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In the Punjab, the unionists swept the board; in Bengal, Jinnah and the League had to accept a coalition led by Huq who did not acknowledge their writ; in Sind they faced an independent ministry; in the N. . . . where almost the entire population was Muslim, the worst humiliation of all, a Congress ministry. In each of the majority provinces, Jinnah’s strategy had been repudiated by the voters’ choice. In the Muslim-minority provinces, where the League did best, the Congress did much better than anyone had expected, and did not need the League’s help to form stable ministries. Despite a measure of argument with Jinnah about the future shape of the centre, the Congress High Command could now plausibly do without the League; understandings with the League were, in the aftermath of the 1937 elections, the expenditure of the expendable. Rejected by the Muslim provinces, the League had nothing to offer the Congress at the centre; so in the provinces where it had won comfortable majorities the Congress saw no reason to dilute its control by giving the League a share of office. The way in which the Muslim vote had split in the elections of 1937 lent some credence to the old Congress line that it was a secular party, ready and able to speak for Muslims, many of whom had entered its camp. The Congress decided to have homogenous ministries of its own and chose Muslim ministers from among those who were members of the Congress party. What was Maulana Husain Ahmad Madani’s response to this embittering of relations between Jinnah and the Congress. The Muslim League intensified their personal attacks on him. The League leaders understood that perhaps more than Maulana Azad, it was Maulana Madani’s opposition which was the biggest stumbling block in their path. Maulana Madani had by this time reconciled himself to the fact that there could be no understanding with Jinnah, who he felt was not true to his word. He responded to the mounting attacks against him by adopting an attitude of calm resignation. He was becoming increasingly aware of the enormous challenge which he and his associates of the Jamiat were facing.

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Your knowledge of who you are inspires your goals in life. What you want out of life will, in return, create and nurture your sense of self. Somehow deep inside us, our unconscious and conscious minds collaborate to create, make something, or combine things in a new way. It is not restricted to the spectacular, but lives in the ordinary. When thinking about creative expression we stress originality too much; much creativity involves recovering some event from the past and applying it fresh in our time and place. We reveal our creativity while we are dreaming; here we conjure up images that delight us and make us tremble as they interact with other images. By the time your writing is read, readers have absorbed tens of thousands of hours of television, film, prose, radio and theatre. What will you write that readers haven’t read, heard or seen before. The novice plunges ahead, counting solely on experience, thinking that life experiences and knowledge of film warrants expression. Just as a composer must excel in the principles of musical composition, the storyteller must master the corresponding principles of story composition. Unity is critical. Within this unity we must induce as much variety as possible. You don’t want to hit the same note over and over again, so that every paragraph sounds like every other. One of the most important tasks of the writer is asking questions, and finding answers. Every time you reread your story it should excite you. You are dealing with a constructed reality, an altered and dramatised perception of reality. Storytellers have to understand the concept of metaphor.

