM is getting into Dany's head, looking for details that people remember about their childhood. It doesn't necessarily mean it'll tie into the plot; it already has plenty of symbolic meaning to Dany's character arc. That makes sense, I suppose; it was supposed to be a pretty secret deal signed with the Sealord. If I were the Sealord, I guess I'd probably send the Targaryens and Darry to a nice house, somewhere I could keep an eye on them but not be directly associated with them. Particularly about doing things they think they shouldn't do. GRRM could just be using dialogue to create a description of the scene as opposed to writing a paragraph in prose. I don't get how this forum plots elaborate conspiracy theories on one hand and then dismisses things like this on the other. Hence GRRM edited the list of cities in between the release of the chapters in the magazine they were first printed in and the release of GoT. He made that change before game of thrones was released, not when the short story was released in book form. It shows the change was important, even though we don't really know why.

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The group’s success spanned several decades, beginning in Australia and spreading across the globe in the late 1960s. The group continued to tour and record, and write and produce for other artists as well. Here We Go Again about to hit cinemas, and the singer shared that she never expected to be working at her age, and doesn't know when she'll stop. From that moment, my desire to reach and sing to them became something I knew I had to achieve”. This month she unveiled her Nicki Minaj -assisted “The Light Is Coming,” which many assumed was the LP’s second single. However, it appears that the anthem has been relegated to the status of a buzz track. Yesterday (June 27), the 25-year-old took to social media to announce that her “official second single” is coming on July 20. She went on to confirm she had selected “God Is A Woman” for the honor. A profile in TIME described it as a “sultry banger” with a layered vocal performance. Ari teamed up with Nicki for her previously mentioned buzz track and its ominous, Reebok-sponsored video. But the “Side To Side” collaborators also dropped the breezy “Bed” off the rapper’s Queen. The “Into You” siren hopped on Troye Sivan’ s sensual “Dance To This. She capped off the month by teasing “Raindrops,” the album’s Max Martin -produced opener on her birthday. Meanwhile, “No Tears Left To Cry” remains comfortably within the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100. Dionne Warwick reportedly announced the casting at the Cannes Film Festival. Also, director Mario Van Peebles is reportedly in discussions to direct the film. The movie would be based on Dionne Warwick’s 2010 autobiography, My Life As I See It.

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Arya is still Arya and she’s never shied away from killing those that have harmed her, harmed her family or desire to do so. She’s been doing it since the moment she left King’s Landing. As in the books, everything that he was made us hate him and want to see him meet his end. From the moment Arya was outside the castle as the Red Wedding happened most people have wanted her to be the one to do that. The show runners are fans of the books as well and obviously desired the same outcome. In doing so I think they embellished the act to attain said drama, even added the Frey Pie that is pulled from theories of an event that happens as book-Arya is still in Braavos. I simply refer to her actions visually and directly with a bit of video game mentality. We wanted Walder to be punished for his actions, we wanted it to be as satisfying as the Red Wedding was crushing and we wanted it to be Arya, who’d been reciting him name for so long. I might add that they couldn’t have her doing that scene looking scared or unsure of what she’s doing. She had to be shown as doing it with absolute certainty that Walder should be executed. For the longest time she’s been living and acting essentially alone, seeing almost everything and everyone as being bad and self-serving. That includes nearly everyone since Yoren was killed and Gendry was taken from her. I believe that if she can get back into more normal situations she will be able to move on. If the NK gets through they won’t have enough unless all of Westeros unites. I don’t think he’s going to sit idle nor be satisfied trying to fortify The Wall with what he has without also attempting to get all the support he can. The Riverlands appears to be a likely first attempt. The Lannister army could very well be called to KL by Cersei as soon as she learns of Daenerys, leaving The Riverlands in charge of whomever is next up.

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WTF? Most of the story is at the beginning and end. In between are several tastefully done softcore love making scenes - kind of like in an Emanuelle movie. The story has some interesting points but beyond all the ultra low budget problems the movie is poorly made. Very fun movie with a fine looking killer, some excitement, a few chills, and good acting by all concerned. OK slasher movie with lots of axe work but some other methods as well. Very good TV movie so no outright blood and guts but there is a well done, growing feeling of strangeness within the family. Still, an OK action horror movie with some nudity and gore and one or two nice twists. Not a top production and maybe a little stupid this is still a lot of fun. The Warlock is harder and more sinister and the story is better. Pretty good ghost story mixed with a murder mystery. A feeling of unease begins as soon as they arrive in the country and continues to grow. Very nice buildup and then lots of creepy craziness. Visually spectacular with a great soundtrack, sets and lighting but some of the acting is unconvincing. Several violent deaths but sometimes the blood looks like paint and ruins the effect. Great sets, with indoor spaces full of bizarre artifacts and the outdoor scenes quite spooky at times. The vampires look like English mods of the time and the soundtrack could have come out of Haight-Ashbury.

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