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Prior to the screening, Jon Voight will take the stage for an extended conversation about this landmark film. DIRECTOR John Schlesinger WRITER Waldo Salt CAST Dustin Hoffman, Jon Voight, Sylvia Miles, John McGiver, Brenda Vaccaro INTERNATIONAL SPOTLIGHT: Documenting Mexico: Selections from the Ambulante Film Festival Born Without (Nacido Sin) A remarkably frank portrait of the lives and loves of Jos. Flores? street musician, actor, father of six, and Romeo who was born without arms and stands only three feet tall. Flores, Graciela Flores, Alejandro Jodorowsky Spanish with English subtitles This poetic film essay by his great-granddaughter on the imposing and controversial General Calles? resident of Mexico from 1924-28? s a rich reflection on memory, family biography and national history. DIRECTOR Natalia Almada Rehje Spanish with English subtitles Longing to escape the pressure and turmoil of Mexico City, a native Mazahua woman returns to her hometown only to find that things are not as idyllic as she remembered. Will a city-sponsored racetrack restore order to the streets, or simply push the pedal to the metal. Martinson WRITER John McGreevey CAST Lori Nelson, Chuck Connors, John Smith, Mark Andrews, Roxanne Arlen, Frank Gorshin, Fred Essler, Eddie Ryder, Carolyn Kearney, Del Erickson, Russell Thorson, Dabbs Greer Hot Rods to Hell (1967) PLUS SHORT The Last Date (1950), directed by Lewis D. Collins A middle-class American family moving across the country is terrorized by a band of teenaged hot-rod hellions on the desert highway. Kent CAST Dana Andrews, Jeanne Crain, Mimsy Farmer, Laurie Mock, Paul Bertoya SPECIAL SCREENINGS Crude Oil (Yuan You) Mandarin with English subtitles Free Admission An audacious undertaking for both filmmaker and audience, this film installation documents a workday at a remote Chinese oil field, from a stolen nap in a break room to the massive drills plunging into the earth. DIRECTOR Wang Bing Panda Diary (Pandafuru Raifu) English, Chinese, and Japanese with English subtitles Subtitles will be read aloud for the benefit of younger audience members In this family-friendly documentary, Shu Hin, a four-year-old panda, narrates her and her twin brother? story as they move from a Japanese zoo to a panda reserve in China and make new panda friends. Submissions for the 15th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards. The Screen Actors Guild Award? he Actor? s presented for outstanding performances in motion pictures and primetime television. Actors may submit their own performances from 2008 for consideration in categories of the actor?

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. He could see the pain in Grace's face without even turning to look at him. 'Sorry, man,' he said. Then he continued to direct Branson through a maze of hilly streets, crammed with bungalows and modest detached houses, until they pulled up outside a small, rather shabby-looking bungalow, with an even shabbier-looking camper van parked outside. After a few moments it was answered by a diminutive, wiry man well into his seventies, with a goatee beard, long grey hair tied back in a pony tail, wearing a kaftan and dungarees, and sporting an ankh medallion on a gold chain. He greeted them effusively in a high-pitched voice, a bundle of energy, taking Grace's hand and staring at him with the joy of a long-lost friend. 'Detective Superintendent Grace. There was a drab three-piece suite, its backs covered in antimacassars, a television, which was switched off, and a round oak table with four wooden chairs by the window, to which they were ushered. On the wall Branson clocked a naff print of Anne Hathaway's cottage and a framed motto which read, 'A mind once expanded can never return to its original dimensions. . Branson stared at a lit, solitary white candle in a glass holder on the table, then at Grace, giving him a What is this shit? expression. Grace fished in his pocket and gave the medium the copper bracelet. 'You asked me to bring something belonging to the missing person. . His eyes remained closed for a good minute, then, finally, he started to nod. 'Umm,' he said, his eyes still closed. 'Umm, yes, umm. Then he opened his eyes with a start, looking at Grace and Branson as if surprised to find them still in the room.