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irmal Singh that we have been able to achieve the developmental agenda in our constituency. The prominent who participated in the yatra included Prof. hyam,Anu Gupta, Naresh Abrol,Daleep Gupta, Shashi Sapolia, Ashwani, Rajesh, Kuldeep, Praveen Arora,Saroj, Sharda,Aneeta,Geetu,Vanita and Vidya Devi. Jan Vishwas Yatra Launched at MiranSahib Mandal of Distt. RS Pura Jan Vishwas Yatra Launched at MiranSahib Mandal of Distt. Jan Vishwas Yatra Launched at Nandpur falling in Ramgarh Mandal of Distt. Samba Jan Vishwas Yatra Launched at Nandpur falling in Ramgarh Mandal of Distt. Sat Sharma starts developmental works Promotion his developmental agenda in Jammu West Assembly segment, State BJP President and MLA Sat Sharma (CA) started construction works of Lanes and Drains at Shanti Nagar area of Ward area 39 near Ram Sharnam Ashram. A large number of people including senior officials of JMC (Jammu Municipal Corporation), local residents and political activists were also present on the occasion. wo lanes will be built under the supervision of JMC whic h includes works of Drains also and one lane will be built using Black Topping and an estimated cost of the works is around Rupees 6 lakhs. Sharma also toured the adjoining lanes of the area as well and he directed the officials of JMC to jot down the works to be taken up in the area. XEN Central Division JMC Parvodh Sharma, AEE JP Saraf, JE Satish Malla, District President BJP Ayodhya Gupta, Kuldeep Magotra, Bal Khajuria, Reeta Sapru, ML Sapru, KL Reshi, Sunil Koul, Kamlesh Shore, Rinkey Sapru, Kuldeep, JL Bhat, Capt. Dev Parkash, Kalidass, Sat Khajuria, Ravinder Raina, Dr Pardeep, Kamlesh Devi, Vinod, Balwan Singh, Rahul Sharma, Billu, Vivek Patyal, Jai singh Chib, Sanjay Sharma, Atul Bakshi, Amit Sharma, Pankaj Magotra and several others were also present. Sizzling 7-first Unisex Hair Studio, Spa inaugurated at Jammu Former Minister of State for Education, Culture and Information Mrs Priya Sethi has launched Sizzling 7- first Unisex Hair Studio and Spa, a Matrix India Brand in hair and skin care industry, at Mohan Villa, Lakkar Mandi Road, Janipur. Beauty salons and spas play an important role in lending that glamorous touch to every one life style,” said Mrs Priya Sethi after inaugurating Sizzling 7. Appreciating initiative of the Tarika Mahajan for providing a unique singular fashion studio, Mrs Priya Sethi said she feels happy after seeing better salon and spa centers in the city which is a welcome step as such services are now becoming an integral part of our lifestyle. She wishes good luck to management and staff for near future with the hope that they will open more branches in other parts of city to reach out to maximum number of people.

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Being born a dwarf and subject to ridicule for most of his life, Tyrion has admittedly developed a soft spot for his fellow outcasts and has shown them kindness, such as having a saddle designed for the crippled Bran Stark allowing him to ride. Being physically weak, Tyrion is also upset when the helpless are harmed. He was particularly enraged when Janos Slynt carried out an order to kill a defenseless baby girl, Barra (because she was one of Robert's bastards), and as punishment had him exiled to the Wall. Tyrion is also genuinely loyal to those who treat him with love and respect. One of his most interesting and enduring friendships is with the eunuch Varys, the Master of Whisperers. Tyrion and Varys connect on several levels: they are both social lepers because of a physical condition that most people treat with distaste, they are both brilliant intellectuals with a dry sense of humor, they both have a compassionate nature but are capable of being ruthless when necessary, and they are both fond of wine. Although Tyrion and Varys were wary of each other at first (mainly due to the extreme reputations they both maintained), they have developed trust over the course of their various adventures. He tends to overindulge in food, drink, and sex in part to self-medicate for the terrible treatment he's suffered most of his life; when overly stressed, upset or uncomfortable, he will quickly find the nearest container of wine or beer and consume most of it. Tyrion can also act vicious if he feels he's been wronged - such as confining Grand Maester Pycelle to the Black Cells for betraying him or, in his darkest hour, killing Shae for testifying against him during his trial and having an affair with his father, and then going on to kill Tywin himself. Because his father and sister treated him like a social leper, Tyrion craves love and acceptance and is genuinely hurt when this is denied him by others. His older sister Cersei blames him for causing the death of their mother and has (as revealed during a conversation with Oberyn) hated Tyrion since his birth. His father, Tywin, shares Cersei's resentment for Tyrion due to the death of his wife while birthing him, as Joanna Lannister was the only person Tywin ever loved. Although Tywin recognizes and respects Tyrion's intellect, it does not lessen his prejudice towards his youngest son; by the same token Tyrion fears and admires his father, but hates him for his inflexibility and unwillingness to show any love for his children. Tywin also just thinks it is an embarrassment that Tyrion was born with a physical disability, seeing it as a judgement from the gods meant to humiliate him by his son's mere existence. Tyrion harbors a mutual admiration for Jaime, even naming him as his champion when he demanded a trial by combat while being held prisoner at the Eyrie. However, this cozy relationship ended when Tyrion killed their father, although they seem to be reconciled since then. Traumatized by killing the woman he loved and losing his lordship, influence and fabulous wealth, he becomes more cynical and pessimistic and was content to just drink himself to death instead of helping Varys to aid Daenerys Targaryen in getting the Iron Throne.

