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Peculiar visuals in which horses have men’s facial features (see Figure 1) intercut with title cards. Soofia dressed like a warrior empress envisions herself holding the reigns of those horses perhaps as a metaphor to take on the world. While Soofia returns to the gritty realities of constant humiliation and abuse, the film’s speculative narrative builds and eggs her on to transform the personal into political. After getting divorced from her abusive husband, Soofia seeks to alter the prevailing tyrannical gender system. Her first step in executing her future vision of gaining control and power is hacking the androcentric electoral and political system. Khwaja sira and hijra are umbrella terms commonly used for gender ambiguous, gender non-binary, gender non-conforming, and trans identifying people in South Asia. Other local terms include khusra, moorat, zenana, and kothi. For more, see Gayatri Reddy, With Respect to Sex: Negotiating Hijra Identity in South India (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2005); Faris A. Women, who are typically shown in Pakistani films as embodiments of virtue and in need of protection, take up arms to fight the menace of toxic masculinity. To restore order to the prevailing gender anarchy, arbitration comes, ironically, from goras (white men played by brown actors 23 speaking Urdu with English accents) who form a peace committee to supervise free and fair elections. The film references the recurrent trope of world politics in which people from the Global North, as bearers of democratic values, operate as election monitors or arbiters of peace in the Global South. The film also makes a mockery of the colonial title, The British Raj, displacing its first part with Aurat, symbolically replacing colonial power with women’s rule.