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According to the newspaper, it has led some to pull out of the fishery and sell allowances with huge million gains, while others have borrowed money from the bank to buy up massive quotas. As soon as the Snipe takes to the air, it performs a series of quick zigzags - an evasive maneuver designed to confuse predators. A year ago, it was the annual May Species Count on 28 and 29 May 2016, so a very busy couple of days. On 29 May, our usual small group (six of us in two cars) covered an area SW of the city - which happens to be one of my favourite and most visited areas. We had a great day, stopping at a few wetlands and calling in at Barb Castell's acreage where she usually has amazing birds to show us. Several special species were missing, but we were delighted to watch a teeny Ruby-throated Hummingbird. We were also happy to see seven Rose-breasted Grosbeaks during the day, and a male American Kestrel that caught a frog for supper. No owls to be found anywhere, but I did go back the following evening and saw two separate Great Gray Owls in our Count area. I went back again on 1 June and found the first owl again. This time, it wasn't pouring with rain, but I was looking into the sun (so a lot of blown-out feathers) and it was very windy. It was nice to see the owl hunting, catch a small rodent and then fly to a fence post - wish the lighting had been so much better. I also called in to see if a Wilson's Snipe was standing on a fence post, and I was in luck. Sometimes, when I see a Wilson's Snipe, the bird is standing on two legs, but more often than not, it is balanced carefully on just one leg. Also, sometimes, it is perched on the 'wrong' side of the road and I find myself looking into the sun. However it happens, I'm always happy to see one of these birds. These plump, long-billed birds are among the most widespread shorebirds in North America. They can be tough to see thanks to their cryptic brown and buff coloration and secretive nature. These are one of my favourite birds to photograph and they have given me so many wonderful chances for photos. Goofy he has always been the most cutest and adorable doxn in the whole world.


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. Interviews: Anthony Joh August 25th, 2013 43:18 The Anime Addicts conduct an interview with Anthony Joh from Gaijinpot. om. Gaijinpot is the largest English job board that helps English speakers find jobs in Japan. All you wonderful people have asked us a lot of great questions that we needed to take the time to answer. Impressions on Gatchaman Crowds, Ryo-Kyu-Bu SS, and more. We do reviews on Valvrave the Liberator and Robotics;Notes. AAA 187 August 2nd, 2013 1:48:54 The Anime Addicts do a live commentary of the anime M. . Geist (and somehow survive). We do impressions of Senki Zesshou Symphogear G and Gifuu Doudou. Mitsugi shares his personal experiences and gives the run down on prices, location, purpose and general WTFery. AAA 186 July 27th, 2013 1:41:43 The Anime Addicts rank all 20 Ghibli movies in preparation for their review of Miyazaki's new film Kaze Tachinu. We review Ghibli's newest movie and then slip it into the ranks of the prior movies. AAA 185 July 19th, 2013 1:42:33 The Anime Addicts discuss alternative, humorous titles for anime released throughout the ages. The Anime Addicts run down their picks for the Summer 2013 season. We also review Severing Crime Edge and Devil Survivor 2. AAA 181 June 12th, 2013 1:31:47 The Anime Addicts discuss the best anime years been 1990 and 1997. We recommend anime from these years and discuss why they are the best.


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What else can she teach us about wellness? See more work by Elizabeth Traynor here. The article discusses the story of a man named Wendell Phillips, who is called the “American Lawrence of Arabia” See more portraits by Nigel here. The article explores navigating a leadership position as a recent business graduate during times of “conflict, change, and social upheaval. To see more work by Stephanie, click here. The goal was to create a single image that connected the large scale of the Universe to the small scale of Quantum particles. Yesterday, The New York Times business section led with a story on Millenials’ performative workaholism. The January issue features 12 trips to take in the coming year, plus where to find the world’s largest cowboy boots, pecan, pizza, and more right here in Texas. AD: Paul Gonzales See more work by Peter and Maria here and we can’t wait to share more of their new work within the new year. For their January Issue, she illustrated a piece to accompany the article “Haunting after Heroism” which touches on how first responders face layers of risk which can have long term effects on their mental health. From Drafts to Final, Aleksey provides a glimpse of the process to the final cover. Nigel was honored to be chosen for Time’s most important and prestigious issue and created portraits of Donald Trump. Robert Mueller, and Moon Jae-In in his distinctive style. The bags come with our illustration look books where you can see fantastic examples of the work in bright printed living color. Arndt called their 3-page collaborative comic story (about the Rise and Fall of Motorola) the piece he was most proud of from his time at Crain’s Chicago Business (art directed by Jason McGregor). See how Lloyd captures the American novelist in a generation teeming with literary talent. It’s a fun, toy-inspired cover to inspire people who are starting the holiday shopping madness. In the article, “A Solo Traveler Takes A Road Trip Through Her State of Mind” writer, Sarah Hepola, writes an ode to the solo female road trip. The story discusses how homeowners should prepare and make sure their homes are ready for the first deep freeze of the season.