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One day he falls and gets injured and hides this from his girlfriend while results in a breakup. Story tapping the intricate ideologies and prejudice linked with the Transgender Community in India. Honoured by Don Bosco Youth Film Festival of India in 2018. The video is made for Believe In Change - LGBT campaign under ET 401 Learning Technology Project of NIIT University. One day she visits her friend, the situation gets awkward when she tells her to leave the profession. But does the society has the right to decide on a profession for an individual? Actors: Neha D Bhriguvanshi, Raj Nandini, Shubham Barnwal. Synopsis: Two strangers cross paths one night and instantly connect. As they take a walk, they get to know each other and create an everlasting bond. Nominee - Oniros Film Awards 2017 - Best Student Film. Nominee - Chelmsford Film Festival 2018 - Best Student Film. Official Selection - Link International Film Festival 2018. Watch SOCH now to find out the very relatable situation of Ghanshyam and his life. He has been told that the motel is not visited because it is haunted. In the middle of the night he hears scary sounds of a girl crying. As she spends more time with her brother she notices that he begins to distance himself from her. Since then, the film has been touring at twelve film festivals around the UK, America and France, and winning multiple film awards.

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There will be tons of updates after installation so creating an integrated ISO is also worth considering. The one official method left available requires you to enter your Windows 7 product key before downloading the image file. 1. Visit the Windows 7 Disc Images page at Microsoft. 2. Enter your 25 character product key into the box and click Verify. If the key is accepted you will be able to download a Windows 7 ISO that corresponds to the license key you entered. Select the required language and a 32-bit or 64-bit version then download the file. Important Note: This page has a massive problem because it only accepts retail license keys which you get only when purchasing a full boxed copy of Windows 7. If your computer is pre-built from a manufacturer such as Dell or HP your key will be of the OEM type which cannot be used. The same also applies to volume licenses and system builder OEM versions. This restriction excludes most Windows 7 users from downloading an ISO image from the only official source available. Third Party Methods To Download Windows 7, 8. and 10 From Microsoft Ever since Microsoft removed Windows ISOs from Digital River it’s been more difficult to find a clean and untouched image. Thankfully, there are ways in which you can get to the ISOs on Microsoft’s own servers using other means. Here a selection of easy ways to do it. Adguard.

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This application is free and is necessary to qualify for grants, loans and scholarships. Everything you need is right here: Who wouldn't love living close to great restaurants, stores, cultural attractions and nightlife. Tuition and fees can be paid by credit card, personal check or cash at the Office of the Bursar (Academic Center, Room 127) or by credit card online through MyUB. You can also learn more about student life and campus activities. Students who do not provide this information will not be permitted to attend classes. And don't forget to share the buzz about your acceptance with a Facebook cover photo that shows off your UB pride. The two people were killed when part of an Amazon distribution warehouse collapsed, a spokeswoman for the retail giant said Saturday. The men worked for an outside company and not Amazon, spokeswoman Rachael Lighty said. News reports cite Baltimore fire officials as saying one man was found under debris Friday night and later pronounced dead, while a second man’s body was recovered under rubble early Saturday. Officials say a 50-foot wall at the warehouse collapsed. Photos from the scene appear to show the collapsed wall was about two stories tall. The tornado, which touched down at 9:42 p. . was an EF-1 with a maximum wind speed of 105 mph, the weather service said. This is the first fatal tornado in Maryland since 2002, the Baltimore Sun reported. During the storm, a tractor-trailer was blown over on I-95 just north the Fort McHenry tunnel, according to the weather service. Baltimore fire officials didn’t respond to phone or email messages from the Associated Press.