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Namun, kejadian tragis menimpa pemilik hak paten papan Ouija selama berpuluh-puluh tahun itu. William Fuld jatuh dari atap pabrik dan mengalami patah pada beberapa bagian tulangnya serta gegar otak yang cukup parah. Dihari yang sama, William Fuld pun menghembuskan napas terakhirnya di sebuah rumah sakit yang dekat dengan lokasi pabriknya setelah diketahui bahwa tulang rusuknya yang mengalami patah menusuk jantungnya. Diatas ranjang rumah sakit, di waktu-waktu kritis setelah ia mengalami gegar otak parah dan tulang rusuk yang patah serta menancap pada jantungnya, Fuld meninggalkan pesan yang terdengar cukup aneh kepada anak-anaknya. Pesan tersebut adalah perintah Fuld kepada anaknya agar berjanji untuk tidak pernah mengambil alih, meneruskan atau merintis sendiri bisnis penjualan papan Ouija. Film Gundala dibawah naungan produksi Screenplay Films dan Bumilangit Studious yang filmnya diangkat dari komik Gundala putra petir pada tahun 1969 karya Hasmi. Sebelumnya, Joko sukses menggarap film Pengabdi Setan. Pintu terbang terbuka dan tertutup, suara, langkah kaki. Tidak ada yang pernah tinggal di mana Anda meletakkannya. Saya sendirian di sana banyak karena kedua orang tua saya bekerja dan saya terus-menerus ketakutan. Setiap kali saya berjalan melewati pintu kamar mandi saya (yang terus-menerus karena berada tepat di luar kamar tidur saya) saya melihat seorang gadis kecil dengan rambut pirang melengkung dan gaun berwarna mawar. Dia hanya berdiri di sana, menatap, tampak seperti foto dari tahun 1905. Saya mulai menutup pintu agar saya bisa berjalan tanpa melihatnya, tetapi dia selalu ada ketika saya membukanya. Begitu aku melangkah melewatinya, aku tidak bisa melihatnya lagi, tetapi aku bisa merasakannya di sana. Dia membuatku takut, tetapi aku merasa sangat kasihan padanya karena dia terjebak di sana, sama seperti aku, tapi mungkin untuk selamanya. Mungkin terdengar aneh tapi saya sudah pernah ke daerah ini berkali-kali dan itu cukup aman. Pokoknya saya membawa kamera saya dan mengambil banyak foto. Ketika saya kembali dan mengembangkan film saya, ada 3 foto tambahan yang saya tidak ambil. dari saya.


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Why is it so important for Arya to add a face to the Hall. Why do they go through all of the trouble of cleaning the bodies and removing the faces. Why is half of their work collecting the faces if the faces themselves are completely unnecessary. And yes, it was an impulsive action that made Jaime push Bran, but that impulse may be triggered by a desire to protect his people. He is selfish. The reason I find Jaime interesting is because he cannot be classified as either good or bad, my opinion. He is the “true believer. With that almost always comes an unreasoning moral absolutism. But there also is a deep conviction that the gods want this person to do things, and that one god or another is putting ideas in the person’s head. As they gain success, they become more and more sure of it: after all, how could someone like the HS have risen so far without the help of gods. And given GRRM’s background, that ought not surprise us: I’ve never known anybody raised Catholic who did not think that religion organizations like this were not the root of only wrong-doing. He’d work to fulfill his oath in the only way he was able (Oathkeeper). He’d protect his son and sister from their enemies (Hugh sparrow confrontations) and do his duty to the King (advising Tommen, trying to remove the Sparrow). So far those two things havnt come into conflict and if they do again I think he will continue to follow the more heroic choice. Theon didn’t have any remorse things went south for him. And his actions so far are basically just others (Sansa, Yara) bullying him into doing something useful. He doesn’t have any desire to live honorably or do good works. But the images of Arya bleeding through the streets and then the one from the trailer with a bloody hand leaving a trail into the darkness makes me think there may in fact be some strategic planning by Arya. Blood sack and pig flesh under her clothes, idk it still seams like a stretch to me, besides these are different clothes than what she got stabbed